Catalonia: More than 700 mayors summoned to court

Spain’s public prosecutor has summoned more than 700 Catalan mayors to appear for questioning over their support for a banned independence referendum.

Jose Manuel Maza said that any of the municipal leaders who agreed to help stage next month’s vote should be arrested if they fail to appear.

Prosecutors earlier ordered the seizure of ballot papers and voting materials.

Catalonia’s vote on breaking away from Spain is deemed illegal and has been suspended by the constitutional court.

But Catalonia’s pro-independence government has said that the referendum, which is planned for 1 October, will go ahead.

If the vote is held, prosecutors could charge the council leaders with misuse of public funds.

The Association of Municipalities for Independence has written to hundreds of Catalan officials assuring them that they are doing nothing wrong in helping to run the ballot, despite such actions defying Spain’s constitutional court.

In response to the Spanish government’s latest move, the Catalan authorities have urged the region’s mayors to take to the streets of Barcelona in protest on Saturday.

On Tuesday, the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office instructed security forces to remove all voting materials which it said could help with the “consummation of the crime”.

The order included promotional materials and the ballots themselves, Spanish newspaper El Pais reported [in Spanish].

With their own language and customs, Catalans already have much autonomy, but opinion polls suggest that the vote, if it takes place, will be very close.

There is a widespread feeling in the region – one of Spain’s richest – that too much of its tax revenue goes to Madrid.

Meanwhile Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and his conservative Popular Party have vowed to do everything within their power to stop the referendum, which they argue cannot take place according to Spain’s 1978 constitution.

On Wednesday, the official referendum website was shut down following a court order, Spain’s Guardia Civil police said.


the masters of the system are not happy..

you will not leave the union!

look out for bombs..


~ by seeker401 on September 15, 2017.

214 Responses to “Catalonia: More than 700 mayors summoned to court”

  1. btw, the image above seems to be proven fake, taken from a party” in Germany


    View story at

    • In the criticism part of Wikipedia it states, “Gene Sharp has consistently denied these claims….” Yet, all people have to do is read his book. Apparently it had been read in some known cases. It is considered successful. Those who deny his work is involved in some other kind of cases are cases that do not fit his motivation which was to provide a blue print for people to revolt against gov’ts. When gov’ts use his book in ways that may not be as politically acceptable, then he denies he was involved. Yet, his book had been translated into 31 languages first in Burma/Myanmar. Nobody has to get the man’s permission to use his work, just like when scientists made the A-bomb. Or when the GE man thought it was a scientific success the gov’t made a hurricane powerfully make landfall in Savannah, GA, U.S.A. Once the information is out there, the corruption of man’s heart only desires its’ wicked power.

  3. “do you even know who is Jordi Pujol and how his family founded the bank “banca catalana” with the jew Moisés David Tennenbaum??”

    first Generalitat’s president post ’78 and ideologist of the catalonian nationalist strategy, Jordi Pujol’s father, Florenci, worked since he was 21 y.o. in partnership with Moises David Tannenbaum, a jewish financier/currencies contrabandists. + google traductor


    Microsoft and Facebook’s 4,000 mile subsea internet cable is COMPLETE: ‘Marea’ will transmit data across the Atlantic at speeds 16 million times faster than your home connection
    ‘Marea’ can transmit 160 terabits/ sec, equal to streaming 71m HD videos at once
    It runs across the Atlantic, connecting Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Bilbao, Spain
    It’s expected to become operation in early 2018, creating reliable connection

  5. look who-s behind Catalonian Generalirat…

  6. deja vu, isn’t ?

    • same playbook eh?

      • worse lies & manipulation…NED again…

        “The objective of the CIA with this operation (1980) was to move from an “allied” State (which was the status of the relationship between the United States and the Franco dictatorship) to a “vassal” State, which is where Spain is currently But there is still a third stage of deeper subordination, that of “colony,” which is what the United States and Israel imposed in Kosovo after balancing Yugoslavia, which they are imposing in Kurdistan and what they will impose tomorrow in Catalonia if no one remedies it.

        That is the goal: to balkanize and atomize the remains that are still preserved by the Nation States to impose a Federal Europe by creating artificial States that, without any history or past in which to sustain themselves, deliver their weak sovereignty to the networks of oppressive globalisation .”

    • explained:

  7. Catalonia: Spanish judge jails two independence leaders for possible sedition

  8. Interesting article

    Europe’s Silence Over Catalonia Has Its Roots in 1945

  9. the spectre of Soros’/elites’ idea of the European Federations of the Regions behind the test case “Catalonian independence”:

  10. It’s very complicated, nice blog by the way. Read mine on this very topic, here’s the link

  11. someone has studied long ago already how to ride people emotions…

    Subterranean Politics in Europe: an introduction, the 2.0. democracy

  12. It’s just like Scotland, people all around the world want to break away.

    • The question I have is “for what reason?”. What is the justification argued for the break-away? Any break-away? Including Catalonia?

      In Catalonia, their higher law (higher than Spain’s), in which I have seen argued by Catalonia, is their language and culture is distinct, which makes their break-away a legitimate action. I have also seen the money argument: Catalonia is being drained of their money by taxes, which in being the richest, or one of the richest providences of Spain, Catalonia argues is unfair. The other argument, but not as much, that I have read by Catalonia is their Environmental policies are much better and deserve, they argue, to be implemented further without the hindrance of Madrid.

      Language, culture, money, and they are the greener religion are the only reasons I have seen Catalonia argue for separation. The question should be: How do the laws of land (Spain) act contrary to the language, culture, money, and green religion of Catalonia? I would enjoy reading a pro-Catalonia answer to the question. Escapism is not an answer. Virtual reality already exists, along with opioids.

      Maybe you might know Harry Caulfied? I would be interested to anything you might want to add.

      • Their are two major reasons for this movement:
        1. The historical and cultural difference, but it is not the main reason.
        2. The messed up economic condition. Spain was one the four massively indebted region of eurozone which had to go to Eurozone for loan to shore up their finances along with Ireland, Portugal and Greece. This and years of harsh austerity policy led to the rise of populist parties among Spain and rising frustration in comparatively richer Catalonia. Many Catalans feel they are paying high tax for a country they have little in common with. By the way I am myself not a big fan of this movement.

        • Interesting. I had forgotten about the austerity policy in Spain, which does scope the Catalonian richness versus Spain’s increased need of Catalonian money.
          Austerity means not just cut of gov’t spending, but EU and IMF loan debts which enslave nations to EU and IMF regulations and demands. The nations debt due to loans and monetary policies, then conditions of austerity in the nations, and subsequent further indebtedness as the nation is driven to acquire more loans into a vicious cycle.

          But is Catalonia justifying its’ actions due to what does appear to be happening by the austerity method? Or is Catalonia using the austerity method as an excuse to embrace the originator’s of austerity, i.e. EU and IMF? I am inclined to think the latter. Catalonia’s succession movement is an instrument within the austerity method. It is the purpose of the austerity policies to have a Catalonia succession event. Austerity is a tool used by the EU and IMF for immediate and direct control over Catalonia as a more separate autonomous entity with less interference and hoops to jump through at the national level. That is what I am inclined to think, at least for the moment.

        • agree.

          back in 2011 there were protests against the austerity measures and the Catalan government of Artur Mas (the previous president of the Generalitat)…Mas was forced to use the local police (Mosses d’Escuadra) agains the protesters as well as to fly to and out of the Catalonian parliament via an helicopter.

          don’t miss the video, ;), lol:

          this was the turning point: the political parties in Catalonia knew how to redirect the people’s “economic” protest against the central Spanish government and so canalise that energy into the “independence process”.

          it’s funny, because:
          – the corruption the pro-independent catalonian parties denounce in the ruling PPSOE spanish parties is the same in the party that ruled Catalonia during more than 30 years (while Pujol is not in jail),
          – the Junts x si (together for yes) coalition declares the future of independent Catalonia is within NATO and EU,
          – there have been voices recently about a mysterious “mediterranean country” ready to invest in the new independent state +
          – the State of Israel has just declared that it would not cede under the pressure by the central spanish government to condemn an eventual secession of Catalonia.

          those who claim Catalonian independence don’t really understand that this is the good old “stand up and leave your seat to me” game of political oligarchies AND that “freed” by the spanish central power, Catalonia will end up somebody else’s colony…

          the other funny thing is that only some 40% of the Catalonian population stand by such an independence. (the votes in the 2015 autonomic elections = the votes at the illegal referendum on Oct. 1).

    • break away FROM WHAT exactly? (see the EU flag alongside the one of the catalonian independence?)

      “In conclusion, an independent Catalonia within NATO would show its commitment to other European members. A large number of surveys show that the majority of Catalans, whether they want independence or not, want to remain within the European Union and keep the euro. Twenty-two EU countries, representing 95% of its citizens, are members of NATO. By being involved in Europe’s common security and cooperating with its partners, Catalonia would show that it aspires to independence without shirking its responsibilities.”

      • “break away FROM WHAT exactly?”

        That is what I want to know. I know some of the answers from what you, Maria, had posted. Mainly the ((they)) answer. The Romania link is interesting. Maybe Romania roots due to its’ balkanized experience, thus, know-how? Also the husband and wife were both journalist. Did the husband learn the Romanian language before he met her, or after I wonder? How long ago was that marriage arranged?

        I think Harry is asking some good questions or posing some thoughts that are on the right track, maybe he just needs to dig a little deeper (which is something we all end up doing). Harry, there is a pro-Democracy movement spearheaded by Catalonia, but why? Is the movement mainly preying on the need for change, a visceral, subterranean movement? Why is it not a well thought out movement that lays out its’ claims for all the world to know why Catalonia is doing what it is doing in order to prove the legitimacy? I am leaning toward a not well thought out movement by the masses who are involved, but a well thought out movement by some who found a weak spot (probably made the weak spot), exploited it, and now have direct access to the EU without needing to go through Madrid. But I am still waiting for all the pieces to fall into place. Maria had done a fantastic job in researching and providing much insight, and she continues to do so.

  13. The arrests of Catalonian leaders are alarming.

    • Is it? Or is the break away illegal, so the natural thing to do by any federal gov’t (Madrid) is to stop what is illegal?

      • bingo.

      • Wildy that is the PROBLEM that this referendum was design by THEY-USUAL-SUSPECTS 😦 we talk about on the blog bfore) with $ from SOROS so thx God with Prayers & asking God for wisdom so don’t became a LUCIFERIAN color revolution thx God !
        now the nxt referendum were All plp that want to vote will vote the result be legit = stay or go

  14. Spain is trying to silence every pro Democratic activist.

  15. great synopsis, maria, thanks.
    lately Spain is a country of social experiments. then, they expand the idea for the rest of the world, but after all these small revolutions, everything remains the same or worse, but with physical wear and tear on people, their time, their money and their morals, and while they distract us from the reality, and what is truly important for the whole society.

    • “lately Spain is a country of social experiments. then, they expand the idea for the rest of the world, but after all these small revolutions, everything remains the same or worse”

      the way they broke up the URSS, the ex-Ugoslavia…have those people lived better afterwards or it was the beginning of the looting of those countries and peoples…
      well, the “atlantic” interest rules divide et impera in Spain in order to fragmentise the Spanish nation/country
      in some places they use bombs (Iraq, Libia, Siria) in others they avail of the methods of Gene Sharp…

  16. the independentists catalan leaders admitting the pro-independence supporters are minority in Catalonia:

    why Assange won’t make eco of those statements (=the reality in Catalonia)? 😉

  17. where Catalonian independence operation is headed to:

    euronews the network – Could Europe become a federation of regions?

    …inserting the “plurinationality” characteristic in the modern states…towards its federalisation (an euphemism for balkanisation)

    #Chile, #plurinational state

  18. pity most of you don-‘t read Spanish :(…a great article here, explaining how the Catalonian independence move is in fact part of the CIA guided process towards the federalisation of Europe in a superstate guided by Brussels:

  19. […] Catalonia: More than 700 mayors summoned to court […]

  20. I could not find the shorter thread, so I continue posting here…

    in view of this:

    consider this:

    just opened in March

    …seems that now that Soros gets pushed out as persona non grata from his native Hungary he is quickly changing his European headquarters to Barcelona…with an eternally grateful local administration of the catalan separatists…I only wonder what came first: the gratitude or the Soros’ money…

  21. Scotland, Catalonia and the Fate of Clara Ponsati

    Clara Ponsatí leaves Belgium and rejoins the University of Saint Andrews

    • her Spanish is really poor.

      lol. so imagine what education system she would have shaped if she had remained the minister for education in Catalonia…the one that has been in place for almost 40 years now, really: “the total immersion”, as they call it: all subjects in Catalan, 2 ours of spanish and english per week…

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