Images 17/12/17

this is actually a thing..selling fast!

in case you forgot..

sam smith cant stop grabbing his crotch..

we see the signal..

gigi hadid doing a promo ad..eye see it..

so simple but so true..

a disney xd show featuring the princess turdina character..a boy dressed as a girl called TURDina.. *sigh

their fingerprints are everywhere!

it really is only a matter of time..but when?

sugar kills..

shit is getting crazy down on the streets.. *passive fart


the orange is to signify trump..getting is weasel popped..


~ by seeker401 on December 18, 2017.

9 Responses to “Images 17/12/17”

  1. Wow, all of the images this week just prove how low those putting on this show in the U.S. would like to see the culture sink. What a bunch of filthy, disgusting people producing this kind of trash.

  2. Misha Nonoo…hmm…(some) men are quite easily manipulable…the heirs are important trend creating assets…so they always have a controller/agenda suiting maid placed aside…the girl Harry is going to marry suits: a. the race mixing agenda/plan Kalergi (her mother is afro-american) and b. the “social entrepreneurship thrive to change the world”-imagine-all-the-people agenda. so very cool, oh, yeah!…they were forced to get to know each other better spending long weekends only two of them in his cottage …she just had dropped a canadian boyfriend of her when she knew Harry got interested in her…
    I wonder who that M. Nonoo is…

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