Images 12/11/17

jim carrey making fun of people..who are suspicious of the elites..

and more..

and the cream on top..


hahaha..hah..ahh.. *sigh

i like this one..

lots of pyramids..also possibly lots of money to made investing in the new bitcoin..


plane trips..award ceremonies..just the tightest of best mates..birds of a feather?

this made me think..i hadnt realised..

blake lively..

milo, one of the kings of the alt-right..

bryan cranston..

angelina still working for “them”..

an image by artist hannah hoch..

here she is..

kyrie still on the bandwagon..i think he does believe it.. 

our society summed up in one tweet..where did we go wrong?


~ by seeker401 on November 13, 2017.

13 Responses to “Images 12/11/17”

  1. yuck!

  2. me no eat that ‘sour dough’ bread.. 😦

  3. -haha! Michael “carefully” weighed global warming.
    -Feminists wonder why it is hard to swallow their stupidity.
    -Irving thinks waaaay too much about non-sensicals. He needs a reality check, maybe take up walking in the woods, boating, or enjoying some fiction – oh that is right he did take up fiction, oops.
    -Clinton and Spacey, enough said.
    -1988 – 2018 World Currency, interesting.

    • Good video JoelH, thanks. 🙂

    • Thanks JoelH.
      Yeah, they are interested in numbers, and the numbers do something for them. Just cause a person can crack a nut and get the food inside does not mean they are master’s of the universe. They are fooled into thinking the numbers are a code to unlock the universe, and manipulate material’s secrets. It is a fool’s errand. They write books about it, think about it, and get emotional, but so do birds at the birdfeeder in the winter when new seed is put out.

    • note the stars become pentagrams when upside down..

      Anti-Flag have been involved with activism throughout their musical career. This has included starting the activism groups The Underground Action Alliance,[23] Military Free Zone (a group to protest a clause in the No Child Left Behind Act, which gave military recruiters automatic access to students’ personal details) and The Bright Lights.

      They have been involved in performing at multiple protests, including two in support of Rage Against The Machine.

      They performed outside the Republican National Convention in 2008.[24] They were supposed to be the last band to play, but when officials found out that Rage Against The Machine were going to perform after them, they shut down the stage’s power and Rage Against The Machine performed two songs using megaphones.

      Most recently, the band played an acoustic set at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York City on October 8, 2011.[25]

      They also regularly support political organizations which include:

      Democracy Now!, the latest headlines from which can be found on the band’s homepage,[4].
      PETA, who were one of the sponsors of their 2010 ‘The Economy Sucks Let’s Party’ tour.
      Amnesty International, to which the band donated money from the sale of The People and the Gun, have supported for a long time and who were one of the sponsors of their 2010 ‘The Economy Sucks Let’s Party Tour’.
      Greenpeace, with whom the band worked in order to persuade world leaders to attend the climate conference in Copenhagen and who were one of the sponsors of their ‘The Economy Sucks Let’s Party Tour’.
      Useless, with whom they sold screen-printed limited-edition T-shirts to raise money for The Kandorwahun project, while raising awareness and visibility for Useless.
      The band also showed their disapproval of fracking in October 2013, supporting the Clean Water Mob.

      The band’s song “Die for Your Government” was sung by anti-war protesters who briefly blocked a road to prevent U.S. troops from deploying to Iraq in August 2010.[26][27][28][29] They have appeared in the 2010 music documentary Sounds Like A Revolution, about new protest music in America.

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