Images 5/11/17

bill and kevin..sitting in a plane..

a model.. case you missed it..

from the gary numan webpage..

this incredibly pertinent story gets zero traction..and it really does astound me..


8 days later..

debunking the debunking?

they just cant get this particular narrative sorted out right..

im shocked!!

some orthodox religious types getting sprayed with blue shit by their own people..included for my own enjoyment..not sure what they were protesting..

and something else from israel..


~ by seeker401 on November 5, 2017.

16 Responses to “Images 5/11/17”

  1. i think the heebs are going crazy again over mandatory army service
    here you can see one video of a FEMALE IDF soldier going up against 30 orthodox retards

  2. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  3. those orthodox jews might be from naturei karta

  4. krishna was not (said to be) born of a virgin mother, however his father was (said to be) vishnu, i.e. god himself, not the mortal husband of his mother (ala joseph). the local king was (said to be) foretold of the coming of krishna, and had his mother imprisoned and ordered all of her children to be killed. but when krishna was (said to have been) born, her husband took the baby and escaped – overcoming a perilous river cross to save the child.

    krishna was (said to be) an avatar of vishnu, who had many other avatars after krishna, so in that sense he was indeed resurrected, in any case we all know (don’t we?) that resurection is an analogy for the winter solstice, when the sun “dies,” the days remain the same length for three days, and then the days start getting longer.

  5. Milano, 11/2017

  6. Temple of Mithras Renovation Completed !

    London’s temple to Mithras is restored to its ancient Roman glory after 1,800 years in stunning exhibit under the skyscraper that’s now built on top of it

    Built in the third century, the London Mithraeum was discovered by chance in 1954 on World War II bomb site
    It became an instant public sensation, with up to 30,000 visitors per day queuing to see it

    It was reassembled 100m from its original location so the public could see it when post-war rebuilding ended

    The ruin has now been restored to its original location below
    Bloomberg’s new European headquarters
    Sound, lights and misty haze have been used to evoke the rituals and activities that took place within its wall

    very creepy, the sound light and haze to evoke the rituals and activities that took place within it’s walls

  7. babylon is about to fall? ..are they all cyborgs of the nwo

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