Images 29/4/18

whats macron doing?

pompeo and kim..

kim and moon..

moon and kim..

follow the money..important..

why the symbols jimmy?

yeah those symbols..

more bad is he still on tv?

ryan murphy..


read the article linked above..


why the eye?

“women of all genders”..isnt that an oxymoron?


consume consume consume..

using movies to manipulate the population..its an old trick..bernays..

ariana grandes new album features the rainbow over the eye.. his own hand they say..why so troubled avicii?


~ by seeker401 on April 30, 2018.

45 Responses to “Images 29/4/18”

  1. we all know all ties at the end

  2. we know the importance for Humanity May12IranDeal =peace all in plain sight

  3. I am a seeker. Seeking for enough and for that being taken into consideration.

  4. I had this old man, 99 years old, tell me yesterday some things. Take it for what it is, meaning I can not offer any physical evidence, or more supportive evidence, but…
    He was in the U.S. Navy, a constructive worker. He worked in the steel mill after the Navy. He was recruited by the CIA while working in the steel mill. Why? Because, he said, he was connected. He was a free mason. He went around the world and spied. He also had a dual office, meaning, he was CIA and FBI. He also judged people within the US in his capacity as an FBI agent; state police brought him some drug traffickers once, he judged them guilty as an FBI agent, and they were locked up. He also fulfilled these roles because, he said, he could because he was connected (Free Mason). He never shot anybody, and only pulled his gun out on people when he brought them to jail, he said. He carried his gun all the time. He said they are always watching him still. His phone has been tapped since day one, and he still thinks it is. He also thought the CIA was pretty good, so he was very proud of what he did and how he did it, because, as he kept saying, he was connected, which is why he shared all this with me at his old age, because he was very proud of what he did. He thought he was important, he said, because “he was connected” (as he kept saying while pointing to his chest).

    I don’t know what to make of it. The guy just came out and started telling me this stuff. Liar, maybe. Possible, yes.

    goof ball – definitely!

    • nice story..connected!

    • “He thought he was important, he said, because “he was connected” (as he kept saying while pointing to his chest).”

      “Vanity. Definitely my favourite sin.”

      …explains how ((the web)) is being constructed and rolls over…

  5. we may not have answers.. but

    • WHO in the heck would remember the kind of dress that Rosemary wore in the movie back in 1968? THEY had to plan this ‘even’t and then plant the picture online for us to see, perhaps only as part of their crazy ‘black majick’ rituals these lunatics adhere to.

      Interesting article about the meaning of Rosemary’s Baby

      The birth of Rosemary’s baby is the new “Year One.” It is also accurate by Church of Satan standards to call 1966 Year One. This is a self-conscious, parallel reference to the year of Jesus Christ’s birth, also in Year One, A.D. Another unstated fact: The baby is born on June 1966, which is numerically 6/66.

      more here

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  7. Allison Mack: Sex Slave Recruiter With Occult Elite Connections

  8. Somebody started an evil craze. The incident happened near a very small town within the same county as I live. Karns City is not big at all. A small country town surrounded by woods and woods. Copycat evil craze:

    “An unidentified juvenile from Karns City was assaulted last Saturday shortly before 8PM in a wooded hillside beside Hooker Road and Kittanning Pike in Karns City, Butler County.
    The victim heard a woman scream in the woods. An unknown actor wearing a clown mask and carrying a metal baseball bat struck the victim in his right knee cap and fled back into the woods. The victim was transported to ACMH Hospital for medical evaluation, according to State Police Trooper William Nadolsky.
    Anyone with information regarding this incident should contract the Pennsylvania State Police.”

  9. Aviicis death is related to the #pizzagate creeps
    take a look at his video “for a better day” that should be enough..
    but also, what kind of westerner goes to OMAN for holidays, a country WITH NO AGE OF CONSENT mind you

  10. Avicii has to die because/after he made this video..he knew too much


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