Baghdad orders Kurds to “cancel” independence bid or face consequences

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has demanded that Kurdish authorities “cancel” the outcome of the independence referendum in northern Iraq, or face the consequences of what is rapidly escalating into a major regional crisis.

On Wednesday, Mr Abadi renewed Baghdad’s stance that the referendum was unconstitutional, as Parliament urged the Iraqi central Government to send troops to take control of vital oil fields held by Kurdish forces and called on all foreign governments to close their diplomatic missions in Kurdish capital Erbil.

Speaking to Parliament, Mr Abadi also delivered an ultimatum to Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani: hand over control of the regions’ international airports by Friday, or face a travel ban on flights to the Kurdish region.

Within hours, airlines were announcing that they would be suspending flights to Kurdish airports as of 3:00pm GMT on Friday (1:00am AEST), the deadline set by Baghdad.

On Monday, people in northern Iraq voted overwhelmingly in favour of independence in a non-binding referendum that was aimed at arming Mr Barzani with territorial bargaining chips.

Final results released overnight showed nearly 93 per cent voted in favour of independence, with 7.3 per cent voting against. More than 3.3 million people, or 72 per cent of eligible voters, took part in Monday’s ballot, according to the electoral commission.

However in the lead up to the vote, all suggestions of secession by the Kurds was bitterly opposed by the government in Baghdad, as well as by neighbours Turkey and Iran who threatened to isolate the region — the United States also pressed Kurdish leaders to call off the poll.


we have catalonia in spain and kurdistan in iraq..both want secession..

“Final results released overnight showed nearly 93 per cent voted in favour of independence, with 7.3 per cent voting against. ”

this has all the makings of a true civil war..


~ by seeker401 on September 29, 2017.

4 Responses to “Baghdad orders Kurds to “cancel” independence bid or face consequences”

  1. Catalonia has little to do with Kurdistan.

    50% of the Catalonians voted against the Coalition who governs de Generalitat (having won only 48% of the votes in 2015) and whose unique election programme was to realise a Referendum for Independence.

    So “Catalonia” does not want secession. Half of the Catalonians want secession, 500.000 of which are muslim immigrants naturalised during the last decade.

    Objective the federalisation of the Spanish State. another step in the programme about annihilation of the national states and so concentrating the power in ((they)) structures.

    Trust me, seek, I’ve been studying the subject for weeks now.

    Yesterday a pair of “UN experts” edited “expert opinions” that the human rights might be in danger because of the acts of the Spanish government.

    one is a life-time CFR member, the other part of the UN system since ever as well as advocate for the terrorist organisation MEK, the Rajavi cult, recently chartered to Tirana.

    smoking guns are all over the place, seek…a new form of color revolution, the same methods…:(…

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