Kodak shares soar as company launches KODAKCoin cryptocurrency


Shares of Eastman Kodak surged by as much as 147 per cent on Tuesday after the one-time leader in photography became the latest company to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

The storied Rochester, New York-based company said in a statement it is launching a cryptocurrency called “KODAKCoin” for photographers, part of “KODAKOne”, an image rights management platform launched in a licensing partnership with WENN Digital.

The platform uses blockchain technology, the backbone of bitcoin and other digital currencies that have surged in recent months and raised fears of a price bubble.

The stock reached as high as $7.65 before closing at $6.80, a gain of 118 per cent from the open on the New York Stock Exchange. In after-hours trading , Kodak shares are at $7.70.

“This is getting ridiculous,” said Dennis Dick, a proprietary trader at Bright Trading LLC in Las Vegas. “From a fundamental point of view, none of this makes sense.”

The one-time leader in photography film has struggled to transform itself into an imaging software and technology company. Kodak was a Dow Jones Industrials component until April 2004 and has seen its stock slump 90 per cent since emerging from bankruptcy in 2013.


its like a dot com bubble 2.0..

when companies suddenly switch from making coffee or making cameras to going crypto..we know the insanity has become reality..

be very careful..

This is getting ridiculous,” said Dennis Dick”

thanks dick!


p.s. is that logo a sigil?

~ by seeker401 on January 11, 2018.

6 Responses to “Kodak shares soar as company launches KODAKCoin cryptocurrency”

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  2. The exchange platform between KODAKCoin, the US Dollar, and other cryptoes will divide the market. The exchange rates, value of each individual coin, etc., plus the business of making those calculations and having the ability to make the exchange (a bank to store each different coin). KODAKCoin goes nowhere without an exchange platform. It seems to be a basic voucher. A gift card stating KODAKCoin is worth the value it says and one may buy a camera for it. A gift card does not raise hit the ears of Wall Street. Reimage the gift card into crypto and Kodak builds on the reputation, hype, fashion, and value of other cryptoes. It’s what Elon Musk does, builds on hype and see what sticks to the wall. Amazon is building a commerce center on the moon remember. Robots and smart cities hype economies into risk ventures.

    • This is why consent holds no power. There is such a thing as false consent, or deceived into consent. Rebrand central control into the appearance of decentralization is a participation in the real activity of making of choices, but consent to a choice does not necessarily mean people are making true choices. True and false choices are both activities of consent.

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