Images 25/3/18

this is what we live in..

fashion designer from sweden..

swedish band ghost..i wonder what they are selling?

cara delevingne..

some other AX puppet..

directed energy..and a summit on it?..i thought that was a conspiracy?


a bunch of luciferians called “misanthropic existence”..cute?

eye eye..

in case you missed it the first time..and a “shhh”..


~ by seeker401 on March 25, 2018.

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  1. maria, or anybody else who reads Spanish, might you tell me what this article is? It was in a Bibliography as the source for the Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth installed into the Order of the Golden Fleece. Is the document a valid source?

    It is source cited in the Bibliography of Wikipedia on the subject.

    • the source is more than legit:

    • some of the recent awardees:

      “Adolfo Suárez, Javier Solana, Nicolas Sarkozy, Víctor García de la Concha, Torcuato Fernández Miranda, José María Pemán, el infante Carlos de Borbón dos Sicilias, el marqués de Mondéjar, el anterior duque de Alburquerque, (the king of) el rey de Suecia, Margarita de Dinamarca (Denmark), Beatriz de Holanda, Constantino de Grecia, Akihito de Japón, Isabel II de Inglaterra (queen Elizabeth), Alberto de Bélgica, Simeón de Bulgaria, el rey de Tailandia, el duque Juan de Luxemburgo, el gran duque Enrique y (lol!! the king of ) el rey de Arabia Saudí.”

      recently the Grand Maestre of the Order, the king of Spain, awarded it to princess Leonor, the spanish heir:

      • Princess Leonor looks a bit off in the middle shot. What did he say to her, I wonder.

      • Thank you very much Maria! It is helpful to have friendly relations with people in other countries!
        Notice the Queen is in the Order by two Titles, Queen of U.K. and Commonwealth. Not as Queen of England. I think that is so because she is a Roman Catholic, which by England’s law the Monarch can not be Roman Catholic (Act of Settlement of 1701). Though the U.K. and Commonwealth are over England, so England, through the back door one might say, is still subservient to the Pope.

        For Georg Friedrich of the House of Hohenzollern, it looks like England’s government changed the law to maintain his succession to England’s throne:

        “As a Protestant descendant of Queen Victoria through her daughter the Empress Victoria of Germany, Georg Friedrich was in the line of succession to the British throne from his birth until his marriage in 2011; as he married a Roman Catholic, according to the Act of Settlement of 1701, he was thus debarred from the British line of succession until the implementation in 2015 of the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, which restored any succession rights to British dynasts forfeited because of marriage to Roman Catholics.”,_Prince_of_Prussia

  2. […] Source: Images 25/3/18 […]

  3. we post it twice
    Ghost haha selling badMetal ? some plp like them are members of well know metal-bands but are in disguise

  4. I always thought it was interesting how all of the Luciferian symbolism is everywhere. If atheism is correct, and these kid of people tend to be as such, then why flash your affiliations? An element of this is copycat with or without realizing it, but someone started the references in the first place. Why? What convinced them to do so?

    • it doesnt matter if you believe or dont believe in Christianity per se..the point is tptb do believe in the satanic/luciferian side..and its blatantly paraded everywhere now..

      • That’s sort of what I am wondering about. So they believe in this satanic side, why? What is it that convinced them it was worth their time? I speculate how much of this is people thinking its real and how much is simply lemming behavior.

        • Maybe it works? Sigils, ouija boards etc.

          • So assuming this is true and “it works”, to me this confirms anything they oppose either interferes with “it working” or the “other things work” as well but perhaps in a different way. If they felt there was zero meaning in other religions, why would they oppose them? Logically you would encourage those you seek to control/own/destroy to put their faith or ideas into bunk while you reap the whirlwind and probably mock them as well. Yet, (((they))) openly hate Christianity and even seem to be afraid of it. Personally, this tells me all I need to know.

        • The Biblical answer to why, so search what you desire, but my two-cents is they are unbelievers. They are searching why they believe the way they do, too, because all people reason and intuit. The difference is they only seek their answers not from God, because they do not believe and trust in Him and all His ways.

    • they aren’t atheists. they worship the malevolent aspect of the same god everyone else is going on about. if you invent an entity which is inherently good, it automatically follows that there is a “bad” one as well. and following the bad one has its rewards – for one thing it’s a lot easier than following the good one with honesty.

      • this above is on point..

        then this..

        • I had a real dream with just turned eighteen, I will tell you the main details: the group accepted that I went into his studio, I spoke, with whom he asked me: Brian Jones, although at that time I only knew that these guys were The Rolling Stones and nothing else; the others did not want to believe what they were seeing and left, while, Brian kept talking to me, and at one point they went back in. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards grabbed Brian by the arm and pulled him out while screaming, You also have seen it, it is there! And they answered that they did not believe in those things … In detail it is written in my book, Woman in Heaven Moonwalker on Earth … among other circumstances, which, sometimes by grace and others unfortunately, I had to see in the the course of my life, on Earth, seeing goodness and evil. Nothing is by chance. Brian’s sensitivity is on the opposite side of Mick and Keith.

          Those of you who know how to read Spanish have the opportunity to see also what I have seen and still see on Earth. Past and present continue. Between angels, and demons, between humans and dehumanized, with Jesus interacting, and God, and seeing every detail.
          you can see titles, and subtitles if you click on the cover of each book, and read many pages for free, even if they are only an orientation of the whole content.
          And still, I have not finished my work. Maybe when I finish I can continue to translate them into English, although I would like to find help sooner.
          Jesus rose again and will return to Earth in all its glory when the Father tells him that the end of time has come.

        • Creepy and informative. Well it looks like a major love of mine, music, is something to be skeptical of from now on.

      • yup

  5. Seek for nxt week images



  8. off-topic:
    could somebody tell me what is the way to download videos from youtube in order to be able to listen their audio on an iPod? (secure links and mp3 converter, if possible, please) thanks.

    • youtube forbids downloading, so most of the download programs have disabled the ability.

      however, you should be able to record the audio that’s playing on your computer. if you are using a mac, you can use quicktime – select the ‘soundflower’ input.

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