Images 20/5/18


invisible death..

pure coincidence..

a school mural in California..

so it was palestine..

yeah it was..

pandora..enough said..

NXIVM..the rabbit hole runs deep..


shawn mendes..

beyonce coat of arms form coachella..whats at the top?

yes its real..the use of a camel as a billboard is uniquely middle eastern..

“new world”..”new dawn”..all on the checkerboard floor..i must say i looked through all the royals up front and didnt see any other gingers from the male side of the family..but yeah..hes a windsor not a hewitt..


~ by seeker401 on May 21, 2018.

25 Responses to “Images 20/5/18”

  1. Very curious, in what publication did the “Build Jewish homeland” ad appear? what year? thanks.

    pure coincidence

  3. Large Fund Collected at the Palestine Restoration Fund Mass Meeting
    Denver Jewish News 1920

  4. What?! A Satanic sex cult is tied to the Clinton’s, and it was known over ten years ago. It couldn’t be! (haha!)

  5. “Was Gnosticism Tolerant and Inclusive? Debunking Some Myths about “Alternative” Christianities

    “Myth #1: Gnosticism was more popular than traditional Christianity.

    “Time and again we are told that Gnostics were just as widespread as orthodox Christians, and that their books were just as popular too (if not more so). The reason they did not prevail in the end is because they were oppressed and forcibly stamped out by the orthodox party who had gained power through Constantine.

    “But, this is simply not the case. All the evidence suggests that it was “the Great Church” (in the language of the pagan critic Celsus) that dominated the earliest Christian centuries, long before Constantine. Moreover, Gnostic writings were not nearly as popular as those which became canonical, as can be seen by the number of manuscripts they left behind. For example, we have more copies of just the Gospel of John from the first few centuries than we have of all apocryphal works combined.

    “Myth #2: Gnosticism was more inclusive and open-minded than traditional Christianity.

    “Myth #3: Gnosticism more accurately reflects the teachings of the historical Jesus than traditional Christianity.

    “Myth #4: Gnosticism was more favorable towards women than traditional Christianity.

    “Myth #5: Gnosticism was more positive towards human sexuality than traditional Christianity.

    For fuller article:

  6. Middle East Kingdoms
    Ancient Central Levant States

  7. Fantastic Info gentlemen. Thank you.

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