Images 10/6/18

postcard perfect..

love the hat..

nice numbers..

these are the people who will rule over us one day..

i bet you are..because all roads lead to one path..

subtle eh?

ariana looking very different but the same old eye..


lana with her one eye and her pussy..

strategic hair placement..

what is it about this crystal ball?


~ by seeker401 on June 12, 2018.

8 Responses to “Images 10/6/18”

  1. uhm…

    A huge debate taking place in the churches. The articles on the internet are growing exponentially. The PCA has been a pillar of the truth in Christ, but in recent decades certain cracks have developed as some of the local churches have wondered away from the truth in Scripture about God and His ways. The wider cultural winds are now at the doorstep of the PCA, and the question is: will it remain strong in the Lord. For Christians, keeping an eye on the PCA at this time, praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ is upon our minds and hearts.

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