Teslas may produce as much CO2 as gasoline powered cars..awkward!


Touted by some as the planet’s greenest vehicles, electric Teslas may be as bad for the environment as traditional petrol and diesel cars, the latest research reveals.

According to researchers at the UK-based climate data provider Engaged Tracking, the production of Tesla cars, as well as fossil fuel-powered plants used for generating electricity to charge the vehicles produce nearly the same amount of emissions that conventional engines do.

Engaged Tracking analysts used a different approach to studies that usually produce favorable results for electric vehicles. They explored the total emissions generated during the construction process of a Tesla Model S instead of counting how much CO2 is produced by the vehicle during its lifecycle. The astonishing results show that a Tesla is not cleaner to run than any other petrol car in Britain.

“The annual emissions of a UK car is 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide, based on an average of 7,800 miles a year,” the research firm’s chief analyst Jonathan Harris told The Sunday Times. “Both the Tesla Model S vehicles we analyzed have the same emissions as an ordinary petrol car of 1.5 tons of CO2 per year.”

The researcher also compared Tesla Model S to the BMW i3, which is smaller and produces an annual emission equivalent of 1.3 tons of CO2, making it 15 per cent more efficient than the Tesla Model S.

According to Tesla, the comparison between the Model S and an average car was not fair, because the Tesla was much larger. The company said that the BMW i3 should be compared to its smaller car – the Model 3, while Model S should compete with such a vehicle as the Mercedes S-Class S500. Tesla claims Mercedes produces nearly 300 percent more emissions than its Model S.

“It makes no sense to compare Model S to the average annual emissions figure for cars in the UK, because that average includes a lot of smaller models that are dissimilar to Model S,” the company said as quoted by the media. “’Any fair analysis shows that electric vehicles like Model S and Model 3 generate far less CO2 per mile than any comparable gas-powered car.”


but dont let that spoil a good story..

“The astonishing results show that a Tesla is not cleaner to run than any other petrol car in Britain.”


~ by seeker401 on July 2, 2018.

One Response to “Teslas may produce as much CO2 as gasoline powered cars..awkward!”

  1. I would not touch them for another reason – the amount of dirty electricity they emit very close to the occupants . We are electrical beings using tiny
    electrical currents to live – so already people are getting sick after a long drive .
    We have known this from the discovery of electricity – you need distance from these EMF waves which disturb the biology of our cells .
    Even non electric cars have too much EMF and wifi .

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