Images 8/4/18


“mandatory reading for korean schoolchildren”..please explain?


its cyclic..always has been..always will be..

a fine upstanding member of the obama and schumer..


hes dead..

you need to wake the fuck up..


fake image..but cute..

we seem to be losing ex leaders all over the globe..what a shame!

this is what a domestic terrorist looks like these days..

amen to that..


~ by seeker401 on April 9, 2018.

38 Responses to “Images 8/4/18”

  1. My memory served correct this time, the KJI family picture with the Disney hat is fake news:

    In fact, not only is it fake news, they are trolling us (boy is KJN, picture is about 1980):

    2001: Tokyo Disneyland incident

    In May 2001, Kim was arrested in Japan on arrival at Narita International Airport, accompanied by two women and a four-year-old boy identified as his son. He was travelling on a forged Dominican Republic passport using a Chinese alias, Pang Xiong.[10][11][12] After being detained he was deported to China,[13] where he said he was travelling to Japan to visit Tokyo Disneyland.[9] The incident caused his father to cancel a planned visit to China due to the embarrassment it caused him.[9]

    Since (((they))) own and have subverted Roy Disney’s company, maybe its a subtle admission of whodunit?

    Another interesting tidbit, from the first link:

    22. Kim Jong-Il’s oldest son Kim Jong-Nam (1971-) almost inherited North Korea’s current leadership. However lost his father’s favor upon being caught sneaking into Japan with a fake passport. He corresponded with journalists, publicly voicing his not-so-encouraging opinions of his half-brother Kim Jong-Un. Interestingly the two never met before. Kim Jong-Nam’s mistress So Yong-La was once a Air Koryo flight attendant.

    So, KJU whacks a man he had never even met?

  2. Another subject, I read somewhere Japanese genealogy contains Khazar genes from 1,000+ years ago. Something about Khazar traders following the Silk Road eventually making it to Japan. I would not be surprised if the Koreans have similar genealogy in some cases, it might help explain their interest in the Pharisee religion.

  3. we know always Seek pics are brillant but tday Wow! double thx 🙂
    no many eyes haha only the K-pop star is dead?
    btw to All here we post a while back an image on top was JFK junior on bottom was Donald Trump Junior strange but when we click on that save image we get at FACEBOOKY page that we never saw bfore b/c we never ever Seek knows that we never useFB
    is aFBpage with only MarilynMonroe image on fire weird?
    Seek maybe you can find the image of JFK j & DT j in your blog ?

  4. “Korea and the Ten Lost Tribes” – Book with Illustrations – Tokyo, 1879

    Korea and the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel by N. McLeod. Yokohama-Tokyo: C. Levy and Sei She Bunsha, 1879.
    “Korea and the Ten Lost Tribes”, a composition raising the argument that the Koreans are the descendants of the Ten Tribes that were exiled from the Kingdom of Israel after its conquest by Assyria. Accompanied by reproductions of etchings portraying buildings, objects, and Korean and Jewish customs. Bound with an additional composition dealing with Japan: Album and guide book of Japan, from Satsuporo in the north to Kagoshima in the south, with historical and statistical notes, also accompanied by illustrations.–-book-illustrations-–-tokyo-1879

  5. Debunking the Korean Talmud Story

    This story was picked up by just about every proud Jewish website. However if anyone thought a little, the story makes no sense! even using an explained talmud (i.e Artscroll) the Talmud is hard reading for adults – never mind schoolchildren. Furthermore large parts are so dependant on some other Jewish Knoweldge, that you really couldn’t understand anything.
    A quick google search for “talumd” and “Korea”, brought me to a catholic forum. In 2005 a poster named “Brogan” wrote the following posts:

    I’ve taken a job in Korea. This is a decission that I now regret becuase I stupidly misred sspx’s website and thought that they offered mass every sunday. Its actually only once a month.
    Anyways, I just found out that all the little kids have to read the Talmud in elementary school. I couldnt believe this. There arnt even any jews in Korea. I think I’m going to look into whether or not foods here have koser lables on them. This is just rediculis. I truely doubt that even .00001% of the population here is Jewish.
    He followed it up with a few other posts:

    So I asked some of my students today and am now even more weirded out than before. One class told me that they all had to read it in elementary school. When I asked them what class they all acted really confused. They didnt understand what I was asking them. Then I asked the next class about it. They told me that it was not part of thier school curiculem yet every single one of them had read it as a child. When I asked them if they had read the Koran both classes burst into laughter. “Of course not thats the Muslim book”.
    They didnt get it when I was trying to explain to them that the Talmud was a Jewish book. They just kept saying “in Korea it is just a good book.” One student told me that he loves the Talmud becuase it is the “light of Knowledge”….


  7. How the Talmud Became a Best-Seller in South Korea

  8. Remember .. we cant forget .. ‘Education Day’

    Trump meets with Chabad rabbis in Oval Office – March 28, 2018

  9. Somebody passed this along to me; they saw it on reddit today.

    A book on Illuminati bloodlines:
    “Bloodlines of Illuminati” by: Fritz Springmeier, 1995

    I do not know if I was able to get the link to work.


  10. Why are the Chinese So Obsessed with the Jews?


    geniuses, no…. connected ‘ones’ who ‘appear’ to be geniuses, more likely.

  12. we found this one
    is lots of plp behind now talking about Clark speech is better later than ever
    plp wake up OXI=61 % Brexit =51.1% Trump 51% game theory tipping point is on

  13. we saw this tday 4-10-18 any questions eh?

  14. Greek fighter jet crashed, allegedly shot down by the Turkish air force.

  15. The TALMUD is full of pedophila, and explinations of how to, how not to, when, and rules. Its loved by the satanic, pedophile globalist elite. Says a lot about the Korean school oversears…

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