ISIS threatens Prince George, Royal family in chilling message

Britain’s Prince George (C) accompanied by Britain’s Prince William (L), Duke of Cambridge arrives for his first day of school at Thomas’s school

ISIS extremists have threatened to attack Prince George at his London school, saying “even the royal family won’t be left alone” in a chilling message posted to an encrypted messaging app.

The Daily Star reports the terrorists posted the warning and an image of the 4-year-old at his school in Battersea, with its address and the caption “school starts early”.

The message allegedly also included words from a jihadi song which translate as, “when war comes with the melody of bullets, we descend on disbelief, desiring retaliation”.

The threats were posted to encrypted messaging service, Telegram, which has become popular among extremist groups.

The “ISIS breeding ground” was used by the terrorists responsible for the 2015 Paris attacks to spread propaganda. Telegram was also used to recruit the perpetrators behind the 2016 Christmas market attack in Berlin.

Barry Spielman, whose internet surveillance firm Sixgill has been tracking Telegram channels since the start of the year, told the Daily Star, “it seems that as Isis continues to lose ground in Syria and Iraq, it has stepped up its threats to hit the West.”

While, police told media they were aware of the extremist threats, staff at Prince George’s school have already raised concerns about the child’s safety.

In September, holistic healer and self-proclaimed “royal super-fan”, Louis Chantry, 40, was arrested for trespassing at Thomas’ and accepted a police caution for causing a nuisance on school property.

A secret underground route the Queen takes to the airport has been exposed after a USB containing sensitive Heathrow security data was found in the street.

Files on the drive could be accessed without a passcode and also included security measures for politicians and dignitaries, timetables of security patrols guarding against terror attacks and what type of ID is required to access restricted areas.

A man came across the drive in North London and handed it to the Sunday Mirrorafter accessing the 174 highly-sensitive documents on it through a library computer.

He was able to access 2.5GB of files, which also included a map of the airport’s Royal Suite, used by the Queen, as well as other equipment used by Her Majesty. There was also top secret information about underground routes through tunnels and escape shafts that the Queen could take out of London.


two stories from the same about harming a royal..and another about information misplaced that could be used to help harm a royal..coincidence?


~ by seeker401 on October 31, 2017.

4 Responses to “ISIS threatens Prince George, Royal family in chilling message”

  1. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  2. Is all of this just an exercise for the royal family?

  3. Secret Pentagon Report Reveals US “Created” ISIS As A “Tool” To Overthrow Syria’s President Assad

    Strategic asset for regime-change
    Security analyst Shoebridge, however, who has tracked Western support for Islamist terrorists in Syria since the beginning of the war, pointed out that the secret Pentagon intelligence report exposes fatal contradictions at the heart of official pronunciations:

    “Throughout the early years of the Syria crisis, the US and UK governments, and almost universally the West’s mainstream media, promoted Syria’s rebels as moderate, liberal, secular, democratic, and therefore deserving of the West’s support. Given that these documents wholly undermine this assessment, it’s significant that the West’s media has now, despite their immense significance, almost entirely ignored them.”

    According to Brad Hoff, a former US Marine who served during the early years of the Iraq War and as a 9/11 first responder at the Marine Corps Headquarters in Battalion Quantico from 2000 to 2004, the just released Pentagon report for the first time provides stunning affirmation that:

    “US intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but instead of clearly delineating the group as an enemy, the report envisions the terror group as a US strategic asset.”

    Perhaps the Royal ‘ones’ should be careful what they conjure up?

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