The Los Lunas Hebrew inscription

The above inscription is very unique for several reasons. First, it is written in an ancient Hebrew script. Second it is located near the small town of Los Lunas in the State of New Mexico, USA. Third, the inscription is of the “Ten Commandments”.

Who Really Discovered America?

Further proof that transatlantic travel and communication existed in the Bronze Age, in the middle of the second millennium B.C., during the time of David and Solomon, and before, comes to us from South America.

In 1872 a slave belonging of Joaquim Alves de Costa, found a broken stone tablet in the tropical rain forests of Brazil’s Paraiba state. Baffled by the strange markings on the stone, Costa’s son, who was a draftsman, made a copy of it and sent it to the Brazilian Emperor’s Council of State. The stone came to the attention of Ladislau Netto, director of the national museum. He was convinced of the inscription’s autthenticity and made a crude translation of it. Contemporary scholars scoffed. The very thought of Phoenicians reaching Brazil thousands of years before Columbus was viewed with disdain. Few scholars took the stone at all seriously.

In 1966 Dr. Jules Piccus, professor of romance languages at the University of Massachusetts, bought an old scrapbook at a rummage sale containing a letter written by Netto in 1874, which contained his translations of the markings on the stone and a tracing of the original copy he had received from Costa’s son. Intrigued, Dr. Piccus brought the material to the attention of Cyrus H. Gordon. Dr. Gordon, the head of the Department of Mediterranean Studies at Brandeis and an expert in ancient Semitic languages, as well as author of some 13 books, was amazed. He compared the Paraiba inscription with the latest work on Phoenician writings. He discovered that it contained nuances and quirks of Phoenician style that could not have been known to a 19th century forger. The writings had to be genuine!

Gordon translated the inscription as follows: “We are Sidonian Canaanites from the city of the Mercantile King. We were cast up on this distant shore, a land of mountains. We sacrificed a youth to the celestial gods and goddesses in the nineteenth year of our mighty King Hiram and embarked from Ezion-geber into the Red Sea. We voyaged with ten ships and were at sea together for two years around Africa. Then we were separated by the hand of Baal and were no longer with our companions. So we have come here, twelve men and three women, into New Shore. Am I, the Admiral, a man who would flee? Nay! May the celestial gods and goddesses favor us well!”

The Navy of King Solomon

Cyrus Gordon believes the king mentioned in the script can be identified as Hiram III who reigned 553-533 B.C. The inscription seems to verify an unusual statement found in the Old Testament. An ancient Biblical chronicler wrote:

“And king Solomon made a navy of ships in Ezion-geber, which is beside Eloth, on the shore of the Red sea, in the land of Edom. And Hiram sent in the navy his servants, shipmen that had knowledge of the sea, with the servants of Solomon. And they came to Ophir, and fetched from thence gold, four hundred and twenty talents, and brought it to king Solomon” (I Kings 9:26-28).


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fascinating stuff..and who is to say its impossible?

this is also very interesting from 2010:


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  1. don’t you worry… All bibles will be banned!

  2. The Los Lunas Hebrew Inscription is considered a hoax by some scholars based on ‘errors’ in the script .. apparently the first commandment was followed by the third commandment then the second commandment was inserted between the first and third .. my immediate thought was .. ‘ok this guy wasn’t Moses’ but on second thought, I would have some difficulty myself listing the ten commandments .. the other errors are the fact that the translation is not word for word what is found in the bible .. that suggests it was written from memory imo .. although it remains a challenge to believe it raises an interesting question ..
    Who are the Lost Tribes? .. we know who they are not .. we have thoroughly researched the counterfeit .. although there are many possibilities .. can we discover the authentic Lost Tribes?

    Ten Lost Tribes

    The twelve tribes
    Biblical apocrypha
    New Testament
    Religious beliefs
    Ethnology and anthropology
    Groups which claim descent from the tribes
    Bene Israel
    Bnei Menashe
    Beta Israel of Ethiopia
    Igbo Jews
    Pakhtun/Pashtun of Afghanistan and Pakistan
    Sefwi Tribe in Ghana
    Speculation regarding other ethnic groups
    Scythian/Cimmerian theories
    Native Americans
    British Israelism

  3. The inscription is too much amidst a void. There is not enough context to provide any accurate or plausible scenario, let alone dating. Though some branches of Mormonism would probably spend more time on it in order to affirm some their false beliefs. Undoubtedly any other time spent on it may be fruitful and it would be helpful to have context to provide more plausibility, but it leaves too much up to the imagination to convey anything solid in my opinion.

    • I guess if someone found the broken tablets on Mt. Sinai they would come to the same conclusion .. its a real curiosity no one has been able to prove either way

      Theory of Phoenician discovery of the Americas

      • I agree about the Mt. Sinai also. It might seem like a slam dunk if found there, because of the Bible, etc. Yet without material context it could have been placed there to affirm anybody’s understanding.

        Anything outside Scripture is never proven with 100% certainty, and even the certainty of Scripture takes supernatural power to confirm in ones own life – the Holy Spirit Himself. The brain in the vat is a good contemporary example of a philosophy that undercuts any sensory experience to be an illusion. Whereas empirical science, to have the material data in ones own hand or under the microscope, seems to be so solid, but people misinterpret hard evidence sometimes, too.

        This was taken from the link you gave:

        “In the 1960s, Cyrus H. Gordon believed the inscription to be genuine and created a translation which begins, “We are Sidonian Canaanites from the city of the Mercantile King …” The inscription’s letter forms are variations that individually occurred and disappeared over a span of 800 years and so the confluence in a single piece of writing verifies the inscription as a hoax.”

        Yet in the article seeker blogged was this:

        “He discovered that it contained nuances and quirks of Phoenician style that could not have been known to a 19th century forger.”

        Both make tough competing observations.

        • 1These also are proverbs of Solomon which the men of Hezekiah, king of Judah, transcribed.
          2It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.

          Proverbs 25

  4. The baffling Piri Reis Map of 1513: It showed Antarctica centuries before discovery, but without its ice cap

    Late in 1929, Gustav Deissmann, a German theologian, was working in Istanbul at the Topkapi Palace Library. While cataloging antique items he found a gazelle-skin parchment in a stack of discarded items. This parchment had a map drawn on it, and Deissmann was amazed to see that it appeared to show the outline of South America. He rescued the parchment, which is now known as the Piri Reis Map.
    The map he studied had been drawn and signed in 1513 by Turkish cartographer Hagii Ahmed Muhiddin Piri, also known as Piri Reis. In addition to being a cartographer, Piri Reis served in the Turkish navy, for which he held the rank of admiral. He stated that he had used 20 different maps and charts as his source documents. Eight of them were Ptolemaic maps (maps of the known world according to the 2nd century Hellenistic or Greek society), four were Portuguese maps, one was an Arabic map, and one was drawn by Christopher Columbus.

    This simple piece of preserved gazelle skin has been the basis of intense controversy in the world of cartography. For one thing, the map appears to show Antarctica almost 300 years before it was discovered. Not only does it show Antarctica, but the continent is drawn as a land mass as it would have appeared before it was covered with its ice cap over 6,000 years ago.

  5. the history could not at all be what we’ve been told it is…

    article in Boston Globe, 1991! ,

    very interesting link about the great canyon, seek, thanks


    chachapoyans / euro-quechua:


    prof. Hans Griffon, “Chachapoya: Was America discovered in ancient times”

    The lost warriors of Cartagena

    chachapoya, kuelap, karajia…

  7. People in Illinois have found ancient Egyptian artifacts in caves in the southern part of the state. I often wonder if past pole shifts were the cause, or the continental drift. I can’t remember where I saw it, but I did see a map once that was over layed to show how the continents fit like a puzzle piece back together again. Some days, I think that is what the powers that be are trying to do – put it all back the way it was originally created, by building ‘land bridges’ etc. 🙂 That would make them little gods as well.

    Also, the wealthy ‘ones’ of the ‘royal’ bloodlines are known to change the name of countries at will, or conveniently, as they did with Israel, they named a country after the biblical name of the ones chosen by the Creator as his, those who love and worship the Creator Father. In my opinion, we don’t KNOW that much of any of history is factual, it’s just what we’ve been TOLD, and that’s why we have to question everything.

    • ” In my opinion, we don’t KNOW that much of any of history is factual, it’s just what we’ve been TOLD, and that’s why we have to question everything.”

      New Graham Hancock the Evidence Mainstream Archaeology Does Not Want You to See

  8. At the moment I can not continue translating the book into English, Cross the Stripe, I have to write the present urgently, I hope to help …
    Maria knows Spanish, and my books are very affordable, and it is the medium that I have found for spreading the truth, even if nobody helps me or promotes me, I keep working as I can, and I am giving valuable information. God knows what is happening and who wants to help.
    17,000 years ago, Viracocha arrived with tribes from northern Europe, but in “America” ​​he was also known as, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Pacal … Jesus, first was an architect, and Lucifer and his minions, Baal, etc., have always come back destroying and usurping
    God wanted me to witness, at first hand, witness to the sublime, and the destruction of the sublime, and for me it has been painful and devastating, and getting here has not been easy, but very satisfying, and I give thanks to God, for as much as he has granted me over the years: to see the truth, to find love, to find Jesus, his angels, and many, many humans … although I also had to face sinister ones, because they are all around stalked continuously and these are many.
    Discover … or they, devastate and distort the history of the Earth?
    God wants truth and love:

    • your book is on my reading list, Rosario!
      God bless!

      • maria, the book was written to be available to everyone.
        Thank God I got it out, and next June will be 10 years after its publication on paper.
        I started writing the past wrapped up in the future, and thank God I know I will complete, this future wrapped up in the past. The present that we have is a consequence of our past. We live as in a kind of continuous present, in a single story, and together we have been composing the history of the Earth. But beware because the adversaries of love care deeply that the human being lives without a past without a present and without a future.

  9. Testimony from the American Indians

    James Adair is the earliest source information concerning the American Indians. He observed several Israelite characteristics in the southern American Indians.
    James Adair was a backwoods preacher that lived and traded with the Southern Indians some forty years; he was called, by various writers, an Englishman, a Scotchman, and an Irishman. He was of a noble birth, whose family was of Earldom. His book was first published in London in 1775, and the main reason he wrote this book was to give evidence to show that the Indians were the lost tribes of Israel.

    James Adair, throughout his book, notes the set-apart name used by these American Indians as Yo He Wah. Josiah Priest, in his book American Antiquities p. 76 bears out that this was from the Choctaw and Florida Indians.
    I remember attending a Feast of Tabernacles down in Kerrville, Texas where we had a formal reading of the book of Deuteronomy, where persons would take turns reading from the Scriptures. When the readers came to capital LORD (which indicates in the King James Version where the tetragrammaton originally appeared in the Hebrew Scriptures), some readers would say Yahweh, while others would say YAHUWAH, but when one sister came to it, she was uncertain of the correct pronunciation, so she would simply say the four letters “Yod He Vav He”. Later on she began using “Yod He Waw He”. To me, it sounded much like what Adair heard, possibly through time the three letters “Yod He Waw” turned into Yo He Wah.

    Another statement by Adair is worth noting:
    “It is plain that where the Indians have not been corrupted by foreigners, their customs and religious worship are nearly alike; and also that every different tribe, or nation of Indians, uses such-like divine proper name, and awful sounds, as Yah-WahHetovah,&c. being transpositions of the divine essential name, as our northern Indians often repeat in their religious dances.
    As the sound of Yah-wah jarred in Laudon’s ear, he called it Java, in resemblance to the Syriac and Greek method of expressing the tetragrammaton, from which Galatinus imposed it upon us, calling it Jehowah, instead of Yohewah.” History of the American Indians p. 218

    Notice in the above statement the word “Java”, a Syriac and Greek way of expressing the tetragrammaton. The Syriac nor Greek have the letter “J” in their alpha-beta, nor do they have a “V”! It must have been a modem way of expressing it, just as the translators of the Ante-Nicene Fathers put “Jave” in the text of an early Greek writer. The reason for bringing this out, is that YAHUWAH would be transliterated correctly into Greek as Ioua instead of Iaue, as Josephus related to the Greeks, which he did say consisted of “four vowels”, which leaves out the “J” and the “V”!

    To this day the Cherokee call the Creator “Yowa”, which does resemble “Iowa”, which would be a short form. J.C. Beltrami called the Iowa river the YAHOWA10 river, interesting to say the least.

  10. Native American YHWH

    Native American YHWH

    Many don’t realize that the Native American Indians (studies pertain to the Eastern Tribes) knew YHWH’s (Yahu’s) name before others came to this land.

    YHWH’s (Yahu’s) name is all through history, songs, stories and ways of life. Studies pertain to the E.Shawnee, E.Cherokee, Powhatan, Hopewell and Fort Ancients.

  11. I dunno. Most hebrew archaeology, in Israel anyway, is super fake. but it’s also true that jews (or whatever they were back then) went all over the place.

  12. The Myth of the Ten Lost Tribes

    The discovery of the American continent with its various populations generated among the Jews and the Christians alike a number of speculations about the supposed Israelite origin of the American Indians…

    In South America the hypothesis connecting the American Indians to the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel was advanced mainly by Spanish missionaries and travellers while coming across impressive archaeological remains of the pre-Columbian civilizations or investigating the way of life of local tribes believed to recognize various costumes and beliefs that they related to the Bible and Judaism. Most reports referred to native tribes living in regions that today are part of Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru, but also in the countries of Central America, especially Mexico. Among the prominent expositors of those theories a mention should be made of Father Diego Duran (d.c.1588), author of The Aztecs: the History of the Indies of New Spain

    I cant copy and paste but on first page Diego is obviously convinced the Mexicans are Hebrews

    The Aztecs: the History of the Indies of New Spain – 1588

  13. The lost tribes and the Saxons of the East and of the west, with new views of Buddhism, and translations of rock-records in India

  14. An historical account of ten tribes, settled beyond the river Sambatyon in the East; with many other curious matters relating to the state of the Israelites in various parts of the world

  15. Lots of these accounts seemed centered on biology, which I do not have a problem with. There are early migrations, not just after Adam, but after the flood and then after the Tower of Babel, but even later, such as the Assyrian invasion, etc. What about cultural influence, especially in the context of apostasy? For example, Ham was a son of Noah, knew God, but evidence points to he was not really a believer. Yet what Ham knew, he would have taken with him when he settled the lands Canaan. Holding traditions is like holding a habit. They do not go away very easily. Apostasy would mean (some) traditions held, but those traditions not understood.

    I think John Owen’s recently translated (year 2000-something) “Biblical Theology” is an interesting take on the matter. He only completed the writing within the scope of the Old Testament, which is sufficient especially since extra-Biblical records pre-New Testament tend to be more scant.

  16. As the 70th anniversary of the counterfeit state of Israel approaches on May 14, 2018 we are likely to begin hearing more about the discovery and return of the Lost Tribes as claimed by various groups from many parts of the world .. this is all part of the engineered End Time Prophetic script .. I find it interesting that the Queen has announced her own demise and the potential crowning of King Charles .. the British Royal Family claims to reign from the Throne of David .. British Israelites are a powerful voice within the Hebrew Roots Movement .. King David formed an alliance with Hiram Phoenician King of Tyre, in order to secure materials to build the temple from all over the known world and even though its possible Phoenicians/Cannanites may have traveled as far as the Americas just as ‘the sun never set on the British Empire’ .. I have serious doubts anyone can claim to be an authentic Lost Tribe ..

    The Jewish historian Josephus (37–100 CE) wrote that “the ten tribes are beyond the Euphrates till now, and are an immense multitude and not to be estimated in numbers”
    Peter writing around 60 AD to the Lost Tribes confirms their location .. Pontus is located beyond the Euphrates but they were in fact dispersed all over Anatolia modern day Turkey

    1Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ, To the elect, exiles of the Dispersion throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia

    The Apostle James bishop of Jerusalem makes it clear in his letter that all Twelve Tribes were Lost not only Ten

    ‘James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, To the twelve tribes in the Dispersion’

    British Israel claims the exiled ‘Lost Tribes’ eventually merged with the Scythians then with the Khazars thus legitimizing the Ashkenazi Jew claim to be the Tribe of Judah ..


    the following is a great article by David Livingstone .. long but well worth reading the entire article

    The goal devised by these Kabbalists has since been the installation of their “messiah” as world leader, who, according to their interpretation of the Bible, is to be of line of King David. Since that time, to preserve this purported lineage, until the advent of their expected leader, these Luciferians have been carefully intermarrying amongst each other, and have included among them many of the leading figures of history. They begin with a Persian Royal family, who intermarried with that of Alexander the Great. By combining with that of Herod the Great, these families were responsible for the creation and dissemination of the leading mystery school of the Roman Empire, the Mysteries of Mithras, which eventually succeeded in co-opting the emerging Christian movement, by producing Catholic Christianity….

    It was at this time that this European branch of the family recombined with others from Eastern Europe and Armenia. These Eastern aristocracies derived from the enigmatic Khazars, who had populated southern Russia and the Basin of the Don River, and who, in the eighth century AD, had converted to Judaism. Legend has it, however, that the Khazars were remnants of the Lost Tribes. Armenia, just across the Caucasus, was another locale of these supposed Lost Tribes. It was the intermarriage and perpetuation of these aristocratic bloodlines that were being referred to in the heraldic symbols of the lily, the rose, the double-headed eagle, and the skull and crossbones….


    Although, the ten tribes, excepting Judah and Benjamin, have popularly been considered “lost” ever since, in ancient Jewish sources, their existence was well-known. According to Josephus, “…the Ten Tribes who are beyond the Euphrates till now, and are an immense multitude, whose numbers cannot be estimated.”[4] Similarly, the Apocrypha presume to also know their location. In the Fourth Book of Ezra, the Ten Tribes were said to have been carried by Hosea, a prophet in Israel in the eighth century BC, to the Euphrates, at the narrow passages of the river, from which they went on for a journey of a year and a half to a place called “Arzareth”.[5]
    This would have taken them to the land of the Scythians, whom Josephus and others have identified them as the ancestors of Gog and Magog, among whom they would have been absorbed. According to Herodotus, the Scythians emerged from beyond the Euphrates across the Armenian river, Araxes, a river that borders Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan.[6] The Scythians were an Iranian-speaking people, who had come from the northern shore of the Black Sea and invaded Armenia and Asia Minor. The Scythians first appear in Assyrian annals as Ishkuzai, related to the modern term “Ashkenazi”, from Ashkenaz, who was the son of Magog’’s brother Gomer.
    The most significant Scythian tribes mentioned in the Greek sources resided in the basin of the Don river, just north of the Crimea, from where they invaded Armenia and Cappadocia, to become allies of the early Mede rulers.[7] In the time of Herodotus, the Cappadocians occupied the whole region from the Black Sea to the Taurus mountains, in eastern Turkey, from which the Euphrates River descends into Syria.
    Certain etymologies propose that the word Scythians, from “Sacae”, in turn is derived from “Isaac Sons” or “Sons of Isaac.” Isaac, Abraham’s son, had two sons, Jacob, the father of the nation of Israel, and Esau, the forefather of the Edomites.
    Certain etymologies propose that the word Scythians, from “Sacae”, in turn is derived from “Isaac Sons” or “Sons of Isaac.” Isaac, Abraham’’s son, had two sons, Jacob, the father of the nation of Israel, and Esau, the forefather of the Edomites. In the Bible, Esau was tricked out of his birthright, the leadership of Israel, by his brother Jacob. Esau was a red haired, or “red all over like a hairy garment”, and called Edom, which means red.15 Likewise, the Scythians, according to Herodotus, “have all deep blue eyes, and bright red hair.” The legend persisted, such that, during the Middle Ages, German Jews regarded southern Russia and Central Asia as the location of the Lost Tribes, known to them as Red Jews, and identified with Gog and Magog.In addition to the so-called “Lost Tribes”, in the History of the Nation of Archers, by Armenian historian of the thirteenth century, Grigor Akner, corroborated the legend that the Scythians were Edomites:

  17. Every Claim Under The Sun

    Every claim under the sun has been made for the “Lost Ten Tribes.” A distinguished seventeenth-century Hebrew scholar, Manasseh Ben Israel (1604 – 1657) of Amesterdam, considered emigrating to Brazil after publishing his findings that he had discovered the Lost Ten Tribes in South America (in Ecuador, to be specific ). (Some natives even recited the “Shema” in Hebrew to him, and told him through an interpreter that they were Israelites descended from the tribe of Ruben, and he believed them). The Red Karene tribes of Burma, discovered by Baptist missionaries, were supposed to be the Lost Tribes (they worshipped a god named “Ywwah” and “looked like Jews”).
    In 1819 it was reported that some Afgan clans called themselves “Usofzais” or “Josephites” and claimed Israelite ancestry, at least for their chieftains. They claimed ancestry from Kish, the father of Saul. This was popularized in a book in 1841 by Asahel Grant which claimed the Nestorians and the Yezidi tribe of devil worshippers of Afghanistan were the Lost Ten Tribes. Before long some Europeans decided the whole Afghan people represented “the lost ten tribes.”

    In the universe of the old Worldwide Church of God and its successor groups, the Anglo Saxons and most other peoples in Europe are Israelites …

    The Cimmerians, after being driven west by the Scythians, flourished briefly in Asia Minor but their power seems to have been broken in 637 BC by the Scythians. Although the Cimmerians are first mentioned in written records in 714 BC, the continuity between Cimmerian material culture ( Early Scythian ) and Central Asian antecedents argues that the Cimmerians existed before the House of Israel went into captivity.
    In conclusion, there is every evidence, including biblical, that Cimmerians were biblical “Japheth” peoples, related to Scythians, and had nothing to do with Israelites. No ancient historian, nor the Bible,
    Knows of Cimmerian/Israel identity or a Scythian/Israel identity. There is nothing indicating this in Assyrian records.

  18. Regathering the Lost Tribes ..

  19. Prophetic Fulfillment: Regathering the Lost Tribes of Israel

    Since the Assyrians invaded their land and led them into captivity in 722 B.C., the whereabouts of the northern tribes of Israel has remained one of the great mysteries of antiquity. Unlike those in the southern kingdom of Judah, who returned to Jerusalem and rebuilt the Temple after 70 years in captivity under the Babylonians (586-516 B.C.), there is no record in the Bible of the northern tribes ever returning…

    The Jews of Ethiopia
    Isaiah 11:11 says, “In that day the Lord shall set His hand again the second time to recover the remnant of His people, who shall be left, from Assyria, from Egypt, from Pathros, from Cush, from Elam, from Shinar, from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.”
    What’s referred to as Cush in the ancient Scriptures is likely modern-day Ethiopia. According to ancient tradition, Ethiopia’s Jewish connection goes back to the time of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. A 14th-century document known as the Kebra Nagast (“The Glory of the Kings”) records that Solomon and Sheba had a son named Menelik I, who later returned to Ethiopia with his family and the Ark of the Covenant.
    Others believe that Jews from the exodus made their way up the Nile and eventually settled in Ethiopia. Most historians, however, believe their presence in Ethiopia is post-exilic and traces back to the Roman dispersion of Jews migrating from Yemen to the horn of Africa. Whatever history is correct, we do have the account of Phillip’s encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch (Acts 8:26-39), who was led to faith not from paganism but from Judaism.
    Known as the Beta Israel (House of Israel), the Ethiopian Jews were officially recognized by the State of Israel in 1973. In fact, the Israeli government conducted two dangerous operations to bring them to Israel: Operation Moses, which took place over a period of seven weeks in 1984-85, during which 8,000 Ethiopian Jews were brought to Israel. Operation Solomon, a covert airlift, was conducted in 1991 and brought 14,500 Ethiopian Jews to Israel over a 24-hour period. Sadly, thousands of the Beta Israel identified as Falasha Mura (converts to Christianity) were left behind…

    The Bnei Menashe of India
    Near the border between eastern India and Myanmar are the two Indian states of Manipur and Mizoram. Within these lives an ancient community called the Bnei Menashe, believed to be descended from the lost tribe of Manasseh. Oral history holds that they were captured by Assyria along with the rest of the northern tribes of Israel and eventually landed in China. Then, in the second century, they migrated to India in the wake of Chinese persecution. Many converted to Christianity in the 19th century through the work of Welsh Presbyterian missionaries…

    The Lemba of Zimbabwe
    God made good on His promise to scatter the children of Israel to the uttermost parts of the world. Perhaps nowhere is that more evidenced than in the remote bush of Zimbabwe, where we’ve often had to wait to land our six-seater prop plane until zebras exited the clearing we use as a makeshift runway. Here we’ve found the Lemba, a tribe numbering over 70,000 and spread throughout Zimbabwe and parts of South Africa.
    In a recent DNA study, 70 percent of the Lemba sampled possessed the Cohanim gene (from an ancient Jewish priestly line­)—a higher percentage than both Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews sampled. This finding has generated significant interest among the Jewish community and strongly supports their 800-year claim to be descendants of Aaron the high priest…

    The Yibir of Somaliland
    Through a dear friend, Gerald Gotzen, I heard about a mystical tribe of people in Somaliland called the Yibir. The Yibir—whose name, some believe, derives from the word Hebrew—were forced to convert to Islam many years ago yet have secretly retained their Jewish identity…

    The Igbo of Nigeria
    In the central-western African country of Nigeria lives a tribe of the Igbo people who call themselves the Bnei Yisrael. They believe themselves to be descended from the lost tribes of Gad, Zebulun, Manasseh, Dan, Asher and Naphtali. Numbering some 30,000, the Bnei Yisrael observe many biblical feasts and maintain the dietary laws and other commandments of the Torah.

  20. The Regathering Deception

    The false Regathering is part of the End Time script ..

    The prophesied Regathering of all 12 tribes was fulfilled on the Day of Pentecost ..

    Now there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews, devout men from every nation under heaven. 6 And at this sound the multitude came together, and they were bewildered, because each one was hearing them speak in his own language. 7 And they were amazed and astonished, saying, “Are not all these who are speaking Galileans? 8 And how is it that we hear, each of us in his own native language? 9 Parthians and Medes and Elamites and residents of Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, 10 Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya belonging to Cyrene, and visitors from Rome, 11 both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabians—we hear them telling in our own tongues the mighty works of God.” Acts 2

    The early church consisted of people from the house of Israel and the house of Judah, who accepted Jesus as their promised Messiah.
    In Acts 2:36, Peter said, “Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly that God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ.”
    3,000 Israelites repented and were baptized that day; and the Lord added daily those who were being saved.
    Can you now see that the regathering of the house of Israel and the house of Judah has already occurred?
    The context of the modern state of Israel, which is led and occupied by fake Jews, should now make more sense.
    God has no reason to regather the Jews in the end times, and He surely won’t defend a nation of people who claim to be the descendents of Abraham, but are not. They don’t even worship the God of the Bible, rather their study their Babylonian Talmud and Egyptian Kaballah.

    • ” He surely won’t defend a nation of people who claim to be the descendents of Abraham, but are not. They don’t even worship the God of the Bible, rather they study their Babylonian Talmud and Egyptian Kaballah.”

      Exactly. They are only fooling the PEOPLE who keep allowing them to control our lives and FEED off the rest of us with their banking schemes, fake Wall Street investing, their death care system, etc.

      • the documentary Quest for the Lost Tribes is revealing .. one ‘Lost Triber’ to Jacobovici .. “How could you be a Jew?”

        the ‘Lost Tribers’ in Bukhara .. “When they were first discovered, they did not claim to be Jews, they claimed to be Israelites” .. proving there is a difference, but apparently it is Israel’s policy to send Rabbis to convert them to ‘Judaism’ .. creating the Lost Tribes

        no doubt some of these people may have ancient roots and follow certain traditions but they have no idea why .. in the basement of the Bukhara museum a scroll is briefly shown, the script was not common Masoretic Hebrew from Babylon but looked Syriac or Aramaic Hebrew .. if so, it would be much older than the Masoretic text, even older than the Dead Sea Scrolls but kept hidden in the basement

  21. ‘Tens of millions want to return to Judaism’
    Rabbi Haim Amsalem discusses reports some 60 million people worldwide connected to Judaism or Israel. ‘It scares the State of Israel.’



  24. How a Former Netanyahu Aide Is Boosting Israel’s Jewish Majority, One ‘Lost Tribe’ at a Time

  25. Hello Seeker.

    This stuff sure brings out the comments and theories.

    My two cents worth is below, for what it’s worth.

    The inscription would be seen by many as referring to the largely exaggerated and mythologized reign of Israel’s king Solomon, when his fleets allegedly sailed far and wide. Considering how politicized Biblical-era archaeology is, I’d tend to regard this as a hoax until proved otherwise.

    If you are going to consider the reality (or otherwise) of great Israelite or Israelite initiated oceanic voyages in Solomon’s time, you have to consider Solomon’s reign and honestly admit to his reign’s mostly mythological status. Its mythological status is pretty widely accepted in historical circles, although there are still many literal believers in the Biblical account.

    Regarding Solomon and his glittering empire (and by extension, its alleged maritime voyagings), the works of Gary Greenberg are useful. He’s been President of the Biblical Archaeology Society of New York and is a senior trial lawyer for the Criminal Defense Division of the Legal Aid Society in New York City. He’s no disrespecter of Biblical literature, but feels that in his deconstructive work he is restoring God’s footnotes to the Bible.

    On page 191 of his “101 Myths of the Bible” he states that:

    “Archaeologists are yet to find any remains of Solomon’s temple. Nor does a shred of contemporaneous evidence or documentation attesting to the existence of Solomon or of his empire exist in any [non-Biblical propagandist] writings from within Israel or any of the nations that Solomon supposedly ruled.”

    On page 257 of Greenberg’s “The Sins of King David”, he writes:

    “Perhaps the most telling evidence against the existence of David’s [and Solomon’s] huge empire is the lack of any mention of such a kingdom in the annals of any of the other nations that were allegedly conquered by or were neighbours with Israel.”

    Much to do with Solomon’s great building projects refers to the building projects in Jerusalem of the Persian period in the 500s and 400s B.C., some 500 years or more after Solomon’s time. These were retrojected by the Biblical writers and editors at the time, to add lustre to an earlier reign that had to be imagined as glorious.

    Solomon may have been real, but his greatness and that of his kingdom and empire are later fictions. So it’s likely that the above inscription may have a dubious origin. Of course, I could be wrong. As Cyrus Gordon suggested, the inscription may refer to the 500s B.C.

    Long distance contacts and trade in the ancient world (that is, the B.C. world, not the Viking age and such) are indicated by various artefacts, but not by actual accounts (that I’m aware of). Some examples are below.

    From Egypt, the 15 century B.C. tomb of Rekh-mi-re shows what is an anatomically correct image of a dwarf mammoth which was kept as a pet or a novelty by the official concerned. This is shown on page 34 of “A History of Seafaring” by George Bass. Dwarf mammoths would have come from Wrangle Island in the Arctic Circle, and indicate a long-distance trade in exotic animals and such. But — #1. who did the trading and — #2. through how many different hands the animals would have passed before arriving in Egypt, are unknowns.

    The Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan in the U.S.A. has large deposits of naturally occurring metallic copper. I can’t vouch for the following with a reference, since I can’t find it (bugger!), but apparently there is clear evidence of massive copper mining in that region in ancient times that would have produced many many thousands of tons of metallic copper, but no corresponding amount of copper artefacts to match that mining activity are found in North America. Which suggests that the metal was exported to places unknown, possibly the Middle East or the Mediterranean.

    Peanuts (which are native to the Americas) have been found at two Neolithic sites in east China, dated to 4,400 B.C. and 2,400 B.C. This is reported in the journal “Pre-Columbiana”, 1: 9, from 1998.

    Tobacco and cocaine, at the time only available from the Americas, have been found in Egyptian mummies from about 1,000 B.C. This is from the publication “NEARA Transit” 9: 5, 1997.

    Ultimately, it matters not at all who “discovered the Americas first”, apart, of course, from those peoples already living there in their millions. From the point of exploration and colonization, what really matters historically is who was able to effectively follow up discovery with colonization and exploitation.
    This was the Spanish, Portuguese, English and (to a lesser extent) the French. Not forgetting, of course, the involuntary migration of African Negros via the slave trade.

    I hope that the above helps, or is of interest.

    All the best to all, as always.

    Andrew Farquharson.

    • Great to read you again, Andrew! your posts are always very precious for being full of info- and study!

      +1 about the King Solomon, David & the Bible part:

      …thanks for the data about the B.C. trade between America and Egypt/Mediterranean, very informative…curious why we don’t study that in the text-books…

    • Great insights Andrew. No Solomons temple is a very interesting point. I hadn’t heard of that before.

    • I’ve missed your comments here Andrew .. I may have found the hoaxers .. what are your thoughts ??

      Los Lunas Mystery Stone and Other Sacred Sites of New Mexico

      ON THE EDGE of the Isleta Indian Reservation in New Mexico lies Los Lunas Mystery Stone, inscribed with a version of the Ten Commandments in Phoenician Hebrew characters. The Indians, Spanish and Americans knew of its existence, which they considered of time immemorial. Recently, it has been the subject of intense controversy. For the first time, in this unique monograph, its true origin is elucidated in a connection to a forgotten eighth-century Jewish colony in the American Southwest known as Calalus.

      The Tucson Artifacts

      The crosses and related objects, including two nehushtans, were made by the lost-wax process from lead, a favored medium for lasting memorials in antiquity and valuable by-product from the gold-silver-and-copper mining carried on by various foreign visitors in Arizona. They are covered with medieval Latin and square He­brew inscriptions that provide a record of a military colony of Roman, Frankish and British Jews who conquered the Toltec fortress city of Rhoda we now know as Tu­mamoc Hill overlooking Tucson, an ancient and important trading and mining site among the Hohokam Indians. The founders called their new realm Calalus (“Waste­land” in Hebrew) and it lasted from 780 until 900, when it was destroyed by earth­quakes, and the king returned with a large part of his followers to Mexico. At this crossroads of civilizations in ninth century West Mexico we also detect Chinese seal script, Hindu cult objects, Mesoamerican glyphs, images of Jewish and Christian temples, Celtic ogam inscriptions and what might be called “pre-Templar” symbols.

    • “Archaeologists are yet to find any remains of Solomon’s temple.” .. could it be they are simply looking in the wrong location and supposing the temple was actually the treasury containing ..

      100,000 Talents Gold = 165,975,018 Troy oz. or 5,162 Metric Tons

      1,000,000 Talents Silver = 1,659,750,183 Troy oz. or 51,624 Metric Tons

      .. after the destruction of the Temple/Treasury by fire in 70 AD .. would the Romans not likely have excavated the entire site leaving ‘not one stone upon another’ ?

      Derived from Babylonia.
      It has long been admitted that the Israelites derived their system of weights and coins from the Babylonians, and both peoples divided the talent ( ) into 60 minas ( ), each mina consisting of 60 shekels, so that the talent contained 3,600 shekels.
      The Biblical shekel weighed 11.95 grams, and the addition of one-fifth (2.39 grams) gives 14.34 grams as the weight of the later coin, which then became equal to the Tyrian sela’. In addition to this shekel, which was called “the shekel of the sanctuary,”

      1 Shekel = 14.34 grams
      1 Talent = 3,600 Shekels = 51,624 grams
      1 Talent = 1659.750183548617 Troy oz.

      Now behold, with great pains I have prepared for the House of YHWH 100,000 talents of gold and 1,000,000 talents of silver, 1 Chronicles 22:14

  26. Hello Seeker.

    Yes, it is a shame.

    It might be because a lot of what is studied is based on written texts, and this other stuff has to be pieced together from a bit here and a bit there, and anyway, old paradigms don’t willingly roll over.


    See you.

    Andrew Farquharson.

  27. Calalus- medieval America

    Calalus: A Jewish Catholic State in Early Medieval America

    Nehushtan of CalalusIn the 1920’s in Tucson Arizona were found objects and writings in Latin, Greek and Hebrew with both Catholic and Jewish ritual objects and symbols. Cyclone Covey describes this discovery in his book “Calalus: A Roman Jewish colony in America from the time of Charlemagne through Alfred the Great”. Covey and other researchers are amazed at the mixture of Jewish, Christian and Kabbalistic objects and symbols. However this very much fits this period in the 8th century when in the Carolingian Empire there is a Jewish Principality in southern France called Septimania ruled by Theodoric of Narbonne (Makhir Todros ben Judah/Magnario/Aimeri/Amer) [born 710 died 765]. Many members of this family descended from the Exilarchs of Babylon embraced a Jewish form of Catholicism while other members remained outwardly orthodox Jews.

    The Calalus records speak of a Theodorus as the leader of many peoples who leave the Roman lands for Calalus in 775 AD. Covey and others believe that Theodorus is a Jewish leader in the city of Rome. However this is a too literal reading of the term Rome. Theodorus is none other than the Jewish King of Septimania – a Roman Jewish state in southern France. He is the son of the first Jewish King of Septimania also called Theodoric (Theuderic/Thierry/Aimeri de Narbonne/ Makhir Todros). Theodorus (Dietrich/Theodoric/Amery l’Chetif/Nehemiah/Namon/ Aumer ben Aumer) is also known as Theodoric King of Saxony and as Namus Duke of Bavaria. He and his brothers were great Warrior Davidic princes of the time of Charlemagne. Professor Arthur Zuckerman in his book “A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France” confuses him with his father who bears the same Frankish names of Theuderic and Aimeri. On the death of his father Makhir Theodoric in about 765 AD Nehemiah Theodoric becomes the Western Exilarch and leader of all the Jews of the revived Western Roman Empire of Charlemagne.

    The Calixtlahuaca Head

    In 1933, archaeologist José García Payón discovered a small head with “foreign” features in a burial at Calixtlahuaca, in the Toluca Valley about 60 km. west of Mexico City. The burial was under two undisturbed cemented floors that antedated the destruction of Calixtlahuaca by the Aztecs in AD 1510. Numerous cultural pieces found with the head were identified by García Payón as belonging to the Azteco-Matlatzinca period of 1476-1510. Cortez did not land at Veracruz until 1519, and did not conquer the Aztecs until 1521, so that central Mexico was still pre-Hispanic in 1510.
    In 1961, the Austrian anthropologist Robert Heine-Geldern examined the head and declared that it derived “unquestionably” from the Hellenistic-Roman school of art. He found that its “distinctive Naturalism” suggested a date “around AD 200.” Heine-Geldern was an expert on South-East Asia, but he reported in a communication quoted by García Payón (1961) that his view that it was Roman from circa AD 200 had been confirmed by Prof. Boehringer, then president of the German Archaeological Institute.

    The head was then largely forgotten until 1990, when archaeology student Romeo Hristov began a search for it. Two and a half years later, he located it in storage in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, misclassified as Colonial (catalog No. 20-1416). Hristov and Genovés (1999) review the circumstances of the discovery and the published literature relating to it. On its rediscovery, see Hristov (1994). Hristov is currently (8/00) associated with the Dept. of Anthropology at the University of New Mexico. Click here for his homepage.

    In an interview in one of the leading Italian newspapers, prompted by the Hristov and Genovés paper, Prof. Bernard Andreae, the current director of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome, gave his opinion of the head: “It is Roman without any doubt… The stylistic examination tells us, more precisely, that it is a Roman work of the second century after Christ.

    It presents, in the cut of the hair and the shape of the beard, traits typical of the Severian emperors, exactly the ‘fashion’ of the period. On this there is no doubt.” (Andreae, 2000, my improvised trans.) The Severian dynasty included Septimius Severus (AD 193-211), Alexander Severus (AD 222-235), and a few intermediate emperors. This period seems mostly third century, rather than second century, to me, but Andreae’s comments do confirm Heine-Geldern’s original date of “around AD 200.”

    The People That History Forgot

    The first of these emperors was Septimus Severus. He had the significance of being the first Roman Emperor who was not of Roman extraction. Note where he was from. He was actually a Phoenician from their former trading colony in North Africa. As a matter of fact, he was so completely Phoenician that he never learned Latin until being taught the language in school. Later, when his sister visited him in Rome, her Latin was so “Phoenician” that he was ashamed for her to talk in public. He was not, however, ashamed of his Phoenician ancestry, far from it, he gloried in it.

    After becoming emperor, to show his independence of the old Roman institutions and to bring a thoroughly eastern flavor into his government, Septimus Severus went to Syria and there married the daughter of the high priest of Emesa, the priest of the Babylonian Sun-god. Her name was Julia Domna. Why was this marriage concluded? Simply in order to make a Syro-Phoenician hierarchy to rule the Empire.

    “That Septimus now chose to ally himself with Julia Domna is the clearest possible indication that his authority should depend on his own race. Rome had defeated Carthage, Rome had dominated Syria. Now, Carthage would unite with Syria to dominate Rome.”
    Perowne, Caesars and Saints, p.51

  28. we will post this here anyway all is related to LUCIFERIANS & time is ticking
    so stay Present Friends
    we first want to give ya All a big hat tip thx peace inNoko was sign yday hooray!!!
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  29. Hello Rev17 and Seeker.

    The comments are really getting a bit much (as in “too voluminous to adequately reply to”), but I suppose that’s no bad thing. This sort of topic really compels people.

    As to Solomon’s temple, this is very well covered in the book “Israel’s History and the History of Israel” by Mario Liverani (I know it’s easy for me to refer to a book that I’ve got and that no-one here will probably look at or read, but if you want to really know about this stuff, you’ve really got to get the relevant books and read them). And note the title of the book : “Israel’s History and the History of Israel”, which indicates that the two things are not the same, i.e., one of them is a fabrication to some extent.

    As with many historians, Liverani points out the fictional nature of much/most to do with Solomon in the Bible. He looks at the actual size of the actual physical real city of Jerusalem in the time of kings David and Solomon and comes to the interesting conclusion that the alleged temple of Solomon could not have fitted into such a small urban centre. And that David’s palace (I think it was David’s, not Solomon’s) is modelled on a Persian palace of the 6th and 5th century B.C., which is an interesting thing for a king of about 1000 B.C. to have. Which indicates the time of composition of at least that part of the text in the Bible.

    You have to bear in mind that much of the history of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the Old Testament part of what we call the Bible was heavily rewritten after Israel split from Judah after the death of Solomon. And the kingdom of Israel was eliminated by the Assyrian king Tiglath-Piliser III (that’s a really good name for a cat). This left Judah’s revised account of history to stand alone. Judah’s scribes could do whatever was needed to rehabilitate the reputations of unpopular kings such as David and Solomon, and no-one could say otherwise.

    A lot to do with Solomon simply looks odd if you’re familiar with history. One thing is the amount of gold he had or received as income. It’s simply too much for the period, fantastically too much. Gold was rare and was carefully hoarded, and the only really actual real great treasures of gold in antiquity were the result of many years of careful hoarding by massive territorial empires such as the Persian empire between the sixth and fourth centuries B.C.

    Anyway, Solomon’s empire was neither noticed by its alleged subjects or its neighbours at the time, as various historians have pointed out.

    I suppose there is always more to say, and I’d welcome any comments. But I won’t be able to reply till Wednesday, Katoomba time here in New South Wales.

    All the best to all.

    Andrew Farquharson.

    • And note the title of the book : “Israel’s History and the History of Israel”, which indicates that the two things are not the same, i.e., one of them is a fabrication to some extent.


      katoomba looks beautiful mate..enjoy yourself and thanks..

    • Thanks for your informative comment Andrew and recommending “Israel’s History and the History of Israel” .. I have no disagreement with the title as I support the JEPD theory ..

      A long tradition holds that the five books of the Pentateuch or Torah (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) were written by Moses. The tradition honors Moses because of his esteemed position as lawgiver and friend of God. But it is highly unlikely that he wrote the version of the Pentateuch that we have today. Even a casual reader will notice problems with this idea when reading the text. There are inconsistencies and duplications, not to mention the fact that Moses would have needed to write about his own death before it happened. Scholars in the last century have felt that the best way to explain the various inconsistencies and duplications in the books of the Pentateuch is to assume that the books are a redaction—that is, an edited version of several different original sources. This is called the documentary hypothesis. Using the techniques of source criticism and redaction criticism, some modern scholars propose that four sources (or traditions) contributed to the five books of the Pentateuch. These sources are the following: the Yahwist (abbreviated J from the German word for Yahwist) the Elohist (abbreviated E) the Deuteronomist (abbreviated D) the Priestly (abbreviated P)

      I prefer to be a little more blunt when I say .. ‘I believe the Bible is corrupt from Genesis to Revelation’ .. although having said that I believe the truth may be found therein .. if that is what one is searching for .. I can’t deny the power of the truth to change one’s entire life as was my own experience 45 years ago ..
      I agree there is a certain extent of fabrication .. much has been added, removed or embellished to create a future history .. my purpose is to expose the deception yet maintain my personal faith in truth .. if you look closely at a piece of fabric you will see many holes .. some people are only looking for holes and find no truth .. I have found the thread of truth, I don’t deny the holes exist but continue to search and discover the weave of truth .. those searching only for holes may one day find they are naked ..

      Blessed is the one who stays awake, keeping his garments on, that he may not go about naked and be seen exposed!

      Whether or not Solomon’s temple is ever found is irrelevant .. I am more concerned about the archeology of my own heart and the corruption hidden within that needs to be exposed and the power of the truth to transform my character in the image of the One who gave me the breath of life.

      • Hello Rev17.

        ” Whether or not Solomon’s temple is ever found is irrelevant .. I am more concerned about the archeology of my own heart and the corruption hidden within that needs to be exposed and the power of the truth to transform my character in the image of the One who gave me the breath of life. ”

        Very well said, Rev17. Anyone can get too taken up with that sort of physical archaeology — finding the real whatever — and not having a good long look in the metaphysical mirror.

        Good fortune to your awakening.

        Andrew Farquharson.

      • You’re absolutely right Rev17. One MUST have knowledge of the bible to really understand the world, and one must also have knowledge of the ‘occult’ history and rituals they keep ‘hidden’ from the people, in order to find ‘truth’….although it’s a tangled web of ‘chaos’ in which they create ‘order’.

        I think if you are searching for spiritual truth, and are a believer, the truth will ‘unveil’ itself to you through the bible….. more than likely during the apocalypse of the falling empire before the genesis of the ‘new world’. All seems to be cyclical and there is nothing new under the Sun.

        The Great Flood time and the immediate afterward of the Tower of Babel, whether a myth or fact, coincided with the different languages of the people. I believe it to be akin to today’s mixing of the tribes, as in migrating of illegal immigrants brought to your nation by the slave masters of the world, to cheaply rebuild their ’empires’ and kingdoms.

        I also think this is where the two kings, or new world powers come in, the ‘twins’.

        “To Eber were born two sons. The name of the one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided. His brother’s name was Joktan.” Genesis 10:25

        TWO KINGS who were probably raised by ‘wolves’ ?

        “This first kingdom over all humanity is the “beast that was” of Revelation 17:8,11. It was divided in seven heads and 10 horns (heads and horns represent division, as in the leopard with four heads and the hairy goat with four horns in Daniel chapters 7 and 8, representing Greece under Alexander the Great and its division in four kingdoms after his death), and during this divided period the World Government “is not”.

        Automatic translation is reverting the Tower of Babel. A new World Government may come up from the abyss of non-existence.

        “The beast that you saw was, and is not; and is about to come up out of the abyss and to go into destruction. Those who dwell on the earth and whose names have not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world will marvel when they see that the beast was, and is not, and shall be present.” Revelation 17:8 World English Bible.

        • I agree int. .. without knowledge of scripture and revelation .. its impossible to discern global events that threaten our life ..

          Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision…

          Blessed be the name of God …
          he giveth wisdom unto the wise,
          and knowledge to them that know understanding:
          he revealeth the deep and secret things:
          he knoweth what is in the darkness…
          The secret which the king hath demanded cannot the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers, shew unto the king; but there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets…
          But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes that shall make known the interpretation to the king, and that thou mightest know the thoughts of thy heart. Daniel 2

          int. I would appreciate your thoughts on the following lengthy discussion and on Dr Stephen Pidgeon ..

          • I agree with most of what he says..I’m still waiting to hear him mention that the ‘jews’ he speaks of, are the overlords of the vatican/money part of the Roman Catholic Empire, although maybe I missed it. The Money Changers of the Universal Roman Catholic Church whose hierarchy as are the monarchies, all inbred, mixed tribal family members of the papal bloodlines. Pope Borgia was a crypto Jew…and he was one of the most incestuious, evil men around, who used his children, especially his daughter, as a means of taking over the lands of others. Prince Harry seems to be keeping the tradition alive today.

            Khazars / Zionists in my opinion, worship money/mamon and power
            House of Judah! There are still many today, willing to sell their souls for power and a few billion shekels. They will allow themselves to be called whatever is necessary so long as it profits them. I consider them to be the MAFIA, the OUTFIT, the MOB, who work hand in hand with the church, either out of utter greed, arrogance, egotism, whatever….OR because their SINS were so great according to the ‘priesthood’, they are trapped between death, exposure, or working for them.

            I believe Rome and the Zionists have no allegiance to the Creator. They are definitely the Synagogue of Satan – Satan, who represents the angel who believed himself to be worthy as ‘god’. Esau and Edomites indeed! Those who fight for them, who trade for them, who kill for them, who pray for them, have been GREATLY DECEIVED. They actually beLIEve, they are doing the ‘Lord’s work’. The Evangelicals are the group that mostly comes to mind. They are, besides the Jesuits, the largest groups of missionaries among the religions. THEY too, believe they are doing ‘God’s’ work, but are instead, training, adopting, gathering and bringing to the U.S. and other nations, the new slaves for labor under the many corporations owned by the SYnagogue Church of Satan. Most of these people are good people, but they are deceived because they question nothing..they’re just good little sheep being set up for slaughter.

            Israel the nation, was ALWAYS a fraud and the people had been so very gullible that indeed, as the synagogue psychopaths figured, they DID buy into another HUGE LIE. Israel/Jacob was NEVER a nation, but a people who loved the True Creator.

            Not so sure I agree that the ‘beast’ is Islam. I think it is Babylon, regardless of where is it working it’s evil…Babylon IS the beast in my mind, YET I could be totally wrong. That’s the problem, we can only rely on man’s history….the stories the winners created FOR us. I only know in my heart, the kingdom of God can only be found within. You either know Him spiritually, are searching for Him and His truth genuinely, and LOVE Him or you don’t.

            interesting figure from the bible

            Joktan was the second of the two sons of Eber (Gen. 10:25; 1 Chr. 1:19) mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.

            In the Book of Genesis 10:25 it reads: “And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan.”

            Joktan’s sons in the order provided in Genesis 10:26-29, were Almodad, Sheleph, Hazarmaveth, Jerah, Hadoram, Uzal, Diklah, Obal, Abimael, Sheba, Ophir, Havilah, and Jobab.

            In Pseudo-Philo’s account (ca. 70), Joktan was first made prince over the children of Shem, just as Nimrod and Phenech were princes over the children of Ham and Japheth, respectively. In his version, the three princes command all persons to bake bricks for the Tower of Babel; however, twelve, including several of Joktan’s own sons, as well as Abraham and Lot, refuse the orders. Joktan smuggles them out of Shinar and into the mountains, to the annoyance of the other two princes

            • Thank you so much int. for taking the time .. I have been following Dr Stephen Pidgeon for about a year .. I was initially impressed he was so well versed in conspiracy theories but something seemed amiss .. as publisher of the Cepher bible he lists no credentials, his only claim being a constitutional lawyer .. brings to mind another lawyer who famously published a bible laying the groundwork for the state of Israel .. Pidgeon is a powerful voice in the Messianic Jew and Hebrew Roots movements and is worthy of serious attention .. I have written to him concerning the Noahide Laws and did not get a response, a friend posted him on fb on the Noahide Laws, he dismissed Public Law 102-14 as not a real law .. ‘Red Flag’ #1


              His theory on the Lost Tribes migration into Khazaria is highly questionable .. ‘RedFlag’ #2 .. Peter wrote to the tribes in exile in Pontus around 60 AD, Pontus and Khazaria were separated by the Caucasus mountains and by several hundred years .. in a number of videos it is obvious he hesitates to be critical of Israel and the Jews and has been a strong supporter of Trump as Cyrus .. until recently .. since Trumps attack on Syria he now opposes Trump and is openly critical of Israel .. I am not sure if he is creating an evolving script or waking up ..

              I have found only one legal case he has represented .. AMERICAN FREEDOM DEFENSE INITIATIVE; PAMELA GELLER; and ROBERT SPENCER .. ‘Red Flag’ #3


              thank you again for your perspective int. .. Let no man deceive you

            • About Robert Spencer

              Spencer has led seminars on Islam and jihad for the FBI, the United States Central Command, United States Army Command and General Staff College, the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group, the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), the Justice Department’s Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council and the U.S. intelligence community. He has discussed jihad, Islam, and terrorism at a workshop sponsored by the U.S. State Department and the German Foreign Ministry. He is a consultant with the Center for Security Policy.


              • Hmmm This is very telling, he definitely sounds like he is working for the military industrial complex. I also looked him up but wasn’t able to find a lot about him, however, I admit I didn’t get too deep into trying to research him either. My initial doubt was that he did not criticize Israel or the ‘jews’ as well. You can’t be telling the truth, if you don’t expose ALL evil in the world. Thanks Rev, this is definitely a guy who has the capability of leading many in the wrong direction, especially those who see ‘religion’ for the fraud it is, and I am only referring to man made organizations who use the fear of God to control us, not belief in God.

    • Thanks for naming Mario Liverani!! seems quite a capacity in his field…pity too little on the internet form him…

      Mario Liverani, “Egypt and the Near East”

      Mario Liverani, “Beyond the Bible; antique history of Israel”, the racist ideology


      “As with many historians, Liverani points out the fictional nature of much/most to do with Solomon in the Bible.”

      “many historians”…are you familiar with the work of Finkelstein, Andrew?

      author of “The Bible Unearthed: Archaeology’s New Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts”, “David and Solomon: In Search of the Bible’s Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition”, “The Quest for the Historical Israel: Debating Archeology and the History of Early Israel”, “The Forgotten Kingdom. The Archaeology and History of Northern Israel”
      He states that no archeological proof of the Solomon & David’s great kingdom could be found.

      a historian, specialist in the New Testament and the early christianity whose work I follow, prof. Antonio Piñero, cites Finkelstein and his thesis about the invention of an “ancient” Israel while there is just a “vintage” one…

      and apart from the historical proofs the historians & linguists speak about, if we follow the money and just think whose state the late 19th century and post-1948 State of Israel in fact is…it’s not so strange to understand why the textbooks does not and will not reflect those inexactitudes…

      • Hello Maria.

        I’m only a little familiar with Finkelstein, but he seems to have a genuine evidence-based non-ideological integrity.

        Thanks for the links.

        One of the REALLY curious things about Old Testament related archaeology is the solid wall of non-communication that exists, and is maintained, between Egyptian and Israelite studies. Especially considering the foundational influence Egypt had on Israelite beginnings. A lot of this is covered by Gary Greenberg’s “The Bible myth : the African origins of the Jewish people”, and also in his “101 Myths of the Bible”.

        All the best.

        Andrew Farquharson.

  30. Here are counter arguments to 101 Myths of the Bible and any other of Greenberg’s thesis.

    Nobody brought up why Solomon’s Temple had not fully been found by physical evidence. Aside from Babylon destroying it, what about not being able to dig at the temple mount, which is an obvious contemporary answer. Yet, just because people are not allowed to dig there does not mean Solomon’s Temple exists. On the other hand, it does not mean it is a myth either. Somebody has to provide physical evidence, or any other type of evidence in order to actually debunk a relative claim and then to assert an opposing claim such as “myth”. And it is not a problem that Moses died and his death is included at the end of Deuteronomy. Yes Moses wrote the Pentateuch, and Moses was a prophet. What does a prophet do? But let us just say hypothetically, Moses did not write down his death and burial, which if he did not, again, that is not a problem. Why? Because notice at the end of Deuteronomy there is a handing off of leadership commanded by the LORD to Joshua. Moses tells the people to remember the law, which is really the important part of the history, but not to undercut any details, the people sing a psalm to remember the law. Not only is the law, known by faith and pointing by faith to the Messiah, to be taught, but also sung. The leadership is then passed from Moses to Joshua. Joshua, the book, begins with Joshua reiterating the same, remember God’s covenant, remember the law and obey Him. Not because they had to obey in order to appease God, because they knew that was impossible, but rather, their hearts of faith were being called to obey and they could hear and do, because they had hearts of faith.

    The two links provided enough information to demonstrate to me Greenberg does not do his homework very well; what I mean is, maybe or maybe not the following is true of Greenberg, “The first is that Greenberg seldom properly cites sources, which makes it nearly impossible to check back on his claims (1st link above).” There was more.

    I am not saying these two links above provide solid evidence against Greenberg’s thesis or any who adhere to it. Yet the little I read of the two links (I did not need to read them all) demonstrated enough for me the deeper issue some people hold.

    Just wanted to add another side to what is being discussed.

    • Pssst .. ” At Jerusalem Hadrian founded a city in place of the one which had been razed to the ground, naming it Aelia Capitolina, and on the site of the temple of the god he raised a new temple to Jupiter. This brought on a war of no slight importance nor of brief duration, for the Jews deemed it intolerable that foreign races should be settled in their city and foreign religious rites planted there.”
      – Cassius Dio, Roman History, 69.12.

      The Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus on Temple Mount

      At the excavation site in the Western Wall plaza, archeologists also uncovered two small streets that ran perpendicularly and led east from the cardo toward the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. This discovery may indicate that, during the early 2nd century AD, the Temple Mount area had something important standing in the place where the destroyed Second Temple once stood. Some scholars have proposed that there was once a temple – to Jupiter Capitolinus or some other Roman deity or combination of deities – that was built at the site of the Second Temple after Jerusalem had been transformed into a pagan city. In addition to Dio Cassius, other written sources implied that such was the case, but little archaeological evidence had ever been recovered to confirm or support this claim until the discoveries of these two small streets.

      The house that Hadrian built
      “Jerusalem … is even now like a quarry, all the inhabitants of the city choosing stores from its ruins as they will for private as well as public buildings. And it is sad for the eyes to see stones from the Temple itself, and from its ancient sanctuary and holy place, used for the building of idol temples, and of theatres for the populace.”
      – Eusebius, Demonstratio Evangelica, 8.3. (405) (circa 314 – 318 AD).

      They claim Emperor Hadrian built the Temple of Jupiter over the site of Solomon/Herod’s Temple .. no evidence for Hadrian’s temple has ever been found .. yet you will never hear anyone say Hadrian and his Temple of Jupiter are a myth .. lest they be considered a fool

      • Interesting. There is apparently more to the story. Also, your last paragraph is on point.

        • Hello adirondack and Rev17.

          Yes, that last paragraph really is something to remember.

          As for Solomon’s temple, it does remain that Jerusalem, at the time, was too small a citadel to contain such a complex. The temple itself, as described in the sacred texts, is an anachronism. It doesn’t fit what was done as religious practice at the time — although of course that might have other explanations. And the king’s palace as described in the same Biblical texts is clearly modelled on such complexes form the much later Persian period.

          There is another explanation for Solomon’s temple, and it comes from the book, “The Secret of Crete”, by Prof. Wunderlich. I’ll see if I can mention it tomorrow.

          None of this renders the core of genuine Biblical-based spiritual teachings invalid. It’s like historical analyses of the Illiad or Odyssey (both traditionally attributed to Homer). Those works contain genuine historical memories as well as myth. Picking them apart is quite a job, but both works contain a mix of the material. None of this renders those two poetic works invalid, it simple lays bare the history of literary composition.

          All the best to both of you, and I will read that stuff from the links that criticize Greenbergs books.

          Andrew Farquharson.

          • Some do not take an equal approach to discrediting, but maybe you will.

            “None of this renders the core of genuine Biblical-based spiritual teachings invalid. It’s like historical analyses of the Illiad or Odyssey (both traditionally attributed to Homer).”

            Not that your endeavor will be unfruitful. I encourage you to resolve your own curiosity, and what you find will probably be interesting. I look forward to it.

            I quoted the above from you, because it does presuppose the Bible is like the writings of Homer. It also presupposed history in the Bible is not spiritual. The approach you applied started in 17th century Germany, and was widespread in Europe by the 18th century and was making inroads in the U.S. It is called Liberal Theology. I did not give it the name, and nor is the name derogatory. It also has nothing to do with “liberal politics”, but is a theological term. Another name it has is the Historical Critical School, or Higher Criticism. If you already did not know, then you might as well know what group of people instructed the presuppositions and approach to history you are using, which you may well be comfortable with.

            Secondly, I also quoted it because the Bible is redemptive history, or supernatural history. It is a written account about the Spirit – God Himself – penetrating history and revealing who He is and His ways in history itself. A God who is neither Deistic or Pantheistic. The historic account in the Bible, unlike history outside of the Bible, is certain spiritual history because God wielded history itself perfectly and in a sure manner to redeem a new creation. All of redemptive history from Genesis to Revelation points toward the fuller spiritual instruction and penetration in history of God Himself taking union with a human nature, which the hypostatic union occurred in the Person of Christ over two thousand years ago. This is the spiritual teaching of the Bible from the beginning, which is not accounted for in the supposition you provided, and makes the Bible a world of a difference from the writings of Homer.

            Thanks for taking the time.

          • Dr Ernest L Martin was convinced the temple was not located on Temple Mount but south of Temple Mount in the City of David .. he believed Temple Mount was actually Fort Antonia


            • This is what I mean; meaning, Dr. Martin’s theory is another theory involved in the field of dirt and hard evidence, just like Greensburg also involves himself in. Further on “this” is what I mean: In the realm of phenomena, or facts/data, there is always probability at work. It is the very world we live in and must involve ourselves in or else we would never get out of bed in the morning. Eventually we have to commit ourselves to probabilities and see what happens. So it is not necessarily a bad thing. We should be doing good and hard work in the field and questioning facts and theories. Andrew introduced evidential theorizing amidst a field of inquirers, like Dr. Martin, who also involves himself in the study of physical evidence. Greensburg thesis should be offered into the field of inquiry, too, just like anybody who thinks they are able to relate the facts in such a way to correspond to a probable understanding. Even if our presuppositions differ, we should acknowledge and accept our presuppositions and check the physical evidence, too. We should understand why a person interprets a “reality” the way they do. I pointed out a particular supposition Andrew forwarded. I hold my own suppositions. By knowing our suppositions we will better understand our conclusions. None of this must be concluded or finalized now, as we all may well have considered already. Yet we should be aware of why or what we are postulating, and demonstrate our understandings of various conclusions if we are willing to make specific conclusions of our own. Always with a heart not to falsely witness, which not being perfect, we will fall short of that endeavor at times, but should be encouraged to continue and try to consider and understand not only what one’s own self postulates, but what others are postulating too.

              In short, Andrew I enjoyed reading what you put forth and encourage a comparison as to why you find Greensburg’s thesis to be optimal instead of say, Dr. Martin’s Rev17 linked above. In the field of probability, because certainty is only found in Christ in my opinion, it is interesting to see how somebody concluded what they did, and for me to weigh and notice their process of discernment.


              • Hello adirondack and Rev17.

                Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Adirondack.

                I was thinking last night about my reference to Homer’s poetry, and realized that it really didn’t fit with what I wanted to say. Of course the transmission process behind the Illiad and Odyssey is quite different to that of the Old Testament, and the Bible is quite unlike Homer’s works.

                Your reference to “Liberal Theology” is a reminder to me that it’s certainly helpful to be aware of the footsteps one is following.

                That material from criticizing Greenberg’s books looks compelling. I will be reading it in depth as and when I can, and I’m very glad you posted the link.

                I feel that much that comes to me as to the awakening process is like looking AT a clouded mirror or glass or surface, rather than INTO the same thing. Often I simply do not know what to think and I feel lost in an ocean of data rather than being at home in an ocean of consciousness. But it is getting better.

                I may not have much more to contribute at present, since I have much to look at and absorb in my limited time, but I’m not trying to “drop out” of the conversation.

                My sincerely best wishes to you both.

                Andrew Farquharson.

                • Thank you Andrew, your comment was heartfelt and excellent. I look forward to hearing from you again when you get the opportunity no matter what the topic. I really do not have much to contribute at present either, and you taking the time to consider other points of view is admirable. Glad to have had this opportunity to cross paths and share common interests with you.

                  LORD bless

      • Romulus and Remus the twins raised by a Wolf
        (probably in sheep’s clothing)

        Romulus was the legendary founder of Rome. According to legend, he and his twin brother, Remus, were raised by wolves. After founding Rome, Romulus returned to his native city to recruit residents; most who followed him were men. To secure wives for his citizens, Romulus stole women from the Sabines in an attack known as the “rape of the Sabine women. Following a truce, the Sabine king of Cures, Tatius, co-ruled with Romulus until his death in 648 B.C.

        hmmm I assume, the mother WOLF is the Roman Catholic Church

        The U.S. Capitoline Hill

        L’Enfant selected the location of the Capitol (the “Congress House”) in his 1791 design for the federal capital city (see: L’Enfant Plan). He referred to the hill chosen as the site of the future Congress House as “Jenkins Hill” or “Jenkins Heights”.

        However, the tract of land had for many years belonged to the Carroll family and was noted in their records of ownership as “New Troy”. While a man named Thomas Jenkins had once pastured some livestock at the site of the Capitol (and thus his name was associated with the site), artist John Trumbull, who would paint several murals inside the Capitol’s rotunda, reported in 1791 that the site was covered with a thick wood, making it an unlikely place for livestock to graze. Research published in 2004 by the Capitol Hill Historical Society showed that Jenkins’ land was just seven blocks east of the site of the Capitol and that L’Enfant was likely to have given Jenkins’ name to the general location.

        While serving in 1793 as President George Washington’s Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson named Capitol Hill, invoking the famous Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus on the Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills of Rome.


        Seven Kings Ruled Over Rome

        It seems as if once a nation is called a Republic, it is used by the ‘elite’ as a future ’empire’, which thrives for a couple hundred years at best, and is then pillaged, raped and robbed, while they establish a new nation / republic with the stolen treasures from the previous ’empire’, in which the old ones never really die, they just outsource to the next ‘king’ of the hill?

        • I think the wolves who raised the twins, were probably those who call themselves ‘jews’ but were not.

  31. “Hamlet’s Mill: An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge and Its Transmission Through Myth “, 1969, by Giorgio de Santillana

    …seek, could you open a tread about “books’ thesaurus”, please?…we could make our FTM compilation of title there…

  32. great channel:

  33. I saw something on a video I’ve never thought about in this context before, thought I would share it.

    ’33’ the masonic number, may actually represent the Third of the Fallen Angels Bloodline mentioned in the bible, Revelation 12:3

    “And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.”

    interesting concept….. 7 heads 7 crowns (Royals?) 10 horns nations? UN?
    who knows, but they all seem to be part of the same bloodline / brotherhood/ cabal ‘families’

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