Images 22/4/18

look at the gift he got from beck..

enough said..

research this company..

they do these things..

i thought this was a hoax page..but its not..stunning hypocrisy..


great information..

gary numan back cover..from the early 80’s..

and more..

and some more..


dont think..just do..

click to enlarge and explore..

iphone eye..

soccer star batshuayi..

beyonce and jay..riding a motorbike with you do..

its not rocket science..sick, evil people go where they can do their evil as easily as possible..


~ by seeker401 on April 23, 2018.

7 Responses to “Images 22/4/18”

  1. The Mormon Glen Beck apparently has no problems with being a Free Mason.

  2. gary numan/the pleasure principle was my first real concert. he drove a little cart around on stage inbetween the slowly spinning pyramids….

  3. LUCIFERIAN ORIENT-RITE-LODGE inParis is all-Egyptian

  4. a bit of laugh…a famous soccer player of the Spanish La Liga (a great person btw) challenges Jennifer Lopez to dance her new song “El anillo” (the ring) better than him, lol

    774000 viewers in 14 hours…

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