Iranian forces “fire rockets” at Israeli positions in Golan Heights

Israel’s military says Iranian forces have fired rockets at its positions in the occupied Golan Heights

It said around 20 rockets were fired by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard early on Thursday and some were intercepted, adding that there were no casualties.

Earlier this week, Israel said it had noted “irregular activity” by Iranian forces in the region.

It placed its troops in the Golan Heights on high alert and urged civilians to take shelter.

In a statement, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it viewed the incident “with great severity and remains prepared for a wide variety of scenarios”.

A spokesman for the military, Jonathan Conricus, said that Israel had retaliated for the attack but did not give details.

Syria’s state news agency Sana later said Israeli missiles had been shot down over Syria by anti-aircraft defences.

The latest confrontation follows a reported Israeli missile strike on a military outpost south of the Syrian capital of Damascus on Tuesday.

Sana reported that two missiles were shot down in the Kiswah area and that two civilians were killed in an explosion.

But the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group, said the missiles hit an Iranian weapons depot, killing 15 pro-government fighters.


(((they))) have what they want..unbridled attacks on syrian soil against the very people killing off isis..

of course iran hit you think they will just sit there and get their arses handed to them?

did ww3 break out without us noticing?


~ by seeker401 on May 10, 2018.

19 Responses to “Iranian forces “fire rockets” at Israeli positions in Golan Heights”

  1. Iran Claims Israel Attack Was A False Flag

    • USS Liberty redux.

      If it all goes down someday, I pray in the process our Lord will allow that satanic enclave to be turned to glass.

    • Patrick Lyell Clawson (born March 30, 1951 is an American economist and Middle East scholar. He is currently the Director for Research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and senior editor of Middle East Quarterly.

      Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Clawson graduated with a B.A. from Oberlin College in 1973 and earned a Ph.D. from The New School for Social Research in 1978. He taught at Seton Hall University from 1979–1981 and served as an economist for the International Monetary Fund from 1981 until 1985, when he took a position as a senior economist with the World Bank.

      In September 2012, Clawson suggested that the United States consider the use of “crisis initiation” as a way to provoke Iran into war.

      This guy is just a bloody warmonger at heart!


      “WINEP is a “key organization in the Israel lobby” that was founded in 1985 by leading members of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) to “provide a seemingly ‘objective’ research organization to provide consistently ‘pro-Israel’ analysis and commentary,” according to Harvard professor of International Affairs Steven M. Walt (h/t Firedoglake).

      Former AIPAC staffer MJ Rosenberg was reportedly in the room when WINEP was founded and described the organization as “an AIPAC controlled think-tank that would disseminate the AIPAC line but in a way that would disguise its connections.””

    • He said, “I am not an advocate of that [using covert war to start a war]” YET! he is up at a podium doing the very definition of “advocate”. Hypocrite by many means.

  2. War has been simmering for some time 401, I doubt this incident is the catalyst for serious escalation.

    Remember, none of these did it either:
    South Ossetia/Georgian conflict
    The ongoing Donbass War
    ISIS occupation of Northern Iraq
    Ongoing Syrian action.

    • yeah i have may have jumped the shark..just got a feeling..

      • Oh, its just Cold War II. No biggie. Although Putin today was quoted talking about de-dollarization and that’s kind of going nuclear I think. The old Soviet Union could only dream about that sort of move.

  3. we post it on top yday here goes again except the vid from theSyrian band
    circa 2013 with intro by Dr.RonPaul 🙂 new true order

    isabel said this on May 11, 2018 at 5:08 PM | Reply

    we’re looking a God’s plan
    Putin don’t-sound-Russian ? Put-in/in-put

    • “lyrics True World Order (Feat. Jon Schaffer) Speech by Ron Paul Here they come, the neglected words The screams of the active minds We still recall, the universal call Where truth and truth collide Their seeds of oppression, and history’s mission Clear lessons for all to see The promised land conspiracy We deciphered your design Discrimination is intertwined you feed the project of the new century Thus your wars are justified ( chorus) Distance is no longer a border Respect existence or expect resistance The chant of the true world order A bleeding poet not a breathing soldier Respect existence or expect resistance The chant of the true world order Defy the top of the capstone Enforcing the masterplan that you’re all alone And subject to terrorist attacks So we’ll fight them in their land, but we’re never coming back They’ll violate your core perception To make you fall for the great deception Problem- reaction — solution As the masses chase the freedom illusion Defy the top of the capstone Enforcing the masterplan that you’re all alone Watch out, the anonymous flounce The mirror of all your crimes Like an iron fist, we’ll coexist And forever stand the test of time This darkness will alter, and your minions will falter We’ll crush your fantasy, and retrieve our destiny ( Chorus) Distance is no longer a border Respect existence or expect resistance The chant of the true world order A bleeding poet not a breathing soldier Respect existence or expect resistance The chant of the true world order TRUE WORLD ORDER IS REAL ….”

      btw We saw theAyatollah smiling photo( w fire&Fury byWolf) tday we never saw any-Ayatollah smile bfore ??

  4. Israeli Intelligence Officers Singing Persian Song In Leaked Viral Video Exposes Identities

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