Spain’s king slams Catalonia freedom protesters..region’s independence “in matter of days”

Spain’s King Felipe VI has said Catalan authorities have deliberately bent the law with “irresponsible conduct” and that the Spanish state needed to ensure constitutional order and the rule of law in Catalonia.

Delivering an address to the nation by television, the king said that the bid by authorities in the northeastern region to push ahead with independence has “undermined coexistence” in Catalonia.

“Today, Catalan society is fractured and confronted,” Felipe said, referring to the political crisis as “very serious moments for our democratic life.”

He said that the state needs to ensure Spain’s constitutional order and the correct functioning of Catalan institutions and rule of law.

Spain’s conservative government said it would respond with “all necessary measures” to counter the Catalan defiance, and is holding talks with national opposition leaders to find multi-partisan consensus on the response, which could include suspending the region’s self-government.

It comes as thousands of people draped in Catalan flags lined the streets of Barcelona to voice their anger at Spain.

Spanish National Police were sent in to stop the vote. They didn’t, but they tried and nearly 900 people were injured.

The bloody images of baton wielding riot police laying into their own citizens were seen around the world.

Up to 700,000 people have taken to the streets of Barcelona in the wake of Sunday’s controversial Catalonia independence referendum, municipal police announced. Huge crowds rallied Tuesday against the violent crackdown on voters by Spanish police.

Roads and traffic was blocked throughout the city on Tuesday, as protesters marched, chanting, “Independence!” and “The streets will always be ours!”

Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, the leader of the autonomous region has told the BBC.

In his first interview since Sunday’s referendum, Carles Puigdemont said his government would “act at the end of this week or the beginning of next”.

Meanwhile, Spain’s King Felipe VI said organisers of the vote put themselves “outside the law”.

He said the situation in Spain was “extremely serious”, calling for unity.

Hundreds of thousands of people across Catalonia have been protesting over Spanish police violence during the vote, during which nearly 900 people were hurt.

During the vote, 33 police officers were also injured, local medical officials said.


33 police officers injured..33..

the king is a prick..but we are being played here by powerful forces..maria has provided plenty of evidence of what is really going always..(((they))) are in it up to their eyeballs..

i am still trying to work out how fracturing the union helps the union though..i need to get my head around that..


~ by seeker401 on October 5, 2017.

29 Responses to “Spain’s king slams Catalonia freedom protesters..region’s independence “in matter of days””

  1. a snip of an article from 2015 The fracturing of the European Union

    The enlargement of the EU into Eastern Europe a decade ago did not bring democracy and prosperity. The new members have served the major European corporations as a source of cheap labor. Their welfare programs are being destroyed, wages kept low and unemployment high, while a small corrupt elite enjoy prosperity.

    The EU, and especially Germany, took advantage of the financial crisis of 2008 to dictate unprecedented social cuts in the name of fiscal consolidation. In Greece, which was made an example, the average standard of living declined by 40 percent in a few years.
    The EU and its members have responded to the growing social tensions with militarism and increased repression. The real or supposed danger of terrorist attacks have served as a pretext for further anti-democratic measures.

    With the refugee crisis, the consequences of imperialist wars in the Middle East and North Africa have returned to Europe. The refugee issue has further polarized Europe. While large sections of the population react with solidarity, the ruling circles have unleashed a furious campaign against refugees, building up border fences and fighting each other.

    The dangers arising from the break-up of the EU are very real. New wars and dictatorships, even within Europe, loom. This danger cannot be prevented by defending the EU, but only in a relentless struggle against it and the capitalist system upon which it is predicated.

    The only way to unite Europe in the interests of its peoples, to use its vast resources in the interest of all and to prevent further wars, is through the United Socialist States of Europe. Only the independent mobilization of the European working class on the basis of a socialist programme can halt the impending disaster.

    Peter Schwarz

  2. Spain invites descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled 500 years ago to return

    Huge interest among Sephardic Jews worldwide in taking up offer of Spanish citizenship

    from 2014 I know this was posted here back then…..perhaps this is why Spain needs ‘solidarity’?

    More than five centuries after Spain’s Jews were forced to flee, convert to Catholicism or face execution without trial, their descendants are being invited to return and take up dual citizenship.

    Spain’s government has approved a draft bill that will allow descendants of those Sephardic Jews who were expelled in 1492, under the crusading Catholic rule of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, to seek dual citizenship.
    The new law would offer the prospect of an EU passport to up to 3.5 million people worldwide, many in Israel but others thought to reside in France, the United States, Turkey, Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

    Spanish consulates in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are among those said to be facing a flood of requests for more information since the plan was announced.

    Two years ago Spain announced that it would grant automatic citizenship to Jews of Sephardic descent in a gesture of reconciliation but there were few takers as the current law stipulates that they had first to renounce their existing citizenship.

    But the conservative government of the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy is now going further and will make it easier for those with Sephardic roots to take up dual citizenship.

    Applicants do not have to be practising Jews, Mr Gallardon said and those who have knowledge of the Ladino language – the Judeo Spanish tongue spoken by the Sephardic Jews – will also be considered.


    • “But the conservative government of the prime minister, Mariano Rajoy is now going further and will make it easier for those with Sephardic roots to take up dual citizenship.”

      …how cute!…permitted to work for your state Israel while holding a public office in Spain…

    • “Spain invites descendants of Sephardic Jews expelled 500 years ago to return
      Huge interest among Sephardic Jews worldwide in taking up offer of Spanish citizenship”

      There it is, maria mentioned this in the Catalonia article in passing. Thanks for posting a fuller article intriguedbyr. I can see it was posted here before, but I had not read it.

      I would have not thought such a period of time being passed that “reconciliation” would be offered in such a way. The Jews, no surprise to me, would have demanded it, reached out for it, or however it should be phrased. Spain just did not do it at this time in their history.

  3. “i am still trying to work out how fracturing the union helps the union though..”

    the smaller and local the national patriotism is, the lesser danger it poses to the system….fractured at most, better for the supra-territorial central governance.
    + better tolerance of both local nationalism vs. supranational identity.

    …there was a quote of one of the globalists, P. Warburg or Prince Bernhard, I can’t remember, that summarises very well the concept: the national feelings are the enemy of the world gov. that’s why the target is to undermine the national states. (open borders, bla-bla)…smaller “nations” – weaker ones.

    • BINGO!!

    • What you put maria, but also considering the process, the world gov’t leaders are not beholden, diplomatically immune even, to national laws. Their interests exist elsewhere. Also, as they have been doing, local gov’ts implementing world gov’t laws without the nation getting in the way makes a direct command and control system from the top to the bottom.

      Nationalism is an ideology. Nationalism is not strictly a job that people go to when they work in the gov’t. Nationalism is thought out, felt, and becomes the life of some people. For Hegel, nationalism was the ‘spirit’ in which men rationalized the absolute, because the state is lifted out of workings of nature. For Hegel, the state is man’s striving in the world of thought, as opposed to Rousseau’s nature. The state for Hegel is man living more in the spirit, the abstract, the other-worldly because it is not the basic natural inclinations of man, state takes thought, nature is more animalistic. Think civilization versus barbarianism. Paris versus an aboriginal village in the outback of Australia 400 years ago. Hegel’s ideology is wrong, but he did understand that nationalism is something some people reach for, strive for, protect, embody with their whole life, because they completely identify with it. They are nationalists.

      World gov’t leaders who want to rid the nation, or weaken it, understand the strength nationalism has in the life of some people. The world leaders want to get around their nationalist ideology and protection plans, and world leaders desire to dominate the world directly to the local level. The UN can do it better mentality. Agenda-21. If the UN, or any world agenda identifies on a more basic level, e.g. culture, language, and local environmental issues, then the UN may seem more real and concerned about real blood and flesh issues like ethnicity. Yet, people had to be educated to think “ethnicity” and cultural matters. I think this is why the race wars in the U.S. are such a “real issue” for some people. They see race with their own eyes. It is a history of slavery to take advantage of, and people see the color their own skins and it is a more real issue for them. Transgenderism and bisexuality and all the other “he’s”, “she’s”, and “it’s” out there are made real in the eyes of some cause they feel they are this or that way. Their feel is truth. In the age of postmodernity, larger generalities like nationalism and group-think is shunned. Rationalism is the dinosaur, the age of the past. Individuality, “my issue”, skepticism (which is individuality against a system), independence, rebellious attitudes against some system, and so forth, is the norm.

      People will desire a sense of stability, and when somebody steps in seemingly having the ability to cause order amidst the chaos, then people will go to them for false peace and protection. It is human nature.

  4. have you noticed the meme in the terms chosen?

    “Spain’s king slams Catalonia FREEDOM PROTESTERS”

    …lol…I recall “the mujahideen” and kosovari “freedom fighters”, “the syrian rebels”…but the “Donbass separatists”….lol…like “the dictators Gaddafi, Saddam and Assad” but “our strategic ally, Saudi Arabia”…lolololol!

    what the “freedom protesters” in Catalonya are doing is trying to force a de facto coup d’etat by imposing the will of the minority over that of the majority (for a secession from Spain) + breaking the rules both of the domestic and international law.

    but no, they are “the freedom protesters” who the spanish King slams like in a dictatorial regime….banghead!

  5. I will BET THIS IS THEIR PLANNED TEMPLE of Ungodliness!

  6. maria you have done some excellent work and research on this info Thank You very much It helps me tie together a lot of things I’ve been researching as well. Great stuff!

    • you’re welcome, intrigued!
      I’ve been on this day&night for more than a week now, with all kind of research, discussions, some insiders info-…I can’t stand ((their)) manipulation in general but it becomes so very much more personal when ((they)) attack my second fatherland, Spain!

      • Some days, ‘knowledge is painful’ other days, empowering. But mostly at this point, I find it maddening! 🙂

  7. seek you may like this….

    Mandalay CEO sold 80% of his stock in MGM a week before shooting. Plus links to Laura Loomer. she da bomb!


  8. Reblogged this on World4Justice : NOW! Lobby Forum..

  9. “Spain’s King Felipe VI has said Catalan authorities have deliberately bent the law with “irresponsible conduct” and that the Spanish state needed to ensure constitutional order and the rule of law in Catalonia.”

    Catalonia is not articulating their independence very loudly, which is very postmodern of them. Other than saying “independence” and “always our streets”, which is not articulation.

    xxx brought up in another article, how in the U.S. treaties are the higher authority, except the U.S. constitution is the highest. Catalonia may appear lawless to Madrid, but are treaties of a high authority? Like with Brussel’s? Or the Jewish emissaries?

    We know Catalonia talks of their culture, language, and skirting the issue seems to be their environmental standards, as catalysts as to why they are right to seek independence.

    It is independence for independence sake, which is very postmodernity of them. A new IPhone will give even more independence. It is all the rage these days. A independence with no articulation, again, very postmodern of them.

  10. check out the maps here:

    to understand why Catalonia is not a homogeneous region, and how the economically more vibrant and richest catalan counties are against the secession.

    in the tradition of the Quebec Clarity Act, there is a plataform for the separation of the Barcelona & Tarragona regions from the rest of Catalonia:

    (the right to decide whether to stay or not in Catalonia)

    lol…it seems to me that some local caciques (who own the local Government, by having passed an electoral law which gives 2,5 times more weight to a vote of the poorer province than the one of the rich Barcelona) try to reap the prosperity of Spanish-feeling counties for themselves…

    minute 13:09

  12. the spainish caliphate has begun

    • Excerpt from July 2014 article “The second coming of the caliphate in Spain:

      “As for Catalonian secessionist aspirations, Fernandez Diaz has sworn that an independent Catalonia would be more susceptible to terror attacks. This sort of scientific reasoning, it seems, could be exploited by the Spanish state to justify all sorts of measures (eg, if we don’t evict you from your home, the terrorists will attack). According to the jihad video from Syria, incoming terrorists will not stop at Catalonia.”

  13. Catalonia: Spain issues deadline to separatists

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