Images 8/7/18

what spin will tarantino put on this story?

take the time to look at these papers..they are incredibly honest and honestly terrifying..

insiders know the game..

no coincidences..

katy, always close to an eye..


these ladies are screaming at trump through their vaginas..true story..

urggh.. huh?

the duality..

click and look..on the same day a 180 degree change of headline..this is why mainstream is a crock of shit..

the old timers were not happy with this image..from all religions..

how to make a sigil..

inconvenient truth..coal is growing not falling as an energy source..


~ by seeker401 on July 9, 2018.

12 Responses to “Images 8/7/18”


  2. I’m surprised they didn’t both ‘jump’ out of a hotel window or this is a just new narrative for the next generation …. Somedays, I have to wonder IF JFK or Elvis weren’t just too drugged out and too crippled to be ‘king’ and their deaths weren’t faked! 🙂

  3. Ariana Grande ‘ God is a Woman’

    The Hollywood Luciferians are Going in ALL or Nothing now

    • we also add his newBF now fiance is aNineellleven children His Dad Died onTowersRIP no time to find name but works onSNL btw is not bad comedian

    • I was reading about Catholic theologians and why Mary is venerated according to them (see: “Harvest of Medieval Theology”). They falsely imagine (because it is not in the Bible) that Jesus is a wrathful judge and so Mary softens His heart so Jesus will be more gentle and loving. That is why to get to Jesus they say one has to go through Mary. Mary softens the heart of Jesus and without her God would just be all wrath. It is the same Gnosticism of the likes of Marcionite. They also test God by stating if Jesus really is the Redeemer then He would have Honored His Mother by having her born without sin. They also falsely imagine Mary’s compassion at the cross was Mary’s co-redemptive activity with Christ. Her compassion offered up His sacrifice on the cross and she participated in this way to make His sacrifice worthy. It was her compassion at the cross and it being her co-redemptive activity that additionally made the way of salvation have to go through her to get to Christ. At the cross, her compassion made her co-redeemer, and while Christ is judge, her love softens His heart to save people. What wickedness these false imaginations are in rejecting the once for all time accomplished work of Jesus Christ ALONE.

      That is why Catholicism and worldly ways fit so well together. They both reject Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior. They always have to distract people toward other idols to venerate and worship.

      • what matters, dead adirondack, are the love, mercy & moral values…the energy that compassion & love generate could move mountains.
        all the best

        • It is definitely more complicated than that. Love, mercy, and moral values sound great and wonderful, but then people define them differently. I go by God’s definition and interpretation of love, mercy, and moral values as written in Scripture. God hates sin, but for some, hate – even of sin – is not being loving enough, so they embrace their sin and guilt and appease their conscience with placebo’s like idolatry and the worship of Mary pretending somehow that is what true love, mercy and moral values are. Meanwhile they reject true love who is only Jesus Christ and what He did in our place for He is the unique God-man who was only able to satisfy the just eternal punishment that all our sins deserve. The gospel is good news, but some people trade it in for their version of love.

    • Gaia worship..

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