Templars, Cybele, Mithras, alchemy, William Blake, Michael Bloomberg and the City of London


In August of last year I decided, for the first time, to attempt to write a fiction novel using themes that I had developed over the last 23 years of my career writing nonfiction about occult subjects. I decided this mainly because everybody told me I should. My plan was to write a quick and simple dime-store novel taking place in the UK, mainly because the characters I wanted to build were going to be based on people I knew who had lived there. Of course, by the time I finished, it had turned to be something else entirely.

Some of my characters were inspired by my knowledge of the existence of a global network of “fake” or unrecognized royalty that I had discovered through a former colleague who happened to be a part of it. These people were either pretending to belong to families that didn’t recognize them, or often claimed membership in royal houses that didn’t exist. They were self-purported heirs du jour to seats of power that no longer existed, or had never existed, sometimes in places that never existed.

I observed the behaviors of these people and their connections with one another for years. What was interesting was that they intermingled with people from real and recognized royal houses, who must surely have known about their membership in the fake ones. Some people claimed membership with both types of groups, and were equally accepted by both.

All of these people belonged to a great many other organizations also purporting prestigious status. Almost all were part of Neo-Templar orders, and elite or obscure Masonic lodges. They had illustrious military careers, and often had served for the security services of one or more countries. Several were involved in diplomacy, and in United Nations NGOs. Dozens of them belonged to an organization in Eastern Europe that provided training and networking opportunities for people working in the intelligence and security sectors.

I decided to conjure up a fictional secret club operating in London within this milieu of fake and real royalty, aristocrats, gentlemen, spies, Masons and neo-Templars. They would be involved in rituals continuing the alleged perverted sex rites of the Templars, the Ophite Gnostics, and the ancient cult of Cybele. This was a subject I wrote about extensively in my previous book, Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled, co-written with Alexander Rivera, which is available for sale here.

I decided to include in the story the alleged “Templar artifacts” written about by Viennese Orientalist Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall in 1818, which I discussed at great length in my Baphomet book. This was a scholarly essay written in Latin about a series of cups, bowls, boxes, coins, and idols that had been discovered in churches throughout Europe standing on former Templar properties. Many of them depict sex rites with children and animals, as well as androgynous horned figures similar to later depictions by Western occultists of the Templar demon Baphomet.


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  3. Incredible.

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