Colombia’s Farc leader Timochenko to run for president

The leader of the demobilised Farc rebel group has announced he will run for president in 2018.

Rodrigo Londoño, known as Timochenko, signed a peace deal with the Colombian government a year ago. He will run for the party founded by the rebel group.

Timochenko, 58, became the leader of Farc rebels in 2011.

His chances of becoming president are deemed to be minimal as many Colombians are loath to see a former rebel representing them.

Right-wing parties in particular have been critical of the peace process for allowing Farc members to run for office without having to serve prison time.

More than 260,000 people were killed in more than five decades of armed conflict between the Farc, government forces and right-wing paramilitaries.

Polls suggest that many Colombians continue to question the Farc’s commitment to peace.

Its party has retained the same acronym but it now stands for Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Common People, rather than the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.


farcking hell..who would have thought..

“Timochenko, 58, became the leader of Farc rebels in 2011.”


~ by seeker401 on November 7, 2017.

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