Leaders in trouble..Razak arrested over 1MDB investigation..Ecuador judge orders arrest of ex-president Rafael Correa


Former Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak has been arrested, Malaysia’s anti-corruption task force told the ABC, amid an investigation into how billions of dollars went missing from a state fund he founded almost a decade ago.

Authorities picked Mr Najib up from his home after serving him with a remand order, two sources close to the family said.

Charges, including embezzlement and bribery with government money, are expected to be handed down early Wednesday morning.

Mr Najib was arrested at his Kuala Lumpur home at 2:35pm (local time), sources said.

In a pre-recorded message posted on Twitter after his arrest, Mr Najib said not all the accusations against him and his family were true.


The National Court of Justice of Ecuador has ordered the preventive detention of the country’s former president Rafael Correa and requested that Interpol apprehend him for extradition.

The request for Correa’s detention was filed by the country’s chief prosecutor on Tuesday. The prosecution is accusing Correa, who served as the president of Ecuador from 2007 to 2017, of being involved in the kidnapping of Fernando Balda, a former opposition lawmaker, in 2012 in Colombia – charges that Correa vehemently denies.

Balda himself was charged with orchestrating a foiled coup attempt in 2010. The charges were filed when the lawmaker was in Colombia, from where he was eventually deported to Ecuador in 2012 and served a year in prison for endangering state security.

Correa, who is living in Belgium with his family, is up in arms over the court’s ruling, arguing on Twitter that the request to put him in custody was made without “a single piece of evidence.” He believes the extradition does not stand a chance at the international level.

“How much success will this farce have at the international level? Don’t worry, everything is a matter of time. We will win!”he added.


interesting times..

razak is in all sorts of trouble and many more will follow..hes been a pig with his snout in the trough..

correas problem isnt as significant..and could involve some sort of “payback”..will he be extradited?..did he learn from assange??


~ by seeker401 on July 5, 2018.

3 Responses to “Leaders in trouble..Razak arrested over 1MDB investigation..Ecuador judge orders arrest of ex-president Rafael Correa”

  1. we said checkRafaelC interview fromB onRT tday interesting

  2. the fact is Correa is a liar, cheat, theif and sold out Ecuador to China, and many other crimes; I live hear, we hear personal; stories daily. No wonder he is in Belgium! The guy is no better than his drug dealer father and most people here know it! Good riddance to him and his venezualan style fake leadership; socialism always end in death and destruction….Thank GOD Moreno is a man with some sense!

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