Spain PM willing to talk with Catalonia leaders

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says he expects a “new era based on dialogue” will begin in Catalonia following a regional election that exposed the sharp divisions between citizens for and against independence.

Rajoy called the election held Thursday after ousting the pro-secession government in the region, hoping to stop the movement to break away from Spain. A block of separatist parties retained their majority in the Catalan parliament.

Rajoy said during a news conference Friday that the election’s outcome, which also gave the pro-Spain Ciutadans (Citizens) party the most votes, showed a diversity of views in Catalonia that compel the new government to abide by the law.

A prominent politician in Catalonia’s left-wing republican ERC party says Spanish authorities need to accept election results that gave separatists a majority in the regional parliament.

“The (Catalan) Republic has won again in elections,” Marta Rovira told reporters on Friday in Barcelona.

Separatist lawmakers passed an illegal independence declaration in late October. The Catalan Cabinet was ousted and faces possible charges over the secession push. Ousted Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont is evading the probe in Brussels, while his deputy, ERC militant Oriol Junqueras, remains behind bars.

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy “needs to accept dialogue with President Puigdemont and Vice President Junqueras,” Rovira said, without clarifying if her party would support Puigdemont, whose ticket received more votes than ERC’s.

Rajoy, Rovira said, “needs to put an end to this unjust exile and imprisonment.”


i bet he will speak to them!

“A prominent politician in Catalonia’s left-wing republican ERC party says Spanish authorities need to accept election results that gave separatists a majority in the regional parliament.”

and so it continues..


~ by seeker401 on December 23, 2017.

10 Responses to “Spain PM willing to talk with Catalonia leaders”

  1. lol. how many “convincing envelopes” did the separatist Generalitat spent from public Catalan money amongst the international MSM…

    very high participation rate = 82% of those with right to vote

    the results:

    68 seats = absolute majority in the parliament

    the separatists = JuntsxCat + ERC + CUP = 70 seats = 47,49% of the votes

    the constitutionalists (all of them pushing for some kind of federal status of Catalan region within the Spanish state) = C’s + PP + PSC = 57 seats = 43,49% of the votes

    the “I don’t have opinion” = CatComu + Podem = 8 seats = 7,45% of the votes

    here the graphics:

    what we really have in Catalonia is a completely polarised/divided society.

    …Spanish PM, M. Rajoy, siad he’ll speak with the party who won the elections, i.e. the constitutionalist C’s party, who won 25,40% of the vote, 37 seats / 1.102.000 votes.

    it’s curious because there are voices now, that claim the possibility to separate Barcelona from Catalonia and7or convert if in the 18 autonomic region of Spain…if a separate referendum is to be held in such an autonomic region the catalan separatists would lose there since the majority of Barcelona’s residents will vote to remain within Spain.

    but the separatists, such great democrats all of them, lol, say “no, Catalonia is not to be decided”. oh, I see…

    • catalonia also pounded spain in the soccer!

      • Barcelona vs. Real Madrid really.

        Real Madrid is not Spain. not at all. 🙂

        • But it was symbolic, Barca slayed them fwiw.

          • with this defeat, Real Madrid has literally lost this years Liga. Last year (2016-2017) RM won 5 championships (within Spain and international)…this year it won’t make it to win the lega.
            the other eternal rival of Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid (which in my family we are fans of) is so very happy with yesterday RM’s defeat …in general, the fans of RM are so very unpleasant, acting as if they were the kings of the universe.
            …there are fans both of RM , BarcelonaFC and AM all around the country, not that BC is followed only by catalonians.

            if Catalonia becomes independent, BFC will play with the soccer clubs of Catalonia – so very week in general, no Real Madrid, no Spanish Liga, no emotion, no publicity…less worldwide viewers…less Qatar funding…it will be disastrous for FCB…

  2. PIB of the municipalities non-separatists vs. of those separatists…speaks a lot…

  3. Spain To Block Puigdemont for Catalan President

    Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy asked the Constitutional Court to block the nomination of former Catalan regional President Carles Puigdemont to resume his post on Friday.

    The move comes after the Spanish government’s Council of Ministers, headed by Rajoy, announced late Thursday night that it will attempt to block the nomination.

    Puigdemont Facing Charges Catalan

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