More than 100 Russian intelligence officers expelled from 18 countries

British Prime Minister Theresa May

More than 100 Russian intelligence officers are to be expelled from 18 countries in response to the Salisbury chemical attack, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May told MPs Monday, hailing the “great solidarity” of the U.K.’s allies against Moscow’s “acts of aggression.”

Speaking in the House of Commons, May said that Russia’s “attempts to flout international law and undermine our values” would not be tolerated, adding that Monday’s mass expulsions by the U.S., EU member states, Canada and Ukraine represented the largest such diplomatic sanction against Russia in history.

The scale of the diplomatic response to the Salisbury attack represents a major diplomatic coup for May. Her statement came within hours of the U.S. government’s confirmation that it would expel 60 Russian intelligence officers, and European Council President Donald Tusk’s announcement that 14 EU states would follow the U.K. in ejecting Russian diplomats. Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said his country was expelling “several Russian diplomats,” and the Ukrainian government said 13 would be expelled “in coordinated effort” with the EU and the U.S.

Updating MPs on discussions on Russia at last week’s European Council summit, May said she had argued for a “reappraisal” of how Western allies should respond to the Russian “challenge” in the wake President Vladimir Putin’s re-election earlier this month.

Alongside the expulsions, May said that EU states would “strengthen their resilience to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear-related risks as well as bolstering their capabilities to deal with hybrid threats.”

Former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia remain in a critical condition hospital following the attack in Salisbury, England on March 4. May updated EU leaders on U.K. intelligence concerning the attack at last week’s Brussels summit, leading to a significant strengthening of the summit’s conclusions to affirm that it was “highly likely” the attack was carried out by Russia, and there was “no other plausible explanation” for it.

May told MPs that the U.K. had no quarrel with the Russian people and expressed her sympathy for Sunday’s shopping center fire in Kemerovo in Siberia, in which at least 64 died.

“But President Putin’s regime is carrying out acts of aggression against our shared values and interests within our continent and beyond,” May added. “And as a sovereign European democracy, the United Kingdom will stand shoulder to shoulder with the EU and with NATO to face down these threats together.”


its not global or worldwide..its the EU, usa, canada and..surprise..ukraine!

we still havent seen any evidence or that not required these days?


~ by seeker401 on March 27, 2018.

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  2. KJI’s armored train arrives in Beijing unexpectedly. Rumored KJU came to meet with PRC Chair Xi Jingpin.

    Prediction: Kim Yo-jong (sister) is sent as emissary to ask the PRC to broker the nuclear summit. She is being sent in part as a DECOY while KJU communicates with his Western handlers, probably somewhere else in the country (or possibly via electronic means). This is why it is being reported but not being reported.

    The Chinese put on a big show with long motorcade, so they were notified somewhat in advance. KJU is NOT his father, who had a fear of flying, taking the old Soviet train is something out of the previous regime’s playbook which current regime has been slowly erasing. If KJU is in fact on board, he wants everyone to see what he is doing, but who benefits? He couldn’t be asking for permission to do the summit, he could be asking forgiveness, but why in person? The Chinese have been telling him to knock it off. He could be asking for Chinese protection and/or brokering the summit (which I speculate above) which I suppose could be the reason for an in person visit. However if he wanted to have a true private meeting with the Chinese Presidium, they would have sneaked him into the country quietly. Why the fanfare? Show Washington they are serious? Seems so scripted.

    Kim Jong-nam met with US agents before being assassinated last year.

    Prediction: KJI’s oldest son, KJN, was assassinated by Western intelligence because he either: did not go along with what they wanted from him or because KJU is a Western asset and they lured KJN out of Macau to tie up KJI loose ends in preparation for the planned thaw in relations. KJU, the great leader (and near reincarnation of Kim il-Sung according to NK propaganda) takes DPRK into the 21st century while Trump is the great peacemaker; oh and the nation gets a new central bank…

    Asian Spring.

    • syria iran and nk only ones not playing the bank game..i wonder if it was to do with petro/yuan launch that he visited?

      i think your theory on kjn is very close..

  3. BE+CROWN-CITY-LONDON in panic mode Austria&Bulgary said no

  4. playing with fire,,, and you ‘ll be sorry

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