Israel massacres over 50 Palestinians and injures nearly 3000

Fifty-five Palestinian protesters, including six children under 18, have been killed by Israeli fire during demonstrations on the day of the US embassy’s inauguration in Jerusalem, the Palestinian health ministry said Monday.

More than 2,700 protesters have been injured in Gaza on what has been the most violent day of the six week long Great March of Return. Those wounded on Monday include 203 children and 78 women, according to the ministry.

The Palestinian government denounced Monday’s violence as a “terrible massacre” perpetrated “by the forces of the Israeli occupation”, and called for an immediate international intervention to prevent further deaths. A day of national mourning has been declared by the government in Ramallah, to be held Tuesday.

Around 35,000 protesters gathered at the border fence and thousands more within half a mile of the vicinity, according toIsraeli Defence Forces.

Clashes have also reportedly broken out between protesters and the Israeli Defense Forces in Bethlehem.

The first of Monday’s deaths was 21-year-old Anas Hamdan Qudeih, killed east of Khan Yunis, a spokesperson for the ministry said. A 29-year-old man, Mosaab Yousef Ibrahim Abu Laila, was later killed east of Jabalya. Some of the dead have yet to be identified. Six children under the age of 18, including one girl, are among the fatalities.

Amnesty International has called the Israeli violence in Gaza “an abhorrent violation of international law & human rights.”

Around half of all injuries were caused by live bullets while hundreds more were targeted with teargas, according to the ministry. The Palestinian Health Ministry claims that Israeli forces are directly targeting emergency services and journalists and are calling on citizens to urgently donate blood to help save the lives of those wounded.

Six journalists have reportedly been injured while covering Monday’s demonstrations, according to the Journalist Support Committee.


were is the fucking outrage?..hang your heads in shame western leaders..

“Around half of all injuries were caused by live bullets while hundreds more were targeted with teargas, according to the ministry. The Palestinian Health Ministry claims that Israeli forces are directly targeting emergency services and journalists and are calling on citizens to urgently donate blood to help save the lives of those wounded.”

trump getting the blame..he contributed to it with the embassy decision..but who did the shooting?


~ by seeker401 on May 15, 2018.

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  1. To have warmonger ‘Christian’ John Hagee pray the ‘blessing’ in the open ceremony provoking the Muslim world .. Pikes war between Islam and Christianity has officially been initiated by this merciless blood sacrifice ..

    We are told to believe the events unfolding since 1948 are the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy .. or are they in fact unfolding according to a 500 year plan conjured by Kabbalist Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel in 1217 ??

    Rabbi Judah ben Samuel’s Jubilee Prophecy gives the Year of the Messiah
    It was in the year of 1217 CE that one of Judah’s most legendary and prolific German Hassidic rabbis made an astounding prediction about the future of Jerusalem and the coming of the Messiah. Known as Judah ben Samuel (Judah He-Hasid or Judah the Pious, he lived in the 12th and 13th century in Regensburg, Germany…

    It was in this year that Rabbi Judah ben Samuel began publishing his biblical calculations called the Gematria, plus his astronomical observations a gave us this summary which we can read today.
    Rabbi Judah ben Samuel – “When the Ottomans (Turks) – who were already a power to be reckoned with on the Bosporus in the time of Judah Ben Samuel – conquer Jerusalem they will rule over Jerusalem for eight jubilees. Afterwards Jerusalem will become no-man’s land for one jubilee, and then in the ninth jubilee it will once again come back into the possession of the Jewish nation – which would signify the beginning of the Messianic end time.”

    According to Leviticus 25, one Jubilee period is 50 years in which the 50th year, each person will regain ownership of his or her tribal lands. As Rabbi Judah the Pious looked into the future, he was postulating theoretical calculations, which today are showing them to be amazingly accurate. It would be over 300 years after his death that his first prediction would become true.

    During the Roman Christian Crusades, the Mamluk began their reign in Jerusalem in the year of 1250 CE when the last Ayyubid Sultan of Egypt, Turanshah was assassinated by his Mamluk slave General Aibek. Aibek then founded the Mamluk Bahri dynasty. They held power over Jerusalem until they were conquered by the Ottoman Turks in the year of 1517, three hundred years after the death of Rabbi Judah ben Samuel.
    According to Rabbi Judah he-Hasid, the Ottoman Turks would later wrestle power and control over the Middle East and assume power and control over Jerusalem. They would control the Land of Palestine and Jerusalem for eight Jubilees, according to his predictive calculations.

    The Ottoman Empire at its Peak
    Well, eight Jubilees (50 years x 8 Jubilees) are 400 years. We know again by history that the Ottoman Turks gained control of Jerusalem in the year 1517 and held power over Jerusalem for 400 years, when they were conquered in 1917, by the British military forces under the command of British military General Edmund Allenby on Hanukkah, December 17, 1917. The Ottoman Turks began to falter in 1918 after the defeat of the army at Jerusalem. The city of Damascus fell on October 1, Homs on October 16, and Aleppo on October 25 and Turkey capitulated on October 30, 1918. After this date the League of Nations conferred the Turkey, Syria, and Egypt to the British Mandate that included the Land of Israel, then called Palestine, and Jerusalem to the British.

    Then the prophecy continues when it states; “Afterwards Jerusalem will become no-man’s land for one jubilee.” Is it not amazing that from the year of 1917 when the British Mandate controlled the city of Jerusalem, Jerusalem did become under international law a “no-man’s land for one jubilee”. It was fifty years after that year in 1917, that the Israeli army captured the city of Jerusalem in the Six Day War on June 17, 1967. Exactly one Jubilee, 50 years later, Jerusalem returned for the first time to the control of the Jewish-Israeli ownership since the day when Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 CE.

    Called the “Light of Israel”, Rabbi Ben Samuel truly was a “Light to the World”. He did not discriminate against anyone who wanted to learn from him. Even the Roman Catholic bishops sought his wisdom.

    Judah ben Samuel of Regensburg
    Judah was descended from an old family of kabbalists from Northern Italy that had settled in Germany. His grandfather Kalonymus was a scholar and parnas in Speyer (died 1126). His father Samuel, also called HeHasid (“the pious”), HaKadosh, and HaNabi,[2] was president of a bet ha-midrash in Speyer, and from him Judah, together with his brother Abraham, received his early instruction. Samuel[3] died while Judah was still young.[4] About 1195 he left Speyer and settled in Regensburg (Ratisbon), on account of an “accident”[5] – most probably a ritual murder accusation Feb. 13 1195 (see e.g. Israel Yuval: Two Nations in Your Womb (2006) p. 171) and the following persecution experienced by the Jews of Speyer.

    • very interesting, thanks, Rev!

      that 12th jewish rabbi KNEW things…

      too much esoteric ideas here…and the concept of Divine Being vs. Divine Majesty recalls a lot the Gnostic ideas on the Creator vs. the Demiurg…


      The precise importance of Judah ben Samuel is somewhat difficult to determine. Side by side with the official, dogmatic religion of the Church or the Synagogue there has always existed a mysticism dealing more largely and more intimately with the personal relation of the individual to God, which at times was in opposition to the religion of the Synagogue. Judah’s mysticism was in such a stage of opposition; he therefore undervalued the study of the Halakhah and indulged in marked departures from the accepted religious practises. He endeavored to deepen the feeling of devotion and piety and emphasized the importance of studying the Bible rather than studying the Talmud.[citation needed] He deals mystically with prayer, regarding it as more important than study. It was really he who introduced theosophy among the Jews of Germany. The occasional quotations from his Sefer HaKavod present the salient points of his views.

      The conception of a personal relation to the Lord was long since felt by Jewish thinkers to be inconsistent with His spiritual nature. Judah and his school, therefore, though not the first ones, distinguished between the Divine Being ( ‘Eẓem) and the Divine Majesty (Kavod). The Divine Being, called also Ḳedushshah, dwells in the west, invisible to men and angels. The Divine Being is superior to all human perception. When God reveals Himself to men and angels, He appears in the form of the Divine Majesty.

  2. Turkey calls OIC for an extraordinary summit on Jerusalem in Istanbul

    Turkey, as the term president, has announced its decision to organize an extraordinary summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on Jerusalem after the opening of the United States Embassy in the city that claimed the lives of dozens of Palestinian protestors.
    “Turkey has decided to call the OIC to an extraordinary meeting on Friday [May 18],” government spokesman and Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ told reporters late May 14 after the weekly cabinet meeting.
    Turkey strongly condemned the U.S. for opening the embassy in Jerusalem and Israel for “committing a massacre” against the Palestinian protestors. It called its envoys to Washington D.C. and Tel Aviv for consultations.

  3. a FF is being prepared…#WhichWayToPersia:
    edited by
    works for

    no traceable info- about that “Iranian Justice Seeker Student Movement” on the net except for the generated by the free beacon link…
    fishy, fishy…


    • “Soon Trump was tapped out and couldn’t make his debt payments.

      Enter Wilbur Ross, billionaire bond trader portrayed by the Illuminati financial media as an “independent investor”. In fact, in 1992 Ross was heading Rothschild Inc.’s bankruptcy advising team, which represented bondholders who were threatening to foreclose on Donald’s house of cards.

      Ross saw how Trump had the ability to sway masses of people, something certainly not missed by his bosses at Rothschild. So he struck a sweetheart bankruptcy deal for Trump, where he would relinquish a 50% stake in his Atlantic City, NJ Taj Mahal casino in return for better debt terms and a Presidency to be named later.

      Rothschild and their City of London partners in crime, not only got a new East Coast money laundering center in Atlantic City. They now had their straw man Trump by the balls.

      Later Ross would partner with Jared Kushner in buying commercial properties in New York through Invesco. Jared married Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who prior to that had been dating Lord Jacob Rothschild’s son Nat. Ross got behind Trump’s candidacy and would later be named Commerce Secretary.”


  6. Erdogan Calls Status of Jerusalem a ‘Red Line’ for Muslims

    “Today we held a highly important meeting in terms of supporting the Palestinians and sending a signal to Israel. In our resolution, we emphasized that Jerusalem is our ‘red line’. We do not recognize the US decision to transfer the embassy there; American policy encourages Israel even more. The US leadership has punished the Palestinians, whereas Israel, which violates international law, has been rewarded,” Erdogan said at a press conference.

    • Erdogan as the natural leader of the ex-ottoman empire lands/countries…

      …the saudis…well, the lapdog of the British empire, those who put them into power and used them against the Ottoman empire in the XVIII-XX s.
      together with the Trucial states…

      • The Ottoman Empire was in league with the Hapsburgs and Germanic empire in WW1 while the Arabs submitted to the British and French.

  7. The Peel Commission Report

    The purpose of this page is to collect information about the British Peel Commission Report on Palestine. It is interesting to note that the original name for group was the Palestine Royal Commission. This seems to negate the assumption that the Holy Land was never called Palestine.

  8. British Mandate: A Survey of Palestine, prepared by the British Mandate for UN prior to proposing the 1947 partition plan

    A Survey of Palestine was the official research prepared by Government of Palestinian (then under British military occupation/Mandate) for the United Nation Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP) in 1946. The below three volumes (over 1,300 pages all available below) covers all aspects of Palestinian life before Nakba such as: population, land registration and sale, agriculture, industry, immigration, industry, political parties, exports, welfare, natural resources, energy, … etc. Since many Zionist Myths (most importantly Palestine was an empty country, and Jews made its desert bloom) have been concocted to legitimize the Zionist enterprise, we found it critical to share this research with the general public. In our opinion, if you are serious about knowing the core issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, then this research is a must read. We hope you enjoy this presentation and please share with friends and loved ones. We shall return.

  9. Nakba (Catastrophe)! Say What? War With Iran!

  10. Turkish President Erdogan Predicts Holy ‘War’ Over Austrian Mosque Closures

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan predicted “a war” between Christianity and Islam on Saturday after the Austrian government announced it will shut down seven Turkish nationalist mosques in Vienna and possibly expel up to 60 imams.
    “You do this and we sit idle? It means we will take some steps too,” Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul.
    “These measures taken by the Austrian chancellor are, I fear, leading the world towards a war between the cross and the crescent,” he continued, according to the German newspaper Die Welt.

  11. ‘Axis’ against Merkel
    In a dangerous swipe at Chancellor Angela Merkel, her own interior minister is siding with the Austrian and Italian governments to forge a right-wing “axis of the willing” to curb immigration. Conservative lawmakers threaten with a vote on refugee policy in the Bundestag.
    June 14, 2018

  12. Maybe ‘they’re’ close to finishing their new Industrial Revolution and Globalism was just another ‘pretend to fail scheme’, until the next one comes around in a hundred years?

  13. Apartheid State of Israel Determined or Destined to Trigger Armageddon?

    “The mundane affairs of humanity are often controlled by cryptic scriptural prophecy and obscure calendrical predictions. Most of these age-old prophecies and supporting predictions were originally passed down by way of ancient oral traditions. When they came to pass, they were then written down in scrolls and on tablets. In this way they could be referred to at critical moments to impress future generations of the awesome power and veracity of the prophets.”
    The preceding dynamic (and pivotal data point) is crucial to understand when discussing the notion of Armageddon. That’s because, just like the 7-year biblical Shemitah, it was a manmade construct that bore no relationship whatsoever to divine prophecy. Rather, the long-prophesied Armageddon has been used by its creators to instill great fear throughout the Judeo-Christian-Islamic world. And it has worked like a charm as self-fulfilling prophecies often do.
    Each of these 3 religions has been subject to unrelenting mass manipulation and mind control programming over many centuries in the interest of advancing an extremely secret plan designed by carefully hidden perpetrators. (The Greater Israel project is only a tip of the iceberg.)

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