Jacob Rothschild: My family created Israel


and when we say created..we mean created..the balfour declaration..



~ by seeker401 on October 4, 2017.

7 Responses to “Jacob Rothschild: My family created Israel”

  1. rise and rise of the beast..

  2. wow.. this make sense now esp all the rich blacks are always at the fore of any sports event protest

  3. Vegas did made Chertoff a very happy man…yehhh

    • metal detectors..

    • strongest evidence I have come across so far
      Shooting many people for metal detectors seems to minimalize the act so much. Metal detectors do not seem to be such a big deal to go to such extremes to get them. For all those people shot down, it seems a much bigger prize would await the corrupt. If true, the darkness of man’s heart is ever demonstrating just how low it can go. I still keep thinking how the GE man called their experiment on the hurricane hitting Savannah a success, so the priorities of some are way out in la-la land.

  4. no to THEY-UNESSCO

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