Images 17/6/18

the bitter irony..

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu..japanese singer..


and more..

the most famous pig in hong kong..

they actually believe their own bullshit..get in line millionaire..

hello indeed..musk becoming a target for hate now..

just some random kids playing with guns..nothing to see here..

i bet NOBODY saw photo B..this is how the media works..

robert and his friends..seems to be a pattern of some of rubbing shoulders with the same crowd..

and here is harvey..

famous last tweets..


~ by seeker401 on June 19, 2018.

15 Responses to “Images 17/6/18”



  3. Seek, your twitter image Ossuary, a Roman Catholic church decorated with the bones of up to 70 000 individuals

    when you click the link you see this one It looks like a locust!


  5. we think maybe Seek hack bySEXY-METAL ?
    here to blow-EXPOSE LUCIFERIANSS maybe?
    to all X-tians on blog here isTIME Proverbs16-4&18-5

    • The wicked are purposed for eternal wrath, for God is just and righteous and the ways of wicked are bondage and despair. God is glorified and even the wicked will know Him upon the Last Day; they will know how foolish they really were. Praise God for His work of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. How we should praise and thank Him, for we do not deserve His lovingkindness.

    • Killed him.

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