Pope discusses life’s biggest questions with International Space Station crew


The Earth is a fragile thing that could even destroy itself, Pope Francis told astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) on Thursday, saying they had an opportunity to see the planet “from the eyes of God”.

The voice of Pope Francis was heard in the heavens when he made a 20-minute video call to six astronauts to talk about life’s biggest questions – including their opinions on love, their sources of joy and how life without gravity changed their view of the world.

The US astronaut and mission commander Randy Bresnik told the pope that they saw a world without borders or conflicts from their point of view above the Earth. .

“What gives me the greatest joy is to look outside every day and see God’s creation – maybe a little bit from his perspective,” Bresnik, 50, told Pope Francis. Far from wars, famines, pollution or human folly, he said “the future of humanity looks better from up here”.

The pope replied that Bresnik had “managed to understand that the Earth is too fragile and it passes in a moment”.

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, 60, admitted that despite the bird’s eye view of Earth from the ISS, he too remained “perplexed” about a human’s place in the world, while American Mark Vande Hei said seeing the planet from space made them “realise how fragile we are”.

The Argentinian pontiff sat at a Vatican desk, facing a widescreen television on which the astronauts from America, Russia and Italy could be seen floating together in their blue suits.

“Astronomy makes us think about the universe’s boundless horizons and prompts questions such as ‘where do we come from, where are we going?’” the pope mused.

“Our aim here is to spread knowledge, (but) the more we learn, the more we realise we do not know,” said Nespoli as Francis nodded and smiled. “I would like people like you, theologians, philosophers, poets, writers, to come to space to explore what it means to be a human in space.”

The ISS, which has been continuously occupied since 2000, is currently crewed by six astronauts, who took it in turns to speak to the pope. Sergey Ryazansky told the pope he was honoured to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, who had worked on the launch of Sputnik, the world’s first artificial satellite, launched by the Soviet Union in 1957.

Francis is not the first pontiff to reach for the stars. His predecessor, Benedict XVI, called the ISS in 2011, when Nespoli was on the second of his three missions.


i have a few questions as well..

hows the radiation?

why dont you go more than 400kms off of earths surface?

why do you talk to the pope?

“Astronomy makes us think about the universe’s boundless horizons and prompts questions such as ‘where do we come from, where are we going?’” the pope mused.”

no shit eh?

Randy Bresnik told the pope that they saw a world without borders or conflicts from their point of view above the Earth.”

no borders..


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13 Responses to “Pope discusses life’s biggest questions with International Space Station crew”

  1. Randolph Bresnik (is he ((them))?)
    “His wife, Rebecca, gave birth to their second child back home in Houston on Saturday at 11:04 p.m. CST. They have a 3-year-old son, adopted from Ukraine.”

  2. A world without borders ? = NWO and CIA can do anything anywhere .

    Why are we here ? – its all in the Bible .

    Can God take care of the CO2 – no problem – He made it – its a great trace gas which we need for life.

  3. ““Randy Bresnik told the pope that they saw a world without borders or conflicts from their point of view above the Earth.”

    Someone know Marylin Ferguson book “Aquarian Conspiracy”?

  4. “Astronomy makes us think about the universe’s boundless horizons and prompts questions, such as ‘where do we come from, where are we going?’” the pope mused.”

    Climb in a rocket does not teach us where we come from or where we are going, to receive those answers you have to remain silent and look towards your own interior, with humility. And the truth is sometimes so shocking that it is not easy to digest and we need a time to take it. in part, because they do not teach us to deal with the truth, and they want us ignorant.

    Seeker, they do not pass 400 kilometers because the Van Allen belt is a real oven, and the second belt is hotter than the first. the atmosphere is reddish, and dodge the … I do not know what to call them, “burning lights”, that almost do not see them or arrive, for the speed they reach: there comes a moment that becomes impossible. My spirit finally got through the second belt because I closed my vision and asked the Divinity that took me through that trip to Heaven, to save me. But we also have to overcome other phases in outer space, a cold so intense that my own spirit exploded into millions of particles. It really is painful to travel through our galaxy. When I thought there would be no more life, I realized that if I could think, it still existed, and then I felt that I was a more purified being.
    But it is also wonderful to see the true colors of the planets and their sounds. That day, if there was not a conjunction, it was very close to happen. Less Mars, which was further apart than the others, all the planets were on one side and another in my line of ascension. And the vibrations that displeased me were those of Mars: I asked for acceleration, to get away from its reach. And before entering another dimension, which took me to the conduit that leads you into … the Sky, I saw thousands and thousands of galaxies.
    By the way, my trip to Heaven happened after the death of Pablo 6º, and before they murdered Juan Pablo 1º. All this and much more, is documented in my books already edited.
    The Vatican has nothing to do with spirituality … or yes … because what they want is to destroy the spirituality of the human being.

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  6. Pope Francis Awards Architect of Safe-Abortion Fund with Pontifical Honor
    Ploumen 05

    On January 12, reports began surfacing on Twitter that Lilianne Ploumen, former Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in the Netherlands, was honored by Pope Francis with the title of Commander in the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great. The Lepanto Institute was able to confirm from a December 22, 2017 Dutch radio broadcast that Ploumen indeed received the honor. In a brief video clip promoting the broadcast, Ploumen displays the medal while saying that she received it from the Pope.

    BNR – And this is the umpteenth prize that Lilianne Ploumen observes, won in 2017 and from whom they came.
    Ploumen – Yes, it is a high distinction from the Vatican; from the pope.
    BNR – From the pope.
    Ploumen – Beautiful.
    BNR – Yes.
    Ploumen – It is Commander in the order of St. Gregory.
    BNR – And that despite that you are pro-abortion.
    Ploumen – Yes you can check.

    To say that Lilianne Ploumen is “pro-abortion” is an extreme understatement and doesn’t even come close to the scandalous reality of her activism.

    In January of last year, after US President Donald Trump reinstated the Mexico City Policy, Ploumen launched a new NGO called ‘She Decides’ to provide mass amounts of funds to organizations that would no longer receive funds from the US government. The Mexico City Policy automatically denies US funding for international organizations which perform or promote abortion.

  7. https://www.geni.com/projects/Recipients-of-the-Charlemagne-Prize/12120

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