Images 29/10/17

a flashback to the queen..

interesting logo from an interesting “group”..

dual one eye..

modern art..generation z..

signs and symbols..lead to truth..

even kylie probably had to “take the couch”..

one eye from fergie..ex black eyed peas..


this is the global utopia the elites want for you..arent we lucky?

a new horror movie coming out titled “the nun”..yeah we see it..

an open pentagram..why is it open? the answer..

i have no words here..i dont know whats going on..but it doesnt look like the kindy i went to..

Producer, writer and director Michael Moore and writer, director and actor James Toback attend Museum of the Moving Image Inaugural Envision Award Gala Dinner at Museum of the Moving Image on June 11, 2013 in New York City.

moore seems to be pretty tight with these hollywood pervs..plenty of images of him with harvey as well..

caption this..”bad romance”?


~ by seeker401 on October 30, 2017.

29 Responses to “Images 29/10/17”

  1. caption this..

    mmmm…. let me see…
    Four criminals and Jimmy Carter?

  2. modern art (generation z) and Michelle Obama library: no boundaries, internalize everything into a malleable, virtual world to ignore the lives of other people who are distinctly diverse for the sake of ones own pliable imagination and control.

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  4. Jehova’s witness official website is
    aint that funny

  5. Read “The Aquarian Conspiracy” by Marylin Ferguson.

  6. 100th ((they)) anniversaries:

    november 2nd:

    november 7th:

  7. smh….


    • Oh well, looks like Charles has finally spread his dis-ease to his son. Maybe William will become King after all! Charles cares more about animals than he does people. Do as we say, not as we do! Meanwhile, can you send us some more money to save the wildlife so dad can go big game hunting and put more trophies on the mantle! Hypocrites!

  9. we read it y-day from
    “that measures needed to be taken to save certain animal populations.”

    big-LUCIFERIAN-CORP by2020- nxt
    Soylent-green plp( maybe THEY think THEY -are the certain animal population ? )sub by THEY-ROBOTS
    -nxt ELYSIUM

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