Images 24/12/17

she did..and now she lies..

a reference point when somebody tells you the russians tried to influence the usa election..

the paradox..

nz actor kj apa..

an album cover from a musician from indonesia..yes indonesia..

sara silverman..she loves america apparently..

see..she does love america..

this is art..parisian art..where did we go wrong??

🙂 me a global hot spot and i will show you bhl..hes everywhere..

the raelians logo..

make up your minds..sheesh..

lupe needs to ride a bike and not travel by air..

happy christmas to all..peace..


~ by seeker401 on December 24, 2017.

37 Responses to “Images 24/12/17”

  1. great images…as always!…

    others who impose to the public the pyramid symbol:

    (“AXN is a pay television, cable and satellite television channel owned by Sony Pictures Television, which was first launched on May 22, 1997. The network is now spread across several parts of the world, including Europe, Japan, other parts of Asia and Latin America.”

    CEO: …nice CV: jewish family, CFR, Rand Corp, etc, etc)


  2. off-topic: how do you see this, seek & xxx? about fair transactions on the stock exchange?

    (the AXN tv CEO is part of the board..)

    “America is getting a new stock exchange from the most prominent critics of high-frequency trading.”
    IEX is: “a place for brokers to trade stocks without worrying about being “front-run” by other traders with faster technology.”

  3. merry christmas, happy winter solstice, and happy holidays (except hanukkah haha) to all!

  4. Edward Snowden’s New App Turns A Smartphone Into a Security System’s-new-app-turns-a-smartphone-into-a-security-system/ar-BBHfuuE?li=AA4Zoy&ocid=spartanntp

  5. “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace”StFrancisA
    Merry X-mas to All 🙂

  6. Australia was toppled by the U.S. gov’t? I thought Australia was a British constitutional gov’t?

    Seek, your comment about riding a bike not travel by plane – funny!

    On Skynet:

    I saw a headline that “The Rock” had thought about running for U.S. President. I remember when Arnold thought about it, but could not because he is a foreigner (Obama!). Arnold became governor of California and is doing movies again. The theater churns out politicians.

    • it’s normal for third world countries with an uneducated population to elect movie stars.


      During the crisis, Whitlam had alleged that Country Party leader Anthony had close links to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).[112] Subsequently, it was alleged that Kerr acted on behalf of the United States government in procuring Whitlam’s dismissal. The most common allegation is that the CIA influenced Kerr’s decision to dismiss Whitlam.[113] In 1966 Kerr had joined the Association for Cultural Freedom, a conservative group that was later revealed to have received CIA funding. Christopher Boyce, who was convicted for spying for the Soviet Union while an employee for a CIA contractor, claimed that the CIA wanted Whitlam removed from office because he threatened to close US military bases in Australia, including Pine Gap. Boyce said that Kerr was described by the CIA as “our man Kerr”.[114] According to Jonathan Kwitny of the Wall Street Journal, the CIA “paid for Kerr’s travel, built his prestige . . . Kerr continued to go to the CIA for money”. In 1974, the White House sent as ambassador to Australia Marshall Green, who was known as “the coupmaster” for his central role in the 1965 coup against Indonesian President Sukarno.[115]

      Whitlam later wrote that Kerr did not need any encouragement from the CIA.[116] However, he also said that in 1977 United States Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher made a special trip to Sydney to meet with him and told him, on behalf of US President Jimmy Carter, of his willingness to work with whatever government Australians elected, and that the US would never again interfere with Australia’s democratic processes.[117]

  7. new world order…

    • So, they have one thousand new jobs a day being filled, as claimed, full time jobs. But how many of them are being filled by the immigrants who work for less money that they’ve brought into the country? Same thing in the U.S. and the climate change LIE keeps being told in order for corporations to go green and improve THEIR infrastructure. Seems to me all of the current leaders recently elected are all using the same script.

      Putting the people of other nations to work, in YOUR country, meanwhile, keep writing those checks and paying those high taxes, Big Business needs you to make your nation great again!


  9. Adam Weishaupft had originally named his group The Order of Minerva, before changing it later to the Bavarian Order of Illuminati.

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