666 points down was the sign..then the worst one day drop in history..hidden in plain sight


The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 2.54 percent – closing down 666 points – Friday and suffering its worst week in two years as concerns over rising interest rates and inflation from an overheated economy caused a long-feared sell-off.

It was the worst day for stocks since President Donald Trump took office. The retreat was a reversal from the bullish sentiment that has defined the markets for most of the past year. The stock market has been on a historic nine-year bull run.

While the point swing was eye-popping, in terms of the percent of the loss in a market that saw the Dow crash downward through 26,000, the decline did not appear to alarm many investors.


The Dow Jones industrial average suffered its biggest one-day point drop in history, plunging 1,175 points on Monday and giving back all its 2018 gains as a flash-crash-style drop intensified a free fall in stocks that began last week.

Fears of spiking inflation and borrowing costs caused investors to rethink their bullish views on stocks, which until just last week had fueled huge gains in the blue-chip Dow.

In a wild day on Wall Street, the Dow suddenly spiraled down almost 1,600 points at one moment — in what some analysts said was a computer- and machine-generated drop similar to the Dow’s “Flash Crash” back in 2010. The average then recovered and ended the day down 1,175.21 points, or 4.6%, at 24,345.75.

While the pounding in point terms was historic — with the loss eclipsing the prior one-day record of 778 points lost during the 2008 financial crisis — the Dow’s 4.6% decline on Monday was not sizable enough for Wall Street pros to describe it as a crash. And the decline didn’t even make the top 20 biggest percentage drops for the Dow.


the days after the 666 we get this:

“The Dow Jones industrial average suffered its biggest one-day point drop in history”

i think this is THE sign..the correction (lets hope thats all) is on..666 was just to significant a number to not be a signal..dont do anything based on my mumblings but note i sold all my stocks last week..also the rates in western economies ARE going up..this will have huge ramifications for homeowners..stay alert..could be a “shorters” paradise..


~ by seeker401 on February 6, 2018.

11 Responses to “666 points down was the sign..then the worst one day drop in history..hidden in plain sight”

  1. ‘There’s no place to hide’: A Wall Street chief strategist breaks down the stock market’s catastrophic plunge


  2. Yes, the drunk harlot of Mystery Babylon is falling;

    You mentioned selling your stocks; where do you recommend keeping one’s currency?

    • great question..age old answer is gold..mine sits in the bank for now..earning me basically nothing but if it was in stocks i would be losing..however..its not a loss until you sell..its when you HAVE to sell that you cop the loss..saving equity or capital is the name of the game..i am seriously looking at selling my house as well, not just because of the drop but the rates is my concern..built up great equity and i dont want to lose it in a subprime type situation..

      • i think selling (house) now would still be at the top of the cycle.. but equities maybe game over.. the next bounce is good time to get out

        the signals are out 666 and 16.66
        1666 for gold seem to be a bit hard to conjure

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  4. “The Dow Jones industrial average suffered its biggest one-day point drop in history, plunging 1,175 points on Monday”

    When I was younger, which was not tooo long ago, that drop would have been 1/6 of the whole stock market. Inflation deceives and volatility is of higher degrees.

  5. what you saw yesterday was a dad cat bounce..

    Dow plunges more than 1,000 points, falls into correction territory


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