Images 15/10/17

redux..never forget..

its all in the logos..

truth fart from mika..

here we go..

no idea who she is..

more of the same..

dakota fanning..playing the game..

the star man..

fashionable one eye..classic!

the bugg man..

maybe their radars dont work when they settle on israel?..i smell a theme..

hotel..pyramid..pyramid..hotel..32 is 23 backwards..


~ by seeker401 on October 16, 2017.

9 Responses to “Images 15/10/17”

  1. It’s funny for me to see how ‘antifa’ has become this word that used and abused by every narrative.

    -antifa loves israel (pic above)
    -antifa hates israel

    this stupid bitch wants to talk about “antifa’s tax return” –

    alex jones wants to tell us that the vegas shooter is both antifa and isis ffs.

    i know lots of anarchists, from ancaps to ancoms, black blocers, librarians, and a handful of antifa (formerly ARA – anti-racist action), and i can tell you that with the exception of some deluded, labor-oriented “anarcho-zionists” none of the anarchists want “solidarity with israel” – that’s a joke.

    • whoever the group is in the pic are the ones hijacking antifas name and adding it to the banner..looks part rainbow crowd and part “wannabes”..

  2. want to rebuild your flooded house in texas? you have to promise you won’t boycott you-know-who….

  3. Who controls the alr-right?

  4. LMFAO!!!

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