The Slavic nations search for God..Moscow,Third Rome

“Moscow – the Third Rome” – is a documentary film, where a detailed study of the history of evangelical Christians in the bosom of the official church, since the beginning of X century presented. What were the first monasteries and how the monastic life impacted statehood in Russia? How Christian church was able to survive the Tatar-Mongol invasion? For what ideas in peacetime in Russia tens of thousands of people were killed? How the church became a lever in a secular state? Why the answers to these questions are concealed in our days?

The film features the famous Slavic historians, the current Patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Filaret, Journalist of the first national channel of Russia, Maxim Shevchenko, Acting President of Ukraine in 2014, Alexander Turchinov, Professor UNISA, Johannes Reimer, a writer, a political scientist from the United States, Michael Morgulis and other public and politicians of the United States, Europe and the CIS.
Many historical scenes, interesting respondents, documented facts, raising concerns requiring global attention of the Christian world – all this is in a new documentary film of the “UGOL” studio – “Moscow – Third Rome”.

Though Western Europe and Washington are reluctant to fess up to this unfortunate fact, Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long ago given up even the pretence of being a democratic polity and is openly pursuing policies detrimental to democracy, the rule of law and Western security considerations. In short, Turkey has become an Islamist dictatorship every bit as inimical to Western interests as Iran, except for being allowed by the West to maintain the charade that it is still a member of NATO and the Western community of nations. This is a dangerous charade that will inevitably come back to haunt us. For the reality is that Erdogan the Islamist has ambitions that go beyond Turkey and even the Middle East.  Well known for his admiration for the Ottomans, Erdogan imagines himself as the leader of a new Ottoman Empire based on an Islamized Turkey, but exerting its influence far beyond. Many would dismiss this as an unrealistic pipe dream, and it probably is just that ultimately. But in pursuing it vigorously, Erdogan has already done much damage both in Turkey and abroad. Suffice it to say that Turks who had lived in Germany and the Netherlands for decades, voted for Erdogan in greater percentages (60% and 70% respectively) than voters in Turkey itself in the last referendum.

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  1. “Though Western Europe and Washington are reluctant to fess up to this unfortunate fact, Turkey under Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long ago given up even the pretence of being a democratic polity and is openly pursuing policies detrimental to democracy, the rule of law and Western security considerations. In short, Turkey has become an Islamist dictatorship every bit as inimical to Western interests as Iran, except for being allowed by the West to maintain the charade that it is still a member of NATO and the Western community of nations.”

    Like most mafia families, there is always one man looking to take over the family, and it would appear that Erdogan is the one this time.
    Perhaps this is why there has been such a delay in the reset of the world, an unexpected problem ‘child’ decided to pull a power play that wasn’t in the script?

    My guess is Erdogan will probably not live to be king after all, but will create a lot of death and destruction trying.

    • Better question to me is, who is Erdogan and who is he connected too?

      “Erdoğan was born in 1954 in the Kasımpaşa neighborhood of Istanbul, to which his family had moved from Rize Province. His parents are Ahmet Erdoğan and Tenzile Erdoğan.[25] Erdoğan reportedly said in 2003, “I’m a Georgian, my family is a Georgian family which migrated from Batumi to Rize.”[26][27] But in a 2014 televised interview on the NTV news network, he said, “You wouldn’t believe the things they have said about me. They have said I am Georgian… forgive me for saying this… even much uglier things, they have even called me an Armenian, but I am Turkish.”[28][29] In an account based on registry records, his genealogy was tracked to an ethnic Turkish family.[30]

      Erdoğan spent his early childhood in Rize, where his father Ahmet Erdoğan (1905 – 1988) was a Captain[31] in the Turkish Coast Guard.[32] Erdoğan had a brother Mustafa (b. 1958) and sister Vesile (b. 1965).[31] His summer holidays were mostly spent in Güneysu, Rize, where his family originates from. Throughout his life he often returned to this spiritual home, and in 2015 he opened a vast mosque on a mountaintop near this village.[33] The family returned to Istanbul when Erdoğan was 13 years old”ğan

      Georgian? Maybe, Dönmeh?

      Who he is helps define his life expectancy if he’s a fly in the ointment, as it were.

      • Excellent points Cui Bono. A crypto Sabbatean, wow… now that would surely make a huge difference in his life expectancy indeed lol

        • I find some who achieve notoriety go to great lengths to invent a past, especially those with connections to (((them))). Still not sure on Erdo, but 401’s point below is certainly intriguing. May find more clues in his symbolism.

      • In 1974, he wrote, directed and played the lead role in the play Maskomya, which presented Freemasonry, Communism and Judaism as evil.[41]

        • Those are the supposed enemies of the Roman Catholic Church…very interesting indeed. I wonder if Erdogan is a Jesuit too and he and the pope are working together?

          And what is the real relationship between Erdogan and Fethulah Gulen? Pennsylvania is a Jesuit territory – Scranton – Wharton

          Trump went to Wharton. His son and daughter Georgetown – all Jesuit organizations.

          “Erdogan was close to Gulen for decades, and the two leaders were in common opposition to secular Kemalist forces in Turkey.

          They also shared the goal of transforming Turkey into a state of “Turkish nationalism with a very strong, conservative religiosity” at its core, said Ariel Salzmann, an associate professor of Islamic and world history at Queen’s University in Canada.

          Erdogan and Gulen were “partners in trying to assume power for decades,” Salzmann said. ”

          ran into this doesn’t necessarily have to do with the thread, but it’s an
          Interesting article from Wharton on the Secrets of Jesuit Leadership

      • no fly in the ointment imo .. the Donmeh have ruled Turkey for well over a hundred years serving the purpose of Zionism .. my suspicion is just as Sabbatai Zevi converted to Islam Erdogan reveals his crypto identity initiating a mass muslim conversion to Sabbateanism

        The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret

        Like other leaders who have crossed the Zionists, Sultan Adulhamid II appears to have sealed his fate with the Dönmeh with this statement to his Ottoman court: “Advise Dr. Herzl not to take any further steps in his project. I cannot give away even a handful of the soil of this land for it is not my own, it belongs to the entire Islamic nation. The Islamic nation fought jihad for the sake of this land and had watered it with their blood. The Jews may keep their money and millions. If the Islamic Khalifate state is one day destroyed then they will be able to take Palestine without a price! But while I am alive, I would rather push a sword into my body than see the land of Palestine cut and given away from the Islamic state.” After his ouster by Ataturk’s Young Turk Dönmeh in 1908, Abdulhamid II was jailed in the Donmeh citadel of Salonica. He died in Constantinople in 1918, three years after Ibn Saud agreed to a Jewish homeland in Palestine and one year after Lord Balfour deeded Palestine away to the Zionists in his letter to Baron Rothschild.

  2. The Sabeans/Sabbatean: a demonic sport played by the lawless

    This information is about a small group of other worldly inspired people who have taken control of our government and are fixing votes in Congress. Knowing all this, Rabbi Marvin Antelman in 1974 wrote a book called ‘To Eliminate the Opiate’. He was the Rabbi who ex-communicated Kissinger from Judaism in his rabbinical council in 1974, for his ties to the CFR and his attempt to destroy Israel in the Yom Kippur War. He has been doing this for quite a while.
    His claim was that the Sabbateans – REV 2:9, followers of a false messiah, named Shabtai Tzvi, went underground and have been trying to destroy Israel since the 17th Century. Any Jew who does not accept Shabtai Tzvi as the messiah, has no right to live? It’s that serious. Now, Shabtai Tzvi was born in Smyrna, Turkey.
    And Turkey is important to this… just keep in mind that he was a Turkish Jew. He started a movement that was anti-Jewish. In his movement, ‘messianic days were upon us’ – ‘redemption was upon us’, and in those days, god permitted everything. Everything. This was anti-Judaism. ‘Do not kill.’ – Kill. ‘Do not adulter.’ – Adulter. ‘Do not lie.’ – Lie. It was the opposite of Torah and Talmud, that his movement promulgated. And somehow or another… Oh, by the way. Their chief blessing was: ‘Blessed is he who permits the forbidden.’ That was the main Sabbatean blessing… More than half of world- Jewry bought into this. This thing spread like wildfire. People all over the world sold their homes… a dollar… a penny on a dollar? it didn’t matter. Because ‘the day of redemption was coming’. They [the Jewish people] just sat on hilltops. Because Shabtai Tzvi declared his messiah… declared that he was the messiah? however it’s said, on June 18, 1666. And I’m certain he planned that date, knowing what he was doing. June – the sixth month, 18 is 6 x 3, and 1666 is obvious enough. He knew what he was doing.
    And now it was the period of redemption where the Jews just broke every single law in the Torah, all over the world. And this was carrying on and on. Essentially debauchery became theology. That’s what this ‘messiah’ was teaching. But, then in September of 1666, the Sultan of Turkey had him arrested. He had had enough of this guy. And eventually threatened him with a horrible, long, torturous death unless he renounced his Judaism and turned to Islam. Which he did. And most of Judaism were crushed, fallen, and gave up any belief in Shabtai Tzvi, and went back to being Jews. But not everyone. There was a cult in Turkey – the Donmeh cult, who saw in Shabtai Tzvi’s conversion a message. The message is: ‘We infiltrate Islam and other religions, but keep our Sabbatean beliefs with us at all times.’ They exist to this day – in numbers.

    Sabbatai Zevi taught that when every commandment was violated then the messiah would come .. Sabbateanism is Lawlessness and is the religion of Zionism

    The Man of Lawlessness

    Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, displaying himself as being God. 5 Do you not remember that while I was still with you, I was telling you these things? 6 And you know what restrains him now, so that in his time he will be revealed. 7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. 8 Then that lawless one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming; 9 that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, 10 and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 2 Thessalonians 2

  3. 2002 Iraqi Intel Reported Wahhabis Are of Jewish Origin

    The U.S. Department of Defense has released translations of a number of Iraqi intelligence documents dating from Saddam’s rule. One, a General Military Intelligence Directorate report from September 2002, entitled “The Emergence of Wahhabism and its Historical Roots”, shows the Iraqi government was aware of the nefarious purposes of the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, often known as Salafis, in serving Western interests to undermine Islam….

    In addition to that revealed in the Hempher Memoirs, the Iraqi intelligence report also makes known some surprising claims, derived from works circulated in Arabic which have not been translated into English. As the report recounts, both Abdul Wahhab, and his sponsor, ibn Saud, who founded the Saudi dynasty, were of Jewish origin.
    For example, D. Mustafa Turan wrote, in The Donmeh Jews, that Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab was a descendant of a family of Donmeh Jews from Turkey. The Donmeh were descendants of followers of the infamous false-messiah of Judaism, Shabbetai Zevi, who shocked the Jewish world in 1666 by converting to Islam. …

    Turan maintains that Abdul Wahhab’s grandfather, Sulayman was actually Shulman, having belonged to the Jewish community of Bursa in Turkey. From there he settled in Damascus, where he feigned Islam, but was apparently expelled for practicing sorcery. He then fled to Egypt and he again faced condemnation, so made his way he to the Hijaz, where he got married and fathered Abdul Wahhab. According to the report, the same is claimed in The Donmeh Jews and the Origin of the Saudi Wahabis, Rifat Salim Kabar.
    The notion of the Saudi family being of Jewish heritage has been published by Mohammad Sakher, who, it is claimed, was ordered killed by the regime for his revelations. The report relates a similar account, but from different sources. According The Wahabi Movement/The Truth and Roots, by Abdul Wahhab Ibrahim Al-Shammari, for example, ibn Saud is actually descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim bin Mushi, a Jewish merchant from Basra. Apparently, when he was approached by members from the Arabian tribe of Aniza, then claimed to be one of them, and traveled with them to Najd and his name became Markhan bin Ibrahim bin Musa.
    Additionally, Abdul Wahhab was descended from Wahib Al-Tamimi, so, as reported by al Said Nasir, in The History of the Saud Family, the Saudi ambassador in Cairo, Abdullah bin Ibrahim al Mufaddal, paid Muhammad Al-Tamimi thirty five thousand Jinee in the year 1943, to forge a family tree of the Saudi family and that of Abdul Wahhab, and merge them into one, claiming their origin from the Prophet Mohammed.

  4. you may need another screen ..

    Full list of Marranos Masquerading as Christians

  5. Marranos Everywhere! Christian Kabbalists and the Conquest of the New World

    The Spanish Inquisition and the Expulsion from Spain in 1492, were some of the most pivotal events in modern times. Jewish converts penetrated to Christianity, where they could exact their revenge. Jewish Kabbalists became Christian Kabbalists. When they entered Italy, they fostered the Renaissance, and in Amsterdam, the Northern Renaissance. Luther established Protestantism, creating a schism that permanently removed large sections of Christian Europe from Catholic Control. Rosicrucians cultivated the career of the foremost false prophet and Jewish apostate: Sabbatai Zevi. Leaving from the Netherlands, these secret Rosicrucians, known to American history as the “Pilgrims”, set sail for the New World via England, where they hoped to found a nxew Masonic experiment, known as The New Atlantis.
    In 1290, King Edward issued a decree to have all Jews expelled from England. All the crowned heads of Europe then followed his example. France expelled the Jews in 1306. In 1348 Saxony followed suit. In 1360 Hungary, in 1370 Belgium, in 1380 Slovakia, in 1420 Austria, in 1444 the Netherlands. As in other parts of Europe, violent persecution had been growing in Spain and Portugal, where in 1391, hundreds of thousands of Jews had been forced to convert to Catholicism. Publicly, the Jewish converts known as Marranos, and also as Conversos, were Christians but secretly they continued to practice Judaism.
    While secret conversion of Jews to another religion during the Spanish inquisition is the most known example, as Rabbi Joachim Prinz explained in The Secret Jews, “Jewish existence in disguise predates the Inquisition by more than a thousand years.”[1] There were also the examples of the first Gnostic sects, which comprised of Merkabah mystics who entered Christianity. Likewise, in the seventh century, the Quran advised the early Muslim community, “And a faction of the People of the Scripture say [to each other], “Believe in that which was revealed to the believers at the beginning of the day and reject it at its end that perhaps they will abandon their religion.”

  6. The documentary The Slavic nations search for God..Moscow,Third Rome follows a similar theme although from a Ukraine/Evangelical perspective .. I know very little about the Russian Orthodox church so I am unsure if it is just propaganda .. what I found interesting about the ‘Judaizers’ is the similarity to the early Hebrew Nazarene believers and the division created by emperor Hadrian creating the Roman Christian Church then under Constantine the Nazarenes were condemned as heretics .. the other possibility is they were Crypto Jews

    Sect of Skhariya the Jew


  7. The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews: Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry and Purity-of-Blood Laws in the Early Society of Jesus

    Maryks divides his text into four well-paced chapters. The first provides readers with ‘The Historical Context of Purity-of-Blood Discrimination (1391–1547),’ a detailed standalone introduction to the nature of the ‘New Christian’ problem in Iberia but which should be read in conjunction with MacDonald’s work on the same theme. The second chapter concerns ‘Early Jesuit Pro-Converso Policy (1540–72),’ which demonstrates the intensive manner in which crypto-Jews infiltrated key positions in the Society of Jesus, adapting its ideological positions in accordance with their interests, and eventually establishing a monopoly on top positions that extended to the Vatican.



    It is commonplace to see images of the Double-Headed Eagle as an emblem in Heraldry; as an emblem of Royal Empires such as the Hapsburg Empire as well as the Russian Empire ; and as a fraternal emblem as in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. A “crowned” Double-Eagle is commonplace to see in all of the above settings (especially in Russian Heraldry). However, to see a crowned Double-Eagle (issued by Russia) with The All-Seeing Eye within the delta or Triangle is a true rarity. The above example is the only such example that I have ever seen. It is a Russian Medal, issued by Czar Nicholas I in the year 1849 for the “Pacification of Hungary and Transylvania”. On the obverse is a Radiant Triangle with the Eye of Providence (Almighty God) above crowned Double-Headed eagle, wings upward, shield of armor, with scepter and orb held in its claws.

  9. The Double-Headed Eagle: An Everlasting Symbol of Power

    Identification with Byzantine Empire and Eastern Orthodox Church
    However, it was Christianity that ultimately arrogated the symbol. The now widely-recognized yellow with a black crowned double-headed eagle flag, became the symbol of the Palaiologoi family, the last Greek royal family to rule the Byzantine Empire before the fall of Constantinople in 1453. As already mentioned, after Emperor Michael VIII Palaiologos recaptured Constantinople from the Crusaders in 1261, he adopted the double-headed eagle which symbolized the dynasty’s interests in both Asia and Europe.

    During these two centuries of the dynasty’s reign though, the flag became identified not just with the specific family but with the Empire itself. Additionally, in the eyes of the Byzantines the double-headed eagle gradually became the absolute symbol of Orthodoxy, symbolizing the unity between the Byzantine Orthodox Church and State, which was governed by the principle of “Symphonia”, thus the “symphony” between the civil and the ecclesiastical functions of Byzantine Orthodox society.

    By Bro. Arthur C. Parker, New York

    When our ancient brethren, the holy Crusaders, passed through Byzantium on their way to the tomb of the Saviour, the double-headed eagle which they saw embroidered in gold on heavy banners of silk, borne aloft by the Seljuk Turks, had been four thousand years on its way. To these same Crusaders this emblem was an honoured one, and though the enemy displayed it, yet they would fight to death for its possession and in triumph bear it, dripping with blood, to their encampments on the Levantine shore. It was from this Eastern Empire that the knights took this banner to adorn the courts of Charlemagne, and as a sacred relic hung it in the great cathedrals, whose architects and masons had so often been honoured by this Emperor of the West.

    From whence came this two-headed eagle, and how came it to be associated with Scottish Rite Masonry? The last part of this question is easier to answer than the first, for there is direct testimony that Frederick of Prussia supplied this crest during the formative stages of the Rite, but neither Frederick nor indeed Prussia could claim the exclusive right the use or to bestow it. It is the imperial emblem of Russia, Austria, Serbia and other portions of the disrupted Holy Roman Empire, and Prussia adopted the emblem long after it had flown over Byzantium as the royal arms of the “Emperors of the East and West.”

    But the double-headed eagle is not European in origin for its use depends upon the contact of Europe with Asia Minor, and indeed with trade or warfare with the Turks.

    The Turkish name for this conspicuous emblem is HAMCA, and by this name they call it when they see it carved upon the walls of ancient castles, upon time worn coins or emblazoned upon frayed silken banners in ancient palaces.

    Travellers in Asia Minor, indeed, are surprised by the frequency of the double-headed eagle sculptures upon the castles of the Seljukian Turks, and upon the more ancient monuments of the Hittites, whose civilization was at its height when the Hebrews were wild tribesmen upon the Arabian plains. Among the Hittite ruins in Cappadocia there are several of these notable ruins, an example being described by Perrot and Chipiez, who write:

    “Sculpture, whereby the peculiarities which permit Pterian monuments to be classed in one distinct group, yields richer material to the student. Many are the characteristic details which distinguish it; but none, we venture to say, can vie with the double-headed eagle at Iasill Kaia, a type which we feel justified in ranging among those proper to Cappadocia, since it was unknown to Assyria, Egypt or Phoenicia. Its position is always a conspicuous one, – about a great sanctuary, the principal doorway of a palace, a castle wall, etc., rendering the suggestion that the Pterians used the symbol as a coat of arms plausible if not certain. It has been further urged that the city was symbolized by it, that the palace called by the Greeks Pteris (Pteron, wing) was the literal translation it bore with the Aborigines, that in a comprehensive sense it came to symbolize the whole district, the country of wings, i. e., numerous eagles, double-headed eagles with wings outstretched.”

  11. Sophia Palaiologina, The Last Byzantine Princess

    As the granddaughter of Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos, Zoe now became something of a political pawn of the Pope and the Catholic Church.

    Zoe was born in 1440 or 49. So she could have been as young as 16 years old in 1465 when she came to Rome to see her father.

    Upon her father’s death Zoe and her brothers were adopted by the Pope Paul II. Her Greek name was changed to Sophia. Born to the Orthodox Church it is possible she was raised as a Catholic while living at the Court in Rome.

    Care of the Imperial children was assigned to Cardinal Basilios Bessarion, the Latin Patriarch of Constantinople. Letters show the Pope closely followed the care and education of the children….

    In 1467 the wife died of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow. Pope Paul II viewed this as yet another opportunity to abolish the Orthodox Church and expand the influence of Rome.

    Pope Paul proposed the marriage with Sophia in 1469. The Pope wanted to expand his power, but Ivan was no doubt looking at connecting to the status and rights of Byzantine royalty. The marriage negotiations went on for three years.

    A marriage by proxy was held in Rome on June 1st, 1472. Queen Catherine of Bosnia was one of many who attended. As a dowry Sophia brought 6,000 ducats. There is no record where that money came from. Possibly from the Pope.

    The entourage with Cardinal Bessarion, traveled north through Italy to Germany where she took a ship to Russia. She landed in Tallinn (in modern Estonia). At Pskov she was officially celebrated. It was noted that Sophia personally thanked the public for the celebration. On November 12, 1472 Sophia arrived in Moscow….

    The Pope’s plans fail. Once Sophia reached the safety of Russia she abandoned the Catholic Church and returned to her Orthodox faith. The Papal Legate carrying the Latin cross was not even allowed into Moscow.

    The formal wedding between Ivan and Sophia took place on November 12.

    With Sophia at his side Ivan developed a complicated court ceremony patterned on the Byzantine model. Ivan also began using the title “Tsar and Autocrat.” Both Ivan and his son Vasili started to use the term “Third Rome” when speaking of the Russian nation.

  12. Europeans, Jews, Muslims and the Legacy of Islamic Spain – Part 1: The Jewish Role in the Moorish Invasion and Occupation

    A recent tendency has arisen within the alternative/truth movement, where any criticism of the actions of Muslims at the expense of white Europeans is castigated as shilling for Zionism. This is no matter how much we devote ourselves to the cause of Palestine and opposing the Zionist policies of Western governments against Muslim lands – the very moment we also talk about the leading role of Jews behind the mass-migration of mostly Muslims into Europe and the accompanying Islamist cultural and demographic imperialism at the expense of our peoples, we are attacked despite all our other efforts about Palestine and Syria, or Libya and Iraq, or against drone bombings against Afghans, Pakistanis and Yemenis, or against the IMF/World Bank looting of “third world” peoples.

    Such people reveal their personal cultural bias, which is that their opposition to Zionism is only when its directed against their own people – they are more than willing to either deny or, in some cases, actively support Zionist crimes against white Europeans – especially when it comes to benefitting from the environment of Political Correctness that would ensure laws against any criticism of Muslims, much like the thought-crime laws against “anti-Semitism”. While we know the role of Western governments against other peoples, with a history of imperialism that benefitted the ruling elites and banking dynasties, history is also rife with examples of Jews supporting and using Muslims against Europeans. The most well-known example is the Moorish invasion and occupation of Spain and Portugal, and by highlighting this aspect of history I am asserting my identity unapologetically, como un hijo de Castilla y España….

    The North African Origins of Jews in Spain

    Identified as a westernmost land in the Bible (Obadiah 1:20), Sepharad is the Hebrew name for Spain and alludes to the historical links between Jews of the Iberian Peninsula with those of North Africa. Jewish historian Salo Baron identified many of these Jews as descendants of Carthaginian converts: “If, as seems to have been the case, a large number of former Phoenicians and Carthaginians had joined the Jewish community with conversion, they must have brought some of their commercial skills and contacts into their new communities.”(1) Professor Shlomo Sand, the Tel Aviv University historian who established the convert (i.e., non-Hebrew) origins of modern Jewish communities, traced the origins of Sephardic Jews with Carthaginians and Berber tribes that had converted to Judaism. As he said in an interview with an Israeli newspaper:

    “I asked myself how such large Jewish communities appeared in Spain. And then I saw that Tariq ibn Ziyad, the supreme commander of the Muslims who conquered Spain, was a Berber, and most of his soldiers were Berbers. Dahia al-Kahina’s Jewish Berber kingdom had been defeated only 15 years earlier. And the truth is there are a number of Christian sources that say many of the conquerors of Spain were Jewish converts. The deep-rooted source of the large Jewish community in Spain was those Berber soldiers who converted to Judaism.”(2)

    Jews Welcomed and Aided the Moorish Invasion

    Many Jewish scholars and historians have affirmed the valuable aid which Jews of the Iberian Peninsula gave to the Moorish invaders in 711.(4) This was confirmed by the Jewish Encyclopedia: “It remains a fact that the Jews, either directly or through their coreligionists in Africa, encouraged the Mohammedans to conquer Spain and that they greeted them as their deliverers.”(5) The conquering Moors entrusted the occupation of Córdoba to local Jews, and Granada, Málaga, Sevilla and Toledo to mixed garrisons of local Jews and Moorish troops….

    Jewish aid was crucial in freeing up countless Moorish troops to conquer nearly the entirety of the Iberian Peninsula. The example of Toledo, when Jews flung open the gates of the city while the Christian inhabitants were preoccupied in their holy procession at San Locadia Church, illustrates why even such a historian as Francisco Cantera Burgos, whose work was far from unsympathetic toward Jews, said the Jews of Spain constituted a “fifth column” during the invasion.(7) Citing Moorish works, Pascual de Gayangos observed that Jews invited the Moors to invade and afterward “everywhere made common cause with them.”(8)

    The original Moorish invasion force that defeated the Visigoths at Guadalete included a continent of Jewish troops from North Africa under the command of Kaula al-Yehudi, and throughout the occupation the Moorish rulers encouraged Jewish immigration from elsewhere as part of their counterbalancing the indigenous population.(9) Whereas now its mostly Jewish social-engineers and bankers promoting the mass-migration of Muslims into Europe, then it was Muslim Moors who promoted the mass-migration of Jews to dilute and serve as a counterbalance to the indigenous Iberian peoples. Their motive was described by the Argentine Muslim academic Ricardo H. Elía: “Muslims acknowledged that Jews were true believers and their natural allies in the cause of the one God.”(10)

    Israeli scholar Gideon Libson described a two-way process of influence between Jewish Halacha and Islamic Shari’a codes: A feedback model where the Talmudic system first impacted Islam, which at a later stage left its imprint on Talmudic law. He drew comparisons between the shared etymology between “Halacha” and “Shari’a”; how both expand upon a book with an oral tradition, Talmud and Hadith; and how these two law structures are all-comprehensive. Judaism developed from contact in Muslim lands such as Moorish Andalusia: “In fact the two religions are so close in terms of their structure that the tenth-century rabbinic leader Saadia Gaon would unselfconsciously refer to Jewish law as sharia, to the prayer leader in a synagogue as an imam and the direction in which Jews faced when praying as qibla.”(45)

  13. Turkey, Ukraine plan secret jihad to reclaim Crimea from Russia

    The militant Crimean Tatar leaders — Refat Chubarov and Mustafa Dzhemilev — were part of President Poroshenko’s official delegation and joined him and Ukrainian senior officers in visiting the Crimean Tatar Battalion. Significantly, Poroshenko brought with him Ukrainian uniforms for the graduating Crimean Tatars. The Turkish military committed to providing the unit with weapons and other military equipment…

    Senior Turkish Intelligence officials acknowledge that Erdoğan’s “Ankara has been dreaming for long of occupying Crimea again, which was lost during Russian-Turkish wars”…

    As well, Ankara is expecting Riyadh to provide lavish funding, albeit through deniable third parties and individuals. Erdoğan is convinced he has the commitments of both King Salman bin ‘Abd al-’Aziz al Sa’ud and the all-important Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister.
    The Turkish military and intelligence services would provide all the weapons and other military equipment through deniable fronts.
    In the first phase, the security firm was tasked to formulate for, and present to, Erdoğan “important security master plans for the war” throughout the Turkic world. Erdoğan wants to create an “Army of Islam” which would spread his neo-Ottomanism and pan-Turkism. The master plans would include specific plans for specialized training for the various jihadists of this “Army of Islam” who would spread the pan-Turkic jihad.
    The company was to quickly take over a few training camps currently used by the Turkish military and intelligence services in order to train jihadists for both Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State/Caliphate. They will introduce their own highly experience trainers and experts as well as retain some of the current staff as “volunteers”. The company would continue to train the jihadists for the al-Sham front, but would increasingly focus on highly special training for jihadist from 34 Sunni Islamic nations.

  14. Turkish Newspaper Close To President Erdogan Calls To Form Joint Islamic Army To Fight Israel

    On December 12, 2017, ahead of the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul, the Turkish daily Yeni Şafak, which is close to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ruling AKP party, published an article titled “A Call for Urgent Action,”[1] which also appeared on the paper’s website under the title “What If an Army of Islam Was Formed against Israel?”[2] The article called on the 57 member states of the OIC to form a joint “Army of Islam” to besiege and attack the state of Israel. It notes that such a joint army will greatly exceed the Israeli army in manpower, equipment and budget, and presents statistics to prove this. It also advocates establishing joint bases for the army’s ground, air and naval forces that will arrive from all over the Muslim world to besiege Israel, while noting that Pakistan, as the only nuclear country, has “a special status” among the OIC countries. An interactive map provides information on military forces stationed in various locations and the role they can play in the potential joint Muslim attack on Israel.


  16. The Dönmes: Crypto-Jews under Turkish Rule


  18. Armenia Heats Up As The Proxy War Continues

  19. The Creation of Israel and Plans on Armenia – London, Versailles, and San Remo Conferences

    Armenia on the Maps of the Ottoman Empire

  20. Turkey Calls on Europe to Criminalize “Islamophobia”

  21. Russian Orthodox Church Splits From Constantinople After Patriarchate Grants Ukrainian Church Independence From Moscow, FM Lavrov Blasts Patriarch Bartholomew Of Constantinople For Conniving With Washington

    • thanks, Rev.

      irony that precisely Kiev was the place where the christian religion entered & created the Russian civilisation more than 1000 ago..

  22. Russian Orthodox Church Splits With Constantinople After Patriarchate Grants Ukrainian Church Independence Part II – Presidents Of Belarus And Moldova Back Russian Orthodox Church In Fray

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