Images 6/5/18

can you sense a theme?

alessandra above so below in front of the ferris wheel at coachella..


gucci mane..

cardi b..

irene ntale from uganda..great earring..

and again aaliyah..



rihanna chose this image because she displays one eye..


who likes being choked?


~ by seeker401 on May 7, 2018.

35 Responses to “Images 6/5/18”

  1. we think this comment is………

  2. Something going on in the ferris wheel of the Alessandra Ambrosio image? Palm tree with a box around the center?

    • ive got this thing about ferris wheels..i think they are actually occult symbols..all have a pyramid structure and a “eye” at the top..nearly always found near water in any major city..there is a bit of information about this theory on the net but its not widely seen or mentioned..and i might be crazy 🙂

  3. Erdogan Recalls Gold Reserves from New York Fed – Is He Preparing for War?

  4. Saudi Arabia Inks Deal with Vatican to Build Christian Churches

  5. How the Vatican Became Enmeshed in the Met Gala
    The Pontifical Council for Culture wanted the focus to be on the Met’s exhibition of fashion, Catholicism and art rather than Monday’s Gala, viewed by many of the faithful as a sacrilegious mockery of the Church.

  6. This lady is a leader in the IVU. Do you think the Brotherhood of Dragons is really helping children? Sounds creepy to me.

    “[Theresa Soliman] is Ambassador at Large for international organizations including the World Service Authority (WSA) in Washington DC, and Brotherhood of Dragons in Vienna with UN-ECOSOC Observer Status and diplomatic relations with the European Union and African Union.”

  7. xxx / JoelH, can you comment on this figure? thanks.

    • He is not who he claimed to be..

      some revelation in this book from his former top student

    • Jim Sinclair was a devotee of Sai Baba ..

      The Sinclair Bloodline

      A prominent economic and financial analyst has been predicting for several months that the U.S. dollar will collapse in early November 2009. James Sinclair is the Chairman and CEO of Tanzania Royalty Exploration Corp. which procures royalty interests in gold production in Tanzania in central East Africa. Jim Sinclair is also the son of Bertram Seligman whose family started Goldman Sachs, Solomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers and other major investment banking firms.

      “…I know how things end in the market even before they begin. I am the son of one of the world’s greatest traders, Bertram J. Seligman, who like, Jesse Livermore, always knew what was over the horizon. I do not pretend to have all the talent of those market giants but just some of it. Goldman Sachs, Solomon Brothers, Lehman Brothers, and Bache were a few of the firms started by my family. All this appears in a book called ‘Our Crowd.'” (Jim Sinclair, GATA)

      Our Crowd: The Great Jewish Families of New York by Stephen Birmingham relates details of the powerful New York banking alliance in which the House of Seligman—the ancestors of Jim Sinclair and his father, Bertram Seligman—became partners with the House of Rothschild and the House of Morgan: …

      – James Sinclair

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