Saudi crown prince unleashes crackdown on corruption

Saudi Arabia has ordered the arrest of at least 11 Saudi princes and four incumbent ministers of the Saudi government, Al-Arabiya reported, citing sources. Among those detained are the minister of the National Guard and the minister of economy.

A new anti-corruption committee chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was created late Saturday by royal decree of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, published by Saudi Arabia’s official news agency on Saturday.

The decree appoints the crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, to lead the committee, granting it broad powers to fight corruption. The committee is exempted from “laws, regulations, instructions, orders and decision” while performing its wide range of duties, namely “identifying offenses, crimes, persons and entities” complicit in corruption, and gives it the power to impose punitive measures on those caught red-handed. Those include asset freezes, travel bans and arrests.

The committee made its first arrests hours after it was created, detaining 11 princes, four current ministers as well as “tens” of ex-ministers of the Saudi government in connection with newly opened corruption probes, Al-Arabiya reported.

Minister of the National Guard Prince Miteb bin Abdullah and Economy Minister Adel Fakeih are among those arrested, Al Arabiya cited a senior Saudi official as saying, on condition of anonymity. Alwaleed al-Ibrahim, owner of television network MBC, was also detained.

Dozens of former ministers were arrested by the Crown Prince committee, including a former governor of Riyadh province, former finance minister, and former chief of the Royal Court.

The committee said it is relaunching a probe into the devastating floods that killed over 120 people in the city of Jeddah in 2009, while inflicting millions in property damage. In wake of the wide-ranging investigation, concluded in December 2014, the Saudi court found 45 people guilty, including senior officials, on charges of bribery, misuse of power and public funds, money laundering and illicit business operations.

Another high-profile case resumed by the anti-corruption committee is the investigation into the outbreak of the so-called Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus in Saudi Arabia in 2014, which resulted in nearly 300 deaths and the ouster of the country’s health minister.

A Saudi Arabian prince, Mansour bin Muqrin, has been killed along with several other officials in a helicopter crash the near the country’s border with Yemen, local media reported.

A helicopter, with a group of Saudi officials on an inspection trip, crashed in the Asir Region in the country’s southwest, reports said.

The bodies of the deceased officials have been recovered, SaudiNews50 reported late Sunday, after posting a video of the recovery efforts.

Eight people were on board the helicopter, including the Undersecretary and the Secretary of the Asir Region, Al-Arabiya reported, citing sources. None are believed to have survived the crash.


talal..the warren buffett of saudi arabia..hes in a lot of trouble..

new prince trying to make it look likes a reformer..but its all most likely a facade..

chopper crashes..arrests of missile attacks..ipos..threats to iran..something has happened in the house of saud..


~ by seeker401 on November 7, 2017.

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  1. There has been internal turmoil in Saudi Arabia as they solidify ties with Israel. Some more in the article (dated Nov. 1):
    “Several Israeli companies are in talks with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia about business opportunities in the Kingdom’s new “smart city”, according to documents obtained by the Jerusalem Post.

    “On Tuesday, Saudi Arabia officially launched the NEOM, a developmental project to create an economic zone spanning the country and parts of Egypt and Jordan. Designed to free the Kingdom of its dependency on oil, it will focus on industries including water, biotechnology, food, advanced manufacturing and entertainment; at an estimated cost of $500 billion.

    “The news comes amid increased rumours of a burgeoning relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel; causing controversy in recent weeks. The normalising of relations between the two countries remains a proposal that has repeatedly been rejected by the Saudi public.
    Yesterday Major General Anwar Bin Majed Bin Anwar Eshki, a former government advisor, was reported to have confirmed suspected relations when he said diplomatic and intelligence cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Israel were solely based on non-political matters.
    Last week, Israeli officials also confirmed that Bin Salman had secretly visited Tel Aviv in September.”

  2. wsaqws

  3. […] Source: Saudi crown prince unleashes crackdown on corruption […]


  5. Trumped!

    • indeed! Goeb 🙂
      KingSaudi visit Vlad maybe PrezTrump is showing
      THEYterrorist moneyLaunderingOperation being conducted btw topSaudiOfficials and both theBushess and Clintonss ?
      fit the Anon-tweet great Anon use duckduck

  6. $100bn embezzled, misappropriated in Saudi Arabia over several decades – attorney general

    • interesting video, really interesting.
      Add the IMF June 2017 report to what was covered in the video and further information can be gleaned about the platform and implementation.

      The additional note about the Trump orb experience in Saudi and the arrests in Saudi. Added to the smart cities being built.

      • The orb!

        • Yeah, remember that orb doey-thingy. Some of the stuff in the video needs discerned. For example, the AI taking over and people not being blamed for the evil is Adam blaming Eve all over again. Yet some interesting webs weaved. We will see how it turns out.

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