Trump has put the Middle East on a path to disaster

Donald Trump’s decision to violate the Iran nuclear deal and reimpose US sanctions will not lead us immediately to disaster. That may come later.

Right now, America is on one side of the argument while its key allies including the UK, Germany and France, stand with Iran. Australia, by the way, also opposed scrapping the deal.

The leaders of the UK, Germany and France, say as a result of the deal “the world is a safer place.” And, while Donald Trump seeks to hurt Iran economically, they are working with Iran to see what they can offer to keep the Iranians in the deal, “including through ensuring the continuing economic benefits to the Iranian people”.

The most immediate effect of the US decision will be the re-imposition of sanctions against Iran’s oil industry and its banking sector which will kick in over several months. The sanctions previously had a crushing effect on Iran’s oil exports and since the nuclear deal was implemented oil exports have more than doubled.

So make no mistake, they will cause a major financial hole which won’t be easy for the Europeans to fill. And, in an increasingly integrated global economy, it’s not easy to remain untouched by US sanctions.

Europe’s leaders might convince the US to effectively exempt European companies from the sanctions regime. Or they could pass laws to protect their companies and claw back penalties imposed by the US by imposing tariffs on US goods.

To some, a mini trade war and division among key NATO allies on a crucial global security issue may already count as a disaster. But it could get worse.

Iran says it will give those talks just a few weeks before it leaves the agreement and cranks up its uranium enrichment program.

It’s worth remembering that, before Iran agreed to cut the program and mothball the machines at its heart it always denied it had a military dimension. But it built secret enrichment facilities and conducted experiments and made components that could be used to build a nuclear weapon.

That’s why proponents of the deal signed in 2015 are so worried about scrapping it.


i would have thought creating an invader force and tearing syria apart brought the middle east to the brink of disaster a bit more than a deal with iran being cancelled..

“Europe’s leaders might convince the US to effectively exempt European companies from the sanctions regime. Or they could pass laws to protect their companies and claw back penalties imposed by the US by imposing tariffs on US goods.”

i think europe might get a pass on sanctions..


~ by seeker401 on May 9, 2018.

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  1. Syria Blames Israel for Strike Near Damascus; Target Was Iranian Missiles Aimed at Israel

  2. Strategic Sentinel


    Pentagon officials say they are seeing signs that #Iran might be preparing to strike #Israel from #Syria. This follows similar reporting that we have seen for the past 3 days from Israel and Syria.

  3. This is why NK suddenly “happened”, they can’t have a loose cannon in Asia while they go full Whisky Tango Foxtrot on Israhell’s enemies. This was probably planned before the election and (((they))) would deceive whoever was president with the sweetener being you get to have a monumental foreign policy success if you go along. KJU is their man and has been since at least 2013 or earlier as I argued previously. Flynn may have been wise to this so he had to go, and they replaced him with a Petraeus protégé in what I believe was a Trump “deal”. Petraeus a CIA director and the man they sent to negotiate was also CIA Director, makes perfect sense because they are the ones who owned Kim. Now after the planning is complete, McMaster resigns and they put in a known nutter, Bolton, who along with the President gets to deal with the fallout. They’re seriously going after the Shia crescent. Syria, recently Yemen, and now threatening Iran itself. I would not be surprised if the MBS “night of long knives” was part of the war preparation. Perhaps also the LV massacre.

    When the rainwater rises and descends down to where you want to cross, wait until it settles.

    • correct on bolton..fucking psychopath..and thats not just based on his hawk like love of war..he has other statements and beliefs that are orwellian..

      iran has never left the snipers eye..was a matter of time..wait for the FF..

  4. Good article about Syria and Assad

    Syria’s Bashar al-Assad: The Well-Hidden Back Story

  5. … DATES … bcarful … that is what LUCIFERIANS … want ALWAYS
    Iran different than noko

  6. What’s Washington Really Doing in Armenia?

  7. Erdoğan asked for support from George Soros and got it, says ex-consultant
    Following the Turkish President Erdoğan’s accusations against recently arrested businessman Osman Kavala for being a stooge of George Soros, Ahmet Sever, an ex-consultant reminded Erdoğan’s close ties with the latter

    of course, this is a Rense story, take it for what you will. I think it’s certainly plausible

    Turkey Coup Arrests Bury
    Soros-Clinton ‘Migrant’ Crisis

    By Yoichi Shimatsu
    Exclusive to Rense

    Arrested hours before an obvious suicide mission, the Turkish military “coup” leaders were silenced by diplomatic arrangement between Washington and Ankara. With astounding ease, the top naval commanders for the Aegean region were rounded up in their pajamas, thereby eliminating any official record or testimony about the Clinton-Soros clandestine operation behind the European migrant crisis, which so recently gripped the world with those sympathetic media images of inflatable rafts and drowning children. That slick news coverage has since been disrupted by scenes of bombings, shootings, stabbings and rapes across Europe committed by many of those same poor huddled refugees aided by NGOs linked with the Soros-Clinton nexus, an inconvenient fact that has just been suppressed with a heavy hand in Turkey.

    A Job for Soros and the Clintons

    There was nothing “spontaneous” about the European migrant crisis. It was a logistical operation funded by Hillary Clinton’s State Department along with CIA front men George Soros and Bill Clinton. The summer of 2015 human tsunami was a text-book case of what intelligence expert Kelly Greenhill calls “coercive engineered migration” in her study Weapons of Mass Migration.

    The strategy to overwhelm the European Union was hatched as early as 2000, when the U.S. National Intelligence Council (NIC) issued Global Trends 2015: “Increasing migration will create influential diasporas, affecting policies, politics and even national identity in many countries. Globalization also will create increasing demands for international cooperation on transnational issues, but the response of both states and international organizations will fall short in 2015.”

    Implementation was left to the State Department’s undersecretary for civilian security, democracy and human rights, specifically its Office of International Migration. Due to delays caused by 911 and George W. Bush’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the clandestine refugee operation to trigger a brain drain in Syria and a flood of Muslim migrants into the EU (the euro being a rival of the almighty US dollar) was postponed until Hillary Clinton was appointed Secretary of State.

    Illegal immigration also requires the services of people smugglers and other criminals, and this is why the Soros network of clandestine operatives under NGO cover are mobilized. A key player with a veneer of academic respectability is the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control (EG-SDSC). The association of Soros-funded criminologists are in favor of drug legalization and opposed to imprisonment, for example, calling for release of pedophiles into society. Many of these “reformers”, many of whom have confidential access to hard-core felons, do double-duty for police and NATO undercover operations. The group includes prison psychiatrists and clinical psychologists in the EU version of MK-ULTRA.


    Factoring in the Israel-to-Cyprus Pipeline for Ukraine

    The Obama-Erdogan refugee strategy also advanced the Israeli plan to establish an oil-and-gas pipeline from Qatar and Saudi Arabia through ISIS and Kurdish enclaves in Syria to the Mediterranean. The pipeline network was to be connected with Israel’s offshore Leviathan oilfield and then proceed underwater to southern Cyprus, a virtual British military colony. Conveniently, the Rothschild Group, which has invested in several anti-Russian pipeline projects, is entrenched in Turkey’s privatization program and its Istanbul director is a graduate of RAND.

    Bill Clinton personally turned-around and recruited “radical populist” Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to support the Israeli-centered plan in spite of the vagaries of transit routes to wealthier markets in Northern Europe. Transit fees across the Balkans checkerboard of nations, along with rough terrain and political tensions, makes a Greece-to-Germany route rather impractical.

    Cyprus, divided between ethnic Turkish and Greek sectors, is a strange choice for a pipeline hub. In a world of normal geopolitics, it makes zero sense for Turkey and the its Aegean military command to support any oil project through south Cyprus. The sole exception of course would be a secret plan to run an underwater pipeline through the Turkish-controlled Bosphorus Strait into the Black Sea and onto Ukraine. The Eastern Mediterranean pipeline would enable NATO-backed Kiev to cut all energy flows from Russia, and thereby deny euro revenues for Moscow. Ankara is no friend of Moscow, and so the Med-to-Black oil route was sold to Ankara as an “enemy of my enemy” arrangement.

    Key to the Bosphorus pipeline plan was the protective role of the Turkish navy base at Golchuk, where coincidentally during the recent crackdown against the nonexistent coup a frigate of supposedly rebellious naval officers was seized. Younger officers more compliant to the whims of Ankara and Washington will replace them.

    In exchange for participation in the covert pipeline plan, the Syriza government sabotaged the Schengen regulations on EU border regulations by allowing passage through Greece for hundreds of thousands of illegals. A migrant-destabilized EU would thereby lack the internal unity to prevent the Qatar-Israel-Turkey-Ukraine pipeline project, despite the risk of war with Russia.

    • thx Int as Always great digging & thx for put a big piece of the puzzle or 3D chess 🙂
      President Trump destroy-NATO as He promise bfre the election only the 3M =MACRON-ROTCHES-FRENCH-HOUSE-ORIENT
      we praying for your lov ones Int

      • “World wide peace”

        “1 Thessalonians 5:3 3While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

        Jeremiah 6:14 14They dress the wound of my people as though it were not serious. ‘Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.

        John 16:33 33″I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.””

        Also, Trump does not pray to God. He is not a believer, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He said he does not need forgiveness through the Lord Jesus Christ.

        People can not work out their own salvation. Christ did not die and leave a deposit of grace for people to work out the rest of their salvation. People can never work out their own salvation. It is always God Himself who is the giver of life. Christ Himself saved a people. Believers out of a heart of faith do good works, but those good works do not save them – only Christ saves. Believers do good works because of a heart of love for God. Those good works do not merit any salvation; they are not saved because they are doing good works. They are saved so then they do good works. They are already saved and are certain of their salvation. Their own good works do not contribute to their salvation at all. They do the good works out of love not out of any sense the good works will save them, because they are already saved not by their own will but by the accomplished work of salvation that Jesus Christ Himself did.


          • “But the real force behind Ahmadinejad is Hojjatieh society a so called extremist conservative group that its members are mostly Hidden Jews and Masons or extremely corrupt clergies. It’s a Masonic type society that even the first leader of revolution Khomeini warned people to be vigilant about this group and has said: “if these people (Hojjatieh) get in power, the revolution is over”. This is exactly what happened in Iran after the last election.
            Despite all those anti Zionist propaganda of Iranian Mullahs and Ahmadinejad, Rothschild’s Banks like Barclay and MSBC, their mining company Rio Tinto and their half owned oil company Shell have a kind of monopoly in Iran. Shell is actively causing tension in oil rich area in the south and Rio Tinto doing the same in the western and very strategic area of Kurdistan.
            Iranian regime became the most divisive element in the entire Muslim world, by creating tension between Shia and Sunni Muslims and by empty anti Israeli threat and propaganda.”

            • we saw continue in Palestine tday with Abbas reading newspaper in the hospital thx God He is recovering btw Abbas-son work for other example the so call fringes-underground journos likeMaxBLUMENTHAL &DanCOHEN with docu-
              &Iran the LUCIFERIANS took control when THEY change the name from-Persia to Iran = land of Aryans circa 1925 is all same times eh?

              • For me, I always ask “Are they confessing our Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?”. Because the question is: Are they desiring the Truth in our Lord and Savior? That is parcel to my hermeneutic. The standard bearer is God Himself guiding and counseling according to His written Word. If not, then the present evil world is their counsel and delusion; they are just part of that game. Even believers to an extent are caught up in the delusion by our own remaining indwelling sin, but the delusion is not our Lord and Master – Jesus Christ is, so through prayer and the other means God provided to His church we grow in true knowledge, righteousness, and holiness (Ephesians 4:24; Col. 3:10).

      • Thanks Isa…Jack is home now, having some complications at the moment but made it thru the surgery quite well. Appreciate your prayers.

      “Norman Vincent Peale. A prolific and popular “Christian” author, Peale’s writings have introduced millions in the world and church to the occult. There are at least two sources of Peale’s occultism: the writings of occultist Flo­rence Scovel Shinn, and Freemasonry.

      “A 33rd degree Mason, Peale was pictured on the cover of the Masonic magazine, New Age. He was inducted into the Scottish Rite [Masonic] Hall of Honor on September 30,1991, and his portrait now hangs in the Washington DC Masonic Temple.

      “Those who deny that Jesus is the only Christ and that He came once-and-for-all in the flesh have embraced the spirit of Antichrist (1 John 4:1-3). Such is the teaching of Eastern mysticism and the mind science cults: that Jesus had attained to the state of “Christ con­sciousness” available to all mankind. Masonry declares the same:

      Jesus of Nazareth had attained a level of consciousness, of perfection, that has been called by various names: cosmic consciousness, soul regeneration, philosophic initiation, spiritual illumination, Brahmic Splendor, Christ-consciousness.

      “Yet more than a million Southern Baptist laymen and clergy are in Masonry’s “brotherhood,” and defend it as “Christian.” In a stunning demonstration of Masonry’s power (and the number of Masons present), the 1993 annual convention of Southern Baptists voted that Masonic membership was “a matter of personal conscience.” The vote followed the report delivered to the convention by the Interfaith Witness Department that many “tenets and teachings of Freemasonry are not compatible with Christianity and Southern Baptist Doctrine” and that much “undeniably pagan and/or occult” was involved in Masonry. How astonishing that anti-Christianity is an option in the largest Christian de­nomination in America!”

      The power of positive thinking charade. Notice when Trump denied Christ and had no need of forgiveness, Trump said he tries to think more “positively”, which is feeble-mindedness and pure hogwash. [Peale wrote “The Power of Positive Thinking”].

      Here is the real power: We are sinners in need of a Savior and only God is the Savior. God united to a human nature to be the one and only unique God-man named Jesus Christ, for those who believe by God’s gift of faith, He took their place on the cross and died in their place, so that we may live. His human nature shed blood, and His eternal being took the eternal punishment. Our hope is in Him, not our own self, we are powerless. By faith, we obey Him and all His ways as He renews us unto true righteousness, holiness, and knowledge by the very means He ordained to use in the church made effect by His Spirit as Christ is the only Head of His Church and King of kings.

  8. Broad overview comment on counterfeit Israel, including the U.S. pull out of the Iranian Treaty:
    “And as an aside, Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iranian treaty on Tuesday of this week is nothing but political smoke and mirrors. The only reason the U.S. government entered the agreement with Iran in the first place was because it fully expected Iran would break the treaty, thereby giving Israel and the U.S. an excuse to attack the economically rich (and Rothschild bank-free) country. However, since Iran KEPT the treaty (Netanyahu’s baseless accusations to the contrary), Trump had to pull out of the agreement so as to find another justification for attacking Iran.”

    • Thanks adirondack, great article by Baldwin. It’s nice to see some of the preachers speaking out against this fraud.

      • As rev17 mentioned, not many speak out against the fraud. The broad evangelicals who are in the public light a lot are hook line and sinker into populism and the support of the United States of Israel; I would include the Mainline Churches in this category, though on moral issues evangelicals are more moral than Mainline Church doctrines.

        The Reformed churches who do speak out against the fraud from the pulpit many have succumbed to Two-Kingdom Theology, which mainly came out of Westminster Seminary in California. I will come back to Two-Kingdom Theology. Baptist churches already have a disposition in their being separatist churches to view the government with suspicion, though the theology in their churches may not be up to par, but that is another instruction. The Reformed churches who have adopted Two-Kingdom Theology has been spreading for some time. It instructs on how churches are to relate to civil government. Basically what it teaches is the church is not to speak out on civil government issues. What is preached in the church stays within the church building and does not leave. It is teaching the church has no say in the civil realm and what people practice outside of the church gathering can be different from what they let on about (teach and practice) for that hour or two on Sunday. Two-Kingdom Theology, some versions, does teach natural law (the light of nature or reason) can be used in the civil realm, but nothing from the Bible is allowed. So for instances like Israel and its’ fraud theology, natural law will have nothing to say, because it has to do with understand the Bible. Those pushing Israel fraud are saying it is in the Bible, but if people do not know their Bible, then they easily fall into the trap and do not know what is up or down.

        I believe there is a place for God’s Word in the civil realm. For one, we are to be mature in the true knowledge, righteousness, and holiness and if we are to keep our holy living only for an hour or two on Sunday morning, then that is not truly living holy lives and putting into practice good Christian living each and every day discerning good and evil based on God’s Word.

        • Sorry lots of little mistakes above, especially the following should read in the last paragraph: “For one, we are to mature in the true knowledge…” (not: “we are to be mature”).

    • The problem is those who take a stand like Chuck Baldwin are few and far between .. blood is on the hands of Christian Zionists but the same blood is on the hands of those who remain silent .. silence is consent

      Pastor Faces Hate Filled Opposition for Denying “Biblical” State of Israel

      ~”The entire faith system of many professing Christians depends on their allegiance to the modern State of Israel. These Christian Zionists might recite a pledge of allegiance to the United States of America, but their true allegiance is to the State of Israel.”
      ~”With all of the controversial positions I have taken over my forty-plus years in the ministry, I have NEVER received the hate-filled opposition I am receiving right now because of my position that the modern State of Israel is NOT the Israel of the Bible or the “Israel of God.” (Galatians 6:16) That position is NOT based on racism or prejudice or anything of the kind. It is based strictly on my study and understanding of the Holy Scriptures.”
      ~”Continued attacks against me for my position on websites, radio talk shows, periodicals, and newspapers make columns such as this one obligatory. Like my positions or not, I have always tried to be true to my conscience and my beliefs. And if I go to the poor house over this issue, so be it. I will be faithful to the truth as I understand it, regardless. Folks, consider: I had believed, taught, and preached dispensational, Israel-First theology for over thirty years–why would I take an opposite view NOW, after all these years? Why would I risk my ministry, my livelihood, and my family’s future? And with the hateful reaction to my position, that’s exactly what I’ve done.” – Chuck Baldwin

    • This applies equally to all believers ..

      Christian Zionists Silent on Persecution of Ancient Jerusalem Churches

      The reason pastors here in America largely ignore the persecution of their fellow saints in Jerusalem is because their doctrine has been so thoroughly polluted in support of Israel, none dare speak-out against any Zionist aggression. In fact, many cheer the war-mongering and slaying of Muslims in the region by the U.S. and Israel.
      The church in America has been Judaized to the point of no return. Even when the Jewish regime there in Israel acts and mimics the ancient Jews in terms of persecution and out-right criminality they turn a blind eye. The U.S. church should be ashamed of itself to allow evil to go unchecked no matter what name it goes by. Ancient Israel was nothing special in the eyes of God and completely destroyed because they refused to live by the righteous tenants laid out in scripture. And now that modern Israel is magically back on the scene thanks to the efforts of the evilest family to ever walk the earth, the Rothschilds, these Jews still do wrong in the sight of God, mainly persecute His church. And not just any church but the churches that mark the ministry and locations of His one and only Son Jesus Christ.
      The state of the modern church is one of apostasy. If our American church leaders can idly stand by and ignore the plight of our fellow Christians in the Holy City of Jerusalem by the Zionist Jews they are no better than the Pharisees of old that relentlessly persecuted the Church.

      • “Theophilos has in the past few months travelled to the UK, the Vatican, the US and elsewhere to seek support for Christian institutions in the heart of the Holy Land. In the UK, he met Prince Charles, government ministers and Christian leaders, including the archbishops of Canterbury and Westminster and the Coptic archbishop of London.”

        Sadly, Theophilos is looking for help from all the wrong places. Sometimes I am inclined to believe the false unity being espoused worldwide will come to the aid of those like Theophilos and bring a false syncretistic union. Our worship of God is under persecution. In America the high places exist and nobody is taking them down. Theophilos needs encouragement from other Christians. His situation looks so dire, that just knowing others exist on this planet who do believe in Christ might be so much of what he needs, because he is meeting a lot of people in the world who worship idols.

        • Whether or not we may agree with the doctrine of others .. we are held to account .. it is easy for us to claim others must be held to account but scripture is clear .. ‘If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.’ .. who among us is willing to say .. if judgement begins with the household of God then let it begin with me .. both those who support Israel and those who remain silent must be confronted and called to repentance .. there is no neutral position

          • Yes. As we get the log out of our eye, then we may turn from our hypocrisy. Not only tell others to pray and help deliver the message of what is taking place, but by doing ourselves what we ask of others, Lord willing, we submit to Him and all of His ways, for as you said, “We are held to account” – yeap. That is why even though the man is Greek Orthodox, and I identify as Reformed, the patriarch is pleading for help. We need to be there with him in spirit. Those in Jerusalem who worship God are being persecuted and stumbling blocks are being laid by the evil one in many places. God calls His people to Him, and there are people trying to stop His people from heeding His call. There must be good and sound doctrine, so men either more or less clearly bring the message of salvation; they deliver the message of Christ more or less clearly by words in their preaching and reading of Scripture. For where that message is being delivered, whether more or less clearly, God is All-Powerful and even in the murkiest of waters where the gospel is being espoused not very clearly, whether here or in Jerusalem, God is effective in His call and He will bring understanding and open the ears and hearts of His people to come to Him. As for those who get in His way, may He be merciful and just.

      • Thanks for that article rev17. I emailed my pastor and asked for his opinion. Prayers concerning his call for help would be appreciated as well. Our church is solidly against all forms of Zionism at least in doctrine. It will be interesting to see the pastor’s reaction on some practical details and real events taking place in time. Proper theology is not mere abstract intellectual curiosity, but when true to its’ nature, theology is about “things believed in and things to be done” as Junius, who was not alone, put it.

        I also emailed a Christian friend of mine the article who is a professor in a particular, leaving unnamed, region in the Middle East, and asked him if had heard about the call for help.

        • great idea .. my suspicion is many of those who do not claim to be ‘God’s Chosen’ in fact are .. whether muslim or Orthodox .. assimilated or forcibly converted long ago .

        • My pastor had recently heard Christians are being persecuted in Jerusalem, and said it is a good reminder on how we should pray for believers in that historic place. I also received a response from my friend in the Middle East. He said he did not want to comment on something so political over the internet (email), but did mention American Evangelical Christians “in general fail to support (and often actively hurt) Christians throughout the Middle East”.

          • ” but did mention American Evangelical Christians “in general fail to support (and often actively hurt) Christians throughout the Middle East”.”

            WOW! I can’t help but to picture all the commercials of ‘Christians’ asking for money to feed the children, or to send money to help build one more water well etc… These are the Christian ‘groups’ attached to unholy organizations, exploiting or endangering the people for mere profit.

  9. pls we think presidentTrump is destroying the LUCIFERIANSS with God as pilot look photo-Iran-1979 was underLUCIFERIAN control PresidentTrump tookU1 \out-End/ no more in -noko-syria-iran
    soon Palestine with GrandKids Abbas btw GenZ is for Trump) so now lady justice is coming to get the users
    pls pray for Worldpeace & President Trump is the closer we got is now btw our first solution this year 3A be reality soon AK rail to Eurasia for peace and commerce can be tunnel but ElonM is in trouble lately
    the nxt solution is Agriculture- soil (we put it up soon )we drop pieces is some post here about how the LUCIFERIANS destroy since-BASF-IG-FARBEN &
    the best for last Advance
    LUCIFERIANS God & his copilot President Trump is doing an amazing job on that look start of this post
    btw S pain change of guard was peaceful guess who PedroS first guest ? drum roll……

  10. Mueller Finally Starts to Target Trump’s Israel Ties

    “What if the real secret of the Trump campaign isn’t that it’s a Kremlin operation, rather an Israeli operation masquerading as a Russian one?”

  11. Inside the Mysterious Intelligence Firm Now in Mueller’s Sights

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