Images 11/3/18

due from the black panther movie..does the eye sign come before the fame or after?

ditto the previous comment..

yet you will still be called a conspiracy nut to even whisper the US government is a corporate technocracy..a fascist state..

the ultimate in blowbacks..

its fashion time!..yes, yes we see it..

i always go out carrying my decapitated head..


something new from the pumpkins..and something about the cover disturbs me..

of course..climate change does EVERYTHING..just drop your borders and it will be fixed..

did you know? 🙂

look at the date..from 2008..looks like a plan..looks like its in motion..will they get to 50 million?

one comes from a poor country with no food..the other doesnt..who is who?..sister is in a controlled photobomb as well..

yay for more fashion!..horns are a great accessory to lighten the mood..

they just couldn’t find anyone else worthy enough from over 150 million females living in the USA..


~ by seeker401 on March 12, 2018.

18 Responses to “Images 11/3/18”

  1. The photo bomb is no coincidence, KJU’s sister is frequently with him, but never his brother Jong-chul.

    “Kim Yo-jong was born the daughter of Kim Jong-il and his wife Ko Yong-hui on 26 September 1987.[1] She and her brother, Kim Jong-un, are said to have a close relationship[2], due to shared isolated years while studying together in Switzerland from 1996 to 2000, and in North Korea, “where social and emotional isolation appears to have been a defining force in their early lives”[3] possibly because their father Kim Jong-Il wanted to bring them up away from the influence of his father Kim Il-sung.[4] ”

    Maybe, but Kim il-sung was on his way out by the time she was born. KJI did hide his other illegitimate child through (jong nam).

    On Yo-jong:

    “Sources indicate that Kim Jong-un may be grooming Kim Yo-jong to replace their aunt Kim Kyong-hui (with whom Kim Yo-jong is said to have a good relationship[9]) in her supporting role.[13]”

    Possibly, but the propagandists were trying to portray KJU as being the second coming of Kim il-Sung (he reportedly has plastic surgery to this effect and of course has blown up like a balloon).

    “On 9 February 2018, Kim attended the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Pyeongchang, South Korea. This was the first time that a member of the ruling Kim dynasty had visited South Korea since the Korean War.[25] She attended the meeting with the South Korean president Moon Jae-in on 10 February, and revealed she was dispatched as a special envoy of Kim Jong-un and delivered a personally written letter from Kim to Moon”

    Effectively, second in command of the hermit kingdom. I am also wondering if this relationship is or was ever incestuous. KJI never would have trusted his sister in this way, why KJU?

    • “I am also wondering if this relationship is or was ever incestuous. KJI never would have trusted his sister in this way, why KJU?”

      With their kind of relationship dynamic, in an investigation such a plausibility would have to be considered.

    • Last 2 sentences.

  2. for the collection…

  3. Can’t beat the hard copy newspaper. In the digital age, it has to be supposed history will be revised more determinately and easily.

  4. the sinking of the Titanic on 4/14/1912 & The Federal Reserve. 3 wealthy men who opposed opening the Federal Reserve: John Jacob Astor IV; Benjamin Guggenheim; & Isidor Strauss: all 3 perished. JP Morgan canceled

  5. On the Trinity:
    “In point of fact, the doctrine of the Trinity is purely a revealed doctrine. That is to say, it embodies a truth which has never been discovered, and is indiscoverable, by natural reason. With all his searching, man has not been able to find out for himself the deepest things of God. Accordingly, ethnic thought has never attained a Trinitarian conception of God, nor does any ethnic religion present in its representations of the divine being any analogy to the doctrine of the Trinity.

    “Triads of divinities, no doubt, occur in nearly all polytheistic religions, formed under very various influences. Sometimes, as in the Egyptian triad of Osiris. Isis and Horus, it is the analogy of the human family with its father, mother and son which lies at their basis. Sometimes they are the effect of mere syncretism, three deities worshipped in different localities being brought together in the common worship of all. Sometimes, as in the Hindu triad of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, they represent the cyclic movement of a pantheistic evolution, and symbolize the three stages of Being, Becoming and Dissolution…. Gladstone found the Trinity in the Homeric mythology, the trident of Poseidon being its symbol. Hegel very naturally found it in the Hindu Trimurti, which indeed is very like his pantheizing notion of what the Trinity is…. Of late years, eyes have been turned rather to Babylonia; and H. Zimmern finds a possible forerunner of the Trinity in a Father, Son, and Intercessor, which he discovers in its mythology. It should be needless to say that none of these triads has the slightest resemblance to the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity embodies much more than the notion of “threeness,” and beyond their “threeness” these triads have nothing in common with it.

    “As the doctrine of the Trinity is indiscoverable by reason, so it is incapable of proof from reason. There are no analogies to it in Nature, not even in the spiritual nature of man, who is made in the image of God. In His trinitarian mode of being, God is unique; and, as there is nothing in the universe like Him in this respect, so there is nothing which can help us to comprehend Him.”

    For He revealed and descended Himself to man, not man ascending to God.


  7. fwiw…

  8. we know LUCIFERIANS &fashion proof ELIZARD-BETH attend show this

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