Czech election: Zeman beats Drahos to win second term

Czech President Milos Zeman has won a second term in office following a tight run-off vote against rival Jiri Drahos.

Mr Zeman, who fiercely opposes immigration and objects to EU sanctions against Russia, took 52% of the vote to beat Mr Drahos, a pro-EU academic with no prior political experience.

Voter turnout on Saturday was over 66%.

The role of the Czech president is influential; Mr Zeman can name the prime minister and sign bills passed by parliament into law.

He has promised to give Prime Minister Andrej Babis, a billionaire businessman, a second chance to form a government after his minority cabinet lost a confidence vote in parliament last week.

Mr Zeman’s current presidency does not end until March, so he plans to reappoint Mr Babis next month.

His position also allows him to appoint central bank board members and judges.

The presidential election has reflected divisions between low-income voters with lower education and those living in rural areas, who tend to vote for Mr Zeman, and wealthier and well-educated residents of bigger cities, who are likely to prefer Mr Drahos, correspondents say.

Mr Drahos has never belonged to any political party but he told the BBC that he wanted to “end the climate of populism and fear in Czech society” that has marked Mr Zeman’s presidency.

In contrast to Mr Zeman, the 68-year-old Mr Drahos is a supporter of EU and Nato membership, however he opposes the EU’s quota system for distributing migrants.


the thorn in the EU’s side remains..much gnashing of teeth and wringing of hands..


~ by seeker401 on January 30, 2018.

4 Responses to “Czech election: Zeman beats Drahos to win second term”

  1. “Drahoš says he supports the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the United States and the EU.[34] However he also said that having good relations with Russia is in the interest of the Czech Republic and European Union.[34] Drahoš supports trade and economic relations with China, arguing that “China is a superpower” and “many countries are doing business with China.”[35]

    In 2017, Drahoš rejected the European Union’s proposal of compulsory migrant quotas, saying, “there is no successful model of Muslim integration in Europe”.[36] Drahoš also said that “Europe can’t feed 100 million Africans, it is necessary to help them at home.”[36]

    Drahoš described the pre-war German minority in Czechoslovakia as “Adolf Hitler’s fifth column”, and said that he agreed with the post-war expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia.[37]

    Drahoš has described himself as a sympathizer with Israel.[38]”ř%C3%AD_Drahoš

    • drahos having a bet each way?

      • Drahos doesn’t seem so bad, you know..:
        “On 13 March 2009, Drahoš was elected President of the Czech Academy of Sciences,[4] defeating Eva Syková. During his tenure, he successfully opposed 50% budget cuts to the Academy proposed by the governments of Prime Ministers Mirek Topolánek and Jan Fischer as a consequence of the 2008 financial crisis. Drahoš later called it an “attempt to destroy my motherly institution”.[5]” – a great “like” here!!!

      • It does look like he has a bet each way.

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