Images 15/4/18

birds of a feather..

commonwealth games opening ceremony..the full splendor..

and more..

looks like rules for one are not the same as rules for others..

the coordination is a coincidence.. 🙂


its real..

male fashion 2018..pass..thanks..

homework for the day..what is the picture in the background and what is it depicting?

i will just leave this one here..

it really happened..does history repeat?

who changes first?


~ by seeker401 on April 16, 2018.

24 Responses to “Images 15/4/18”

  1. Abbraccio Cosmico

    The translation means “Cosmic Embrace.” The center of this painting is a man and woman in a tender embrace. This represents the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Uniting the Heart and the Mind through Divine Cosmic Love – Christ Love!

    Facing the picture, the Blue Angel on the left represents the Feminine/Universe/ Spirit. The Brown Angel on the right represents Masculine/Earth/Physicality. The Angels wings are pointing up and down. They are each holding a handle. One up – one down. As Above – So Below. The handles are connected to a shaft of Light that runs through the heart center of the Divine Cosmic Embrace. The EnLightened Ones are guiding the transition.

    Notice also that the handle held by the Earth Angel is attached to a spiral – a Cosmic Portal. The handle held by the Cosmic Angel is attached to a symbol of the Cardinal Grand Cross. Earth/Humanity goes through the Cosmic Portal to connect to the heart of Divine Source/Divine Unconditional Love – the Cosmic Embrace. The Cosmic Alignment funnels Light through Divine Source/Divine Unconditional Love to elevate Earth.

    The Cosmic Portal envelopes the planets and humanity in a Divine embrace of Christ Consciousness. This is the birth of the New Age of EnLightenment!

    If the Queen of England, past and current presidents and Heads of State around the world are documenting themselves in front of this picture of this April 22nd Cardinal Grand Cross – this is definitely is a monumental event!

    • “The Cosmic Portal envelopes the planets and humanity in a Divine embrace of Christ Consciousness. This is the birth of the New Age of EnLightenment!”

      Thanks for doing the legwork on this rev17 by finding what the picture was and posting it here.

      Pagan syncretism (unbelief), trying to claim what they were never given. Trying to reach the heights of the mind of Christ, but only Christ Himself enjoys His own mind and heart claimed by His own Personhood the Son of God. He is the unique, one, and only eternal Creator and Redeemer who united with a human nature nearly two thousand years ago for the salvation of those who are given the faith to trust in Him and the work He is bringing to a completion. For only in His accomplished work on the cross, hope in His resurrection, and granting from His throne of the blessings He merited are believers given the gift of eternal life and enabled to obey Him and all of His ways.

    • This is the birth of the New Age of EnLightenment!

      enlightenment or entitlement?

  2. Good find Rev17

    L’amor che move il sole e l’altre stelle, risposta alla tragedia dell’11 settembre (!)

    • Wow, this is a great find Rev!

      Camilian Demetrescu, “cosmic Embrace” the love that moves the Sun and the other stars, answer to the tragedy of 11 September, tapestry, Vatican, Paul VI Hall, 2001/02 cm 400/245.

      The author has painted many works which adorn the Vatican Hall Paul VI

      Demetrescu attended and hosted the meeting of Rimini since ‘ 83, collaborated for years with the agnostic Mircea Eliade, was a great admirer of Thatcher, then converted to Islam, Rene Guenon, voracious reader of nihilist philosopher Oswald Spengler, a disciple of the modernist Jacques Maritain and admirer of the ultra modernist Hans Urs von Balthasar.

      Camilian Demetrescu (1924-2012)

      Demetrescu was also a brotherly friend and collaborator of Vintilă Horia, Romanian writer, who was also a friend of chameleonic Papini, Theosophist first and then David Albertario modernist docet. Demetrescu he devoted the last twenty years of his life to the study of symbolism, Christian or otherwise, and quite obviously – was – convinced ecumenist.

      of David Chan –

  3. happy 4/20 seek. sorry i’m a little late, but.. you know… 🙂

  4. Rothschild’s, Windsor’s and the Draco’s in Rome The keys to the earth they believe they own. Silver and Golden Gateways


      • This painting is in Venice, he painted it, “Tiziano”. Can you imagine finding this huge painting, in a small museum, crammed with beautiful things, located, almost on the floor, facing it and seeing a tiny little devil, shrouded in evil, stewing, looking at you with a lot of hatred, among the men’s legs of painting?
        I saw it, by then they were restoring the church where the painting normally is. But the story did not end there, I think that devil was transformed and came out behind me, to rebuke me, although I do not know exactly, nor the guard, either, if that devil rebuked me or him, who had also been very kind to me the entrance and also hi was being on the way out, when the devil arrived, full of anger, but dressed like a gentleman in an elegant suit jacket.
        the dark side goes through all the cracks. As you can see, the painting does not have any devil next to the men’s legs.
        I have seen these transformations more times, in the PortoVello market in London, all those who pass by have seen The Snake, or The Serpent shop, and the owner dressed in a kind of harlequin, a very elaborate and outlandish suit.
        we are surrounded by devils and demons

        • Excuse me, I wanted to say: Portobello Market

        • Assumption of the Virgin

          Wow, thanks for sharing rosario7!! Very interesting that he painted her in red.

          PortoVello Market in London is something I think you’ve mentioned before and I couldn’t remember it’s name. Thanks for bringing it up again because I believe it is probably the place called ‘ Diagon Alley’ in the Harry Potter series. That series of books and movies along with her new series, The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, is more than likely based on truths rather than myths.

          We definitely are surrounded by evil, no doubt at all in my mind.

          • Yes intriguedbyr, in this seeker blog, I have mentioned encounters with devils, or demons, and with Lucifer himself.
            I did not read Harry Potter, but I saw the first movie with my little son when he was a child, and I was amazed when I saw the entrance to the world of magic, because everything was, if not exactly the same, very similar to what I saw when I arrived in London for the first time, at Victoria station. I never understood why being a woman the writer, she puts as protagonist a boy, and the station in the book is another one of London that now I do not remember the name.
            All that, and much more, is written in my books.
            When I began to write what ended up being a trilogy, I wanted to show the greatness that the human being contains and ignores as a rule, and that can, get close to God and talk to Him, but after I survived a poisoning, and as my memory recovered, I realized, who was who, and why everything that had been dissociated for many years in my life, now, was linked as a single story, and finally, the evil that I had foreseen stalking all my life, it was discovered, with faces of men and women, and there were many. It took more than five years to recover my health, and my memory regained a lifetime of elimination, while meditating and writing, and how it had also been disrupted over the years; and I was aware that writing my life experiences helped me, both myself and others.
            I started another book to speak to the world of God and love, but I also had to talk about demons, devils, and Lucifer, with their faces of normal people, but with dunghills inside.
            I also discovered that this was an important work that God expected me to do, he had told me, with his own voice, in Heaven, and also on Earth.
            I will expose the books here, again, many people know how to read Spanish, and want to know what, good and evil are made up.

    • brilliant!

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