Images 11/2/18

oh..hi molech!

hi trousersnake!

hi satan..err..huh?

one of the tickers you should always be watching..

starting them young..

why the one eye?


really?..i thought the democrats hated celebrity presidents who got rich from tv?


even books..

never heard of something in your eye?

more..of the same..

see the number?..what does it spell out?

schiff and soros..sitting in a cant make this up..nobody would believe you..


~ by seeker401 on February 12, 2018.

30 Responses to “Images 11/2/18”

  1. “hi trousersnake!”
    so, either he has a big dick or he is a big dick?

  2. of course since im outa touch with pop culture im probably missing the reference. who is the guy at the piano under the devils tail?


  4. nobody watched haha

  5. where is schiff and soros?


  7. I’m sorry, the Schiff and Soros picture – Is the ‘woman’ a transgender??? Looks like it to me, but what do I know.


  9. we watching LUCIFERIANS gone one by one


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