North Korea says Donald Trump has “declared war” on the country

US President Donald Trump has “declared a war” on North Korea, the country’s foreign minister said Monday while conveying a threat to shoot down US bombers.

“Trump claimed our leadership would not be around much longer,” North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told reporters outside his hotel in New York. “He declared a war on our country.”

“All the member states and the whole world should clearly remember it was the United States that first declared war on our country,” Mr Ri said.

“Since the United States declared war on our country, we will have every right to take counter-measures including the right to shoot down US strategic bombers even when they are not yet inside the airspace border of country,” he said.

“The question of who will be around much longer will be answered then.”

Mr Ri, who made the remarks before leaving New York where he had attended last week’s UN General Assembly, made the statement then returned from his car to the press microphones.

“In light of the declaration of war by Trump, all options will be on the operations table of the supreme leadership of the DPRK.””

The White House today rejected claims the US has declared war on North Korea as “absurd” in the latest exchange of barbs and insults between the two nuclear powers.

“We have not declared war against North Korea and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Mr Ri’s words echoed warnings from the Trump administration that all options were on the table in dealing with North Korea’s nuclear and missile development and its threats to have a weapon capable of reaching the continental US.

On Saturday, Mr Ri told the UN General Assembly that targeting the US mainland with its rockets was inevitable after “Mr Evil President” Trump called Pyongyang’s leader a “rocket man” on a suicide mission.



sticking with my prediction still..

“Since the United States declared war on our country, we will have every right to take counter-measures including the right to shoot down US strategic bombers even when they are not yet inside the airspace border of country,” he said.”

white noise..


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13 Responses to “North Korea says Donald Trump has “declared war” on the country”

  1. North Korea and the Anglo-American Establishment

    • Setting up puppet states and leaders only to take them out with military force years later is a speciality of the Western interests. It achieves multiple objectives. It creates an enemy which can be controlled. It creates a pretext for military adventures. And it corals all arguments into a pre-arranged narrative which captures all counterarguments and strategies.


        • Times reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg effectively helped to sell the bill in an extremely sympathetic article, headlined “Senate Passes $700 Billion Pentagon Bill, More Money Than Trump Sought.”

          Stolberg’s story also doubled as a kind of puff piece for hyper-hawkish Sen. John McCain, whom it lionized as an intrepid hero boldly taking the lead on the Pentagon legislation.

          The Times report all but openly applauded the bill, describing it as “a rare act of bipartisanship” that “sets forth a muscular vision of America as a global power.”

          do i even have to look up sheryl’s race?

          • As we know, the U.S. is always bipartisan when it comes to war.

            • we said saddly yup Wildy & in interior conflicts too

              we post this twice bfore
              THEY-LUCIFERIANS double play maybe on Referendums ?
              let them go indy (independent ) later rescue them ?
              almost same than the NFL we need to remember always always in THEY-upper echelons or top of the pyramid is one of THEY LUCIFERIANS maybe ?
              NFLowners ?
              playing booth sides Divide is THEY game name
              same that PrezTrump-sticker- impeach full-color blue on Red hiding in plain sight always behind LUCIFERIANSsenators there for life time

              • the NFL (get millions of fans woed) and NBA (flatearthers) are reminding me of FC Barcelona (hold enough persuasive power to woe independence). They are all other stages of a greater Hollywood.

      • wow is like GADA-SADAM & others
        what THEY LUCIFERIANS offer KIM -UN (hide in plain sight )
        in Basel?

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