Images 8/10/17

lucky guess?


bruised but winning..

deeper then you think..

fashion show inside a church at London Fashion week..checkerboard floor..pillars..not very subtle..

the reaper..

the horns..

the eye..

the fuck?

welcome to the art of stock market trading according to time magazine covers..its a thing..whatever time the opposite..

more examples and evidence..

i sense a theme..”born this way”..

looks like the usa has the cream of the cake in syria..

kids books…with hidden messages..why?


“play any part in it”? lol?


marilyn manson got injured when he fell off the revolvers prop at his concert..

Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May coughs as she addresses the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, October 4, 2017.

see the bracelet?

struggling to understand why she wore that for this event..


~ by seeker401 on October 9, 2017.

16 Responses to “Images 8/10/17”

  1. I haven’t verified the dates/locations….

    • The map is missing some:

      June 2016: The deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history prior to Vegas:

      Dec. 2015: San Bernardino shooting (maybe not considered a mass shooting? seems “mass” to me):

      • thanks…

        keep seeing “deadliest shooting in US history” … that leaves out wounded knee, black wall street in tulsa, and probably some other massacres.

        • Mass shootings include Vegas and Florida as examples. Riots include Black Wall Street as an example. The two separate terms define two separate incidents. War is another incident, which Wounded Knee is an example. The terms are used to distinguish between different kinds of killing events. I do not think the distinction is necessarily a distinction of moral rank, but a distinction as to the kind of event that took place. A massacre is the broad term of understanding, which may include riot killings, war killings, and in the main, mass shootings/killings.

          By the way, I read in the Black Wall Street Wikipedia quite a gap in numbers given, “The Oklahoma Bureau of Vital Statistics officially recorded 39 dead, but the American Red Cross estimated 300, a number supported by historians since then.”

          Also crazy how the Black Wall Street massacre happened not only on the ground but air attacks took place, “Some black people claimed that policemen had joined the mob; others said that National Guardsmen fired a machine gun into the black community and a plane dropped sticks of dynamite. In an eyewitness account discovered in 2015, Greenwood attorney Buck Colbert Franklin described watching a dozen or more planes, which had been dispatched by the city police force, drop burning balls of turpentine on Greenwood’s rooftops.”

          • the difference is the color of the victims.

            • Killing Germans in the 1940’s was not a mass shooting. It was war. The killings of blacks and whites in the 1860’s in the U.S. was also war. The black Zulu’s killing the white British in Africa was also war.

              I do not see the terms being used to make distinctions based on color of skin, but on the kinds of historic events. Mass shootings have been committed by whites, Asians, blacks, and Arabs. D.C. snipers, Virginia Tech university, Vegas, etc.

              Just one example list of mass shootings:

              I am not sure why you think “mass shooting” means “war” or “massacres in general”. Words have meanings. People may be opposed to meanings of certain words, but the normal use of words do involve specific meanings in order to for people to communicate effectively.

    • pretty star..

    • this is very good mate..will repost..

    • The GE man considered the hurricane hitting Savannah a success. Let that sink in.

      Also, amazing how numerous things now deceptively called into ambiguity and insane ideas were at one time made public, eventually back shelved, and then hidden by the use of deception.

      U.S. Sec. of War (yes, I know they call it Defense) Cohen in very recent times does give a sentence or two about electro-magnetic waves being used not only for weather, but earthquakes, etc. Now you see me, now you don’t type of game play: peek-a-boo.

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