Starbucks boss leaves firm after 36 years..may run for President

Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz, who oversaw the growth of the coffee chain into a global powerhouse, has said he is quitting the company after nearly four decades.

Mr Schultz, who retired as chief executive last year, is to relinquish his seat on the board on 26 June.

The move has raised questions about his political ambitions.

In an interview with the New York Times, Mr Schultz did not rule out a run for president.

“One of the things I want to do in my next chapter is to figure out if there is a role I can play in giving back,” he said.

“I’m not exactly sure what that means yet.”

He added: “I want to be of service to our country, but that doesn’t mean I need to run for public office to accomplish that.”

Schultz was born to a Jewish family on July 19, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York, the son of ex-United States Army trooper and then truck driver Fred Schultz, and his wife, Elaine (Lederman). With his younger sister, Ronnie, and brother, Michael, he grew up in the Canarsie Bayview Houses of the New York City Housing Authority.


ticks some boxes..

“In an interview with the New York Times, Mr Schultz did not rule out a run for president.”

which side?


~ by seeker401 on June 6, 2018.

10 Responses to “Starbucks boss leaves firm after 36 years..may run for President”

  1. Starbucks has been in the news. Under a form of meritorious (false) penance? Not all Starbucks closed down for social conditioning, but the one near us did close down for social conditioning classes.


  3. Notice what is happening in the culture makes an effort to infiltrate the church(es). There have been other comments in the blog taking note of how some in power pit race and ethnic groups against each other in order to cause chaos and subversion:

    May 24, 2018, “Recent events in the SBC cause me to feel like I am riding blindfolded on a roller-coaster. I know more drops and sharp turns are coming but I do not know when or where. If you have been even mildly aware of American evangelicalism the last few months, you have at least some idea of what I am talking about.

    “But the end games for some appear to include everything from the full acceptance of women pastors, partial acceptance of the LBGTQ+ agenda, and reparations by the descendants of slaveholders to the descendants of slaves.

    “My fear is that forces currently at work will harness good causes—like the respect and protection of women and the rejection of racism—in order to use them to advance the above-mentioned agendas. The way that I see it, the main reason that Southern Baptists are vulnerable at just this point stems from a failure to submit practically to the full authority and sufficiency of Scripture. This is ironic—a tragic irony, to be sure—given the recent history of the ‘battle for the Bible’ in the SBC. Inerrancy won the day and the ‘conservative resurgence’ has been heralded ever since as an unprecedented work of God to rescue the SBC from following mainline denominations into apostasy.”

  4. “How Did We Get Where We Are?: A Cultural and Biblical Analysis of the Sexual Revolution” Dr. George Scipione, “To understand these developments, it is necessary to analyze the religious history of the western world. First of all, one must realize that the likes of the United States and Canada were never Christian nations. They are certainly not like covenanting Scotland of the 1600s. They are not even Zambia of 1991, where inaugurated president Frederick Jacob Titus Chiluba proclaimed, “I declare, today, that I submit myself as president to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I likewise submit the government and the entire nation of Zambia to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

    “Nevertheless, even while these western powers maintain no true Christian identity, Biblical influence on the United States and Canada has been real. There are Bible verses on public buildings. There are paid chaplains in the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States Congress [etc.].”

    Reformed Presbyterian Theological Journal 4.2 (Spring 2018),_Iss._2,_Spring_2018).pdf

    • pdf not working. Spring Journal article found here:

    • More from the same journal article:

      “The church and society must realize that Kinsey was a dishonest pan-sexualist who knew no bounds of right and wrong. He was a personal deviant who deliberately perverted a people in the name of purportedly objective science. He and his staff committed crimes of molesting children under the guise of research and under the protection of the Indiana University at Bloomington campus. This scam received significant funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. Kinsey and his companions pulled off one of the biggest heists in history, one of the most incredible quodlibetical obfuscations of reality in history in general and academic history in particular.

      “The context of this major historical development is the whole eugenics movement: breeding people like animals under the vision of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood. This movement was connected to Nazism and Communism, as shown in one of its prominent leaders, Hermann J. Muller. After teaching at the University of Texas, Muller left in the early 1930s and went to Germany in spite of having a Jewish mother. He worked with the Nazis and then moved over to Leningrad to work with the communists. He later returned to the University of Indiana at Bloomington, where Kinsey was working. The eugenics movement wanted to get rid of bad people, like southern Europeans, Jews, or other “defective” people. That is the background of how the sexual revolution is tied up with the eugenics movement.

      “The same undercurrent of revolution has taken place in reference to the homosexual movement.”

      Dr. George Scipione. “How Did We Get Where We Are?: A Cultural and Biblical Analysis of the Sexual Revolution.” 31-32.

    • [cont’ p. 33]
      “What Kinsey brought, however, was just the beginning of a perverted sexual transformation. Due to pressure from the homosexual community, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) removed homosexuality as a mental illness in 1973. In 1995, the DSM-5 removed sadism and pedophilia as disorders. Such thinking drives people to be comfortable with sadist and pedophilic tendencies – as long as they are not personally bothered by them. In the end, with such thinking, pedophilia is not a crime or a mental illness, let alone a sin.

      “The modern church inadvertently helps the cause of the world in this way, and makes it worse, by becoming unduly worldly and adopting the standards of the successful pagans next door, whether in methods of church growth or in picking a missionary for the foreign field. Such tendencies reveal that the church begins to view the manipulated data of so-called social science as a new form of revelation on a par with the Bible. The church gladly barters away its birthright of the Word and Spirit for a manmade stew made up of the social sciences, especially psychology and state-licensed sex therapists. Other churches wrongly withdraw from the world, waiting to be raptured out of the suffering, not realizing that God’s people must suffer with Christ. Still other churches focus on becoming the moral majority and not existing as Christ’s bride.

      “All of these failures reveal that the mediatorial reign of Christ is being ignored by the church. Instead of staying in the arms of the heavenly bridegroom who alone can produce the fruit of the Spirit, the church sleeps with the enemy and gives birth to deformed churches which look a lot like their father, the devil. In other words, they are synagogues of Satan (cf. Rev. 2:9; 3:9).

      “The United States is beginning to look more and more like Europe, and what is Europe? The ghost of Christianity past. Empty cathedrals, empty churches, and now it may not have the backbone to face the third great attempt of Islam to overtake Europe. The first two were defeated; the outcome to the third remains uncertain. Matthew 28 is ignored. The church is given the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. The church must go into the world and make disciples. Instead of the world looking like the field ripe for the harvest, now the world becomes the church’s friend. Instead of praying for more gospel workers, more psychologists and social workers are sought out to rescue the church from its problems. Like King Ahaz of old (cf. 2 Kings 16), the church seeks to imitate the people who are its conquerors. Pagan altars are taken up, the worship of the true God is forsaken, and false worship is the output.”

  5. Which side you ask? The jewish side of course… aka, the banksters (97% or more of all banksters are jews). It’s funny how we were told when we were young that the jews were the “poor pitiful me” people that Hitler killed (lies) and that they are so oppressed that we non-jews should feel sorry for them… blah, blah, blah!

    The jews true history was erased from the history books because it was so violent. They were called khazarians. Study their stories and it will make you look at the Vikings as a bunch of wimps. These people were (still are as they are the pedophiles that Trump is going after today) the most evil of evil.

    I remember when Starbucks first came out and I thought to myself that’s the most stupid company ever. Who in their right mind would pay $10 for a cup of coffee? I tried to short its’ stock many times and lost… couldn’t understand how it could keep going up. That was before I found out the stock market was rigged.

    Now days you can just look at the images and symbols in a company logo and signs to know if they are backed by the Illuminati or not? Of course if I’d known that back then I’d clearly been going long that company as it has plenty of Illuminati symbols and signs in it.

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