Images 21/1/18


now i know what zombie was all about..the cranberries..



the spiders web.. is he doing?

solidarity with karim..its catching on!

zdf is in on it..big time!

predictive programming eh?

image of a poster of soros and look he has one eye..

assange sending a warning..

blows my below for the full image..


~ by seeker401 on January 22, 2018.

7 Responses to “Images 21/1/18”

  1. anyway we( even we’re Libertarians) ask PrezTrump for law asp THEY ROBOTS can’t look like Humans need look machines

    • I wonder what the Biblical understanding would be. Robots that look like people may not be bad, but I have not thought it through all the way maybe. What would be wrong is robots who deceive and pretend to be people. Lying is wrong.

      • we try to stop THEY PLANS here all the time LUCIFERIANS robots look like humans will make more value than Humanity for THEY LUCIFERIAN-CABAL
        Wildy if you have some time look at THEY HK base HANSON-ROBOTICS

        • Their plans in using robots will be Luciferian. Thanks for reminding me. The robots are theirs and for their plan, which is never good.

          Yeah, Sophia (Hanson-Robotics). Also their plan to build others like it and unite them into a super-AI.

          • super AI that THEY even can control is ironic that THEY FACEBOOKY need to turn out THEY own- AI
            btw THEY also became THEY-ROBOTS CITIZENS so THEY BITCOINS( gains) belong to whatever THEY ROBOT belong

            • Facebook has its’ own AI, but it may join to the larger AI system planned – like the internet with different domains maybe. I do not know.


    Pray for

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