71 killed in Moscow region passenger plane crash


Saratov Airlines’ Antonov An-148 jet carrying 65 passengers and six crew crashed after take-off outside Moscow. As salvage efforts are underway at the crash site, we sum up everything we know so far about the deadly accident.

Domodedovo air traffic control lost contact with Saratov Airlines flight 703, bound for Orsk, several minutes after take off, an official from Russia’s Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) told local media. He said communication with the crew was cut and the plane vanished from radar screens.

Earlier in the day, debris was spotted from the air. Emergency services immediately deployed rapid response teams to the reported crash site, but rescuers and medics had to reach it on foot, walking through the countryside buried under snow.

Preliminary reports say the wreckage is spread across an area between adjacent villages. The Emergencies Ministry said the search-and-rescue operation will work around the clock, with the crash site observed by drones.

Sixty-five passengers were on board the plane, along with six crew. Later on Sunday, the Emergencies Ministry published the full list of all 71 people killed in the crash. Among them were three children and three foreigners, reportedly citizens of Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Later, the airline said the captain on the ill-fated flight, Valery Gubanov, was an experienced pilot who had accumulated 5,000 flight hours. Two technicians who conducted the last maintenance of the plane were also reportedly on board the aircraft at the time of the crash, according to Saratov transport prosecutor’s office.

It is premature to say what caused the crash and investigators say they have not yet pinpointed a single version of events. The debris and dead bodies are scattered over a wide area, and rescue efforts are complicated by the snowfall and strong winds that have gripped the Moscow region this Sunday.



this might be something or it could just be a tragic nothing..the manifest is always important..be aware of fake news on the passenger lists..i saw some yesterday already..


~ by seeker401 on February 13, 2018.

12 Responses to “71 killed in Moscow region passenger plane crash”

  1. February 11th…
    I heard on the Russian radio today that the black boxes are damaged but their recordings could be eventually decoded…wait to see…

  2. Look for Uranium One employees on the passenger list

  3. Have a look at this link:


  4. https://www.rt.com/news/418507-an-148-crash-moment-cctv/

  5. meanwhile 200+ russians killed in syria..


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