Images 19/8/18

netflix know the game..its an old game..

arnie also knows the do the UN..nice eye..

from the vault..marina and debbie on point..cannibalism is so avant garde..


hoodwink by name..

courtney cox of “friends” fame showing her daughter how its done..

big company..big logo..

hidden in plain sight..

but dont you dare use a straw in California!

meddling in elections and leadership..those damn russians..

creepy shit..this is some sort of screen entertainment..thanks but no thanks..

uncanny..all coincidence..

bazaar should be spelled bizarre..

paris jackson with the one eye and some animal mk ultra prints..shes so screwed..dont think she will see 40..

american tv host..karamo brown..

dude is out there..the guards laugh out of fear..


~ by seeker401 on August 20, 2018.

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  1. What a horrible comment:

    article, “In a video of the rally, what appear to be Christian counter-protestors can be seen holding signs that read “you shall have no other gods before me” and “I am the Lord your God.” However, it’s unclear whether any protestors who seemed or claimed to be Satanists were actually interested in idol worship or the occult. After all, the Satanic Temple, not to be confused with the Church of Satan, is partly a political activist group whose stated mission is to encourage the separation of church and state and “benevolence and empathy among all people.”
    They are idol worshippers who take on the name of Satan. Benevolence and empathy are not a mark of Christians; such virtues are the fruit of Christians, but do not make Christians distinctly Christian. Only Christ and our faith in Him is the distinctive mark.

    Also, I think this is what is coming down the pipe. Who gets to define Christianity and religion in general in order for the Supreme Court, or any other government body, to make decisions?:
    article, ““If you’re going to have one religious monument up then it should be open to others, and if you don’t agree with that then let’s just not have any at all,” said Satanic Arkansas co-founder Ivy Forrester, who helped organize the rally.”

  2. Port Adelaide Power…. power failure, again

  3. all these images and I was thinking how their coming out party is really a coming out of all sorts of wickedness. A real pandora’s box of horrors.

    And the picture below is out in the internet world, why? To make cannibalism look dreamy and innocent?

  4. The Hoodwick photo reminded me of the Gnostic transhumanism false belief that people are god(s) who emanated into cognitive disassociation searching for their way back to wholeness: the Gnostic, pagan goddess Sophia:

    • sophia..

    • sophia = wisdom, not gnostic, but hellenistic.

      “Sophia (Greek: σοφία sophía ‘wisdom’) is a central idea in Hellenistic philosophy and religion, Platonism, Gnosticism, and Christian theology. Originally carrying a meaning of “cleverness, skill”, the later meaning of the term, close to the meaning of Phronesis (“wisdom, intelligence”), was significantly shaped by the term philosophy (“love of sophia”) as used by Plato.

      In Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity, Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) is an expression for God the Mother in the Trinity (as in the dedication of the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople) and, frequently, for the Holy Spirit.”

      cathedrals, named after “St. Sofia”:

      Constantinople (s.IV):

      Kiev (built when it was the capital of the Kievskaia Rus’, the origins of the Russian state itself, s.XI),_Kiev

      Sofia, Bulgaria (built in s. IV-VI; the city takes its name from this church, “wisdom”),_Sofia

      Ohrid, Macedonia (s. IX),_Ohrid

      • Many Gnostics considered Sophia. And yes, Sophia would be Hellenistic, not Christian, because Gnosticism is not Christian, but takes on a Christian veneer, but is totally not Christian (followers of Christ), which is why the early church rightly condemned their false dogma.

        • 🙂 seems Emperor Constatine should have been a gnostic: he simply named his main church Hagia Sophia …

          The Christian religion arose from the unification of the hebrew tradition & the greek philosophy (the Septuagint was produced in Alexandria by the cultural elite of the hellenised hebrews living there, firstly as a a tiny hebrew sect like many others at the time, but later reassembled to suit the needs of the state of Constantine (council of Nicea 325 and following, where the dogma started to take shape).

          “from the diversity of Christianity “throughout the first four Christian centuries”, eventually one form of Christianity became dominant in the empire of Constantine and his successors.[27]”

          (coincides with the views of the imminent Spanish New Testament scholar, prof. A. Piñero)

          …the rest is just christian theology operated during the following centuries…

          • The Christian religion is from Scripture alone, Christ alone.

            Gnosticism is a veneer of Christianity mixed with pagan religion a syncretic mix of unbelief of no Christ and Scripture cut and pasted into whatever fits the Gnostics dogma. If the text does not fit the Gnostic dogma, then those texts are merely discarded or brushed off in the name of history and science, which are not really history and science just a veneer once again.

            • curious the Septuagint, IIIº c. b.c. (the OT, so, Scripture, so “divine inspiration”, the text the orthodox christians use) differs from the Masoretic Text of the OT, VI to IX c. a.d. (the OT, so, Scripture, so “divine inspiration”, the text the catholic&protestant christians use) in some 3000 points.
              Which exactly is “Christ alone.”? “The Christian religion” which “is from Scripture alone”…God inspired all of them but then distracted a bit and made many variants of his word?….duh…

    • Sophia “Oneness” of Gnosticism where all are one, including machines and human flesh… cyborg mentality. A complete rejection of the distinctiveness of the Creator, and how people are created by Him who is Yahshua.

  5. ???
    “To understand what we would call the “Illuminati” you have to first understand them as the ultimate keepers of this Gnostic knowledge; the ones at the top of the hierarchy, who purposely horde knowledge for themselves, in order to exercise power and dominion over all others.
    This Gnostic religion is something I’ve called the Babylonian Mystery Cult in times past – and yes, it goes back that far. You might have also seen me call them #TheCabal – and yes, I think Springmeier’s “pie” illustrates the organization breakdown of The Cabal quite nicely.”

    • interesting link thanks..

    • 🙂 of course the 11-S was not an inside job, but the fanatic act perpetrated by 19 bearded arab beduins, since there are videos on youtube that claim that the plains on the twin towers were just holograms…the same relation the gnosticism has with the real elite of psychopaths that dominate us…debunking…distorting…misleading…great work, Tavist&Co!
      btw, the gnosticism says there is no need of intermediary (=church, priestly class&co “elite”) in order to know the Divine creator. just personal work within ourselves.
      when it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

      • “btw, the gnosticism says there is no need of intermediary (=church, priestly class&co “elite”) in order to know the Divine creator. just personal work within ourselves.”

        Which is why Gnosticism rejects Jesus Christ. Gnostics rely upon their own self, instead of relying upon the accomplished work of Jesus Christ. Well, He paid the eternal price, because only He could take the punishment eternally in His very Being on the cross, for He is God. Those who rely on their own self will pay their retribution off for their sin and guilt for an eternity on their own then, since they would rather do it on their own; they get what they want.

        • :).
          sorry, but WRONG:

          (the 1st result in a search “gnosticism jesus christ”)

          • “Unlike the canonical gospels, Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection are not narrated and neither do any of the hundred and fourteen sayings in the Gospel of Thomas directly refer to these events. Thomas’s Jesus is a dispenser of wisdom, not the crucified and resurrected Lord.”

            From the link you gave. The Gnostics reject the accomplished redemptive work of Jesus Christ. In Him and what He did is salvation, which is I said, so not wrong. We disagree, and have different opinions, for Gnostics distinctively interpret Jesus and reality in a different way than Christians.

            • the gnostics don’t “reject Jesus”. (as you read in the text)

              they have different interpretation of the historical figure of Yeshua from Nazareth than the variant of christianity (the one invented by Saul of Tarsus, St.Paul) which won (thanks to Constantine) and declared the variants which lost “heresies”…should the power structure within each of them would have been different, the orthodox vs. heresy that lead to our days would have been different as well.

              the priestly class was very useful to the secular power (the emperor) so the doctrine of the “primordial sin” from the OT (curious the authors of the OT themselves, the hebrews don’t have such a dogma of the “innate sin” from which to be redeemed) and the salvation function of Yeshua of Nazareth.
              to which, of course, should only the priestly class could lead us:

              “Personal, direct and immediate relationship with Jesus Christ outside the church is a dangerous and harmful temptation”

              (I testify about the veracity of the english subtitles in the video)


            • “they have different interpretation of the historical figure of Yeshua”
              Correct, and there are many ways to demonstrate the differences, in other words, there are many differences. Jesus Christ is objectivity somebody. He is a Person who is not other people. I am not maria and maria is not me. Jesus was a historic figure who was somebody that all people were not. Just like maria is a person all other people are not. Simple objective consideration. Now who was this Jesus? Gnostics, like all unbelievers (including the Pope) believe to understand who Jesus is, the correct interpretation involves a theology of ascent. Whereas Christians believe to understand who Jesus is, the correct interpretation involves a theology of descent. There is only one or the other: theology of ascent or descent. He can not be understood both ways, only by one way. Jesus is God who formed a union with a human nature, according to the Christian, ergo Jesus is only understood by a theology of descent not ascent according to the Christian. The only human nature God made a union with was the Person of Christ Jesus. All other human natures are created and not God or are not in union with God the way God made union uniquely with was the Person of Christ Jesus.

              The Pope, like Gnostics, are “simply” anti-authority. The Pope condemns a personal relationship with God, because the Pope is simply (strictly) anti-authority. Gnostics condemn a personal relationship with God, because just like the Pope, Gnostics reject Jesus. Gnostics, like the Pope, are of the Judaic religion. How do I know? Because unbelievers follow a theology of ascent, which is a false way to walk; whereas, submitting to our God and Savior, the King of kings is to walk the way of a theology of descent.

              Sometimes the difference is also called faith not works (Christian) or works not faith (unbelievers, like Gnostics). Gnostics want other people to follow the priesthood of Gnostics; whereas Christians understand only Christ.

              • curious…how from a belligerent evangelical orthodox christian believer, after studying one could end up being agnostic:

      • “the gnosticism says there is no need of intermediary (=church, priestly class&co “elite”)”

        simple anti-authority. Nothing about Jesus who is the High Priest and the one and only Mediator; nothing about the kingdom of God, just a ‘kingdom of self’ being god(s) – the first temptation in the garden.

    • Who were the Payseurs
      The Payseur French Royal Family in the United States of the Virginia Company
      April 11, 2012uhm One comment

      The Payseur Family in the United States is the secret descendants of the French Monarchy.

      Daniel Payseur is AKA Crown Prince Louis who was Queen Marie Antoinette’s son.

      Daniel Payseur (Crown Prince Louis aka Louis XVII of France) was smuggled out of France to North Carolina in the United States after his mother was executed.

      The Payseurs have gone to extreme lengths to corrupt government documents, such as courthouse records. They have hidden the births of many of their descendants, and have covered over with extreme secrecy most of their monetary holdings.

      They have been so powerful that they could hide their wealth and power, and use other Satanic families as proxies.

      If you search hard enough you can figure it out. I just wanted to give you a hint on what to look for.

      It started with Daniel Payseur 1785 – 1860

      Then Lewis Cass Payseur or L.C. Payseur 1850 – 1939

      That should give you a nice head start.

      French monarchy living in America. They wont teach that in the history books!

      As Recorded in book 665, Page 20
      The following is a list of only one third of the companies which are listed in public records as the assets of
      Lewis Cass Payseur which have been assigned to the Lewis Cass Payseur Trust Company Inc.

      All of the Companies listed here were each issued, upon formation, fifty thousand (50,000) preferred, or
      special “Class “A” Shares, those being the only such shares authorized and issued, which shares represented
      the true ownership of the corporation.

      L. C. Payseur owned nine tenths of all of the preferred share issued of each of these companies forty five
      thousand (45,000) and the rest of the world owns only five thousand (5,000) shares of the issued stock.
      Common shares, or “non-voting shares” are the ones, where applicable, which are traded on the stock
      exchange, and they do not reflect the ownership as is commonly thought.

      Note: Companies listed in the Fortune 500 Magazine of May 5, 1980 are noted by the name of the
      Company followed by “(#—)”,

      A battle continues for control of the former Payseur holdings, but at the moment it appears they are controlled by the Rothschilds.

      David Icke / The Biggest Secret
      In 1872, a Payseur company, the Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad, established a telegraph company called Western Union. It formed a subsidiary called AT and T in 1875 and today it is one of America’s biggest telephone and communication companies.

      The Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad company is the parent company for the Federal Reserve, the privately owned ‘central bank’ of the United States. The Payseur empire became heavily involved in banking. Their Bank of Lancaster became the North Carolina Bank and then Nationsbank. The biggest bank in Texas, Interfirst, of which George Bush is a director, merged in 1987 with Republic Bank to form First Republic. This was later absorbed by Nationsbank which then merged with the Bank of America.

      These two launder CIA drug money and that’s appropriate because the forerunner to the CIA, the OSS or Office of Strategic Services, was created from the Payseurs’ own security network which was formed by the Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad to protect the Military Railroad System. It’s all wheels within wheels, family within family, and Americans have not a clue who really runs their lives and their country…The Payseur family have now lost control of their empire, but the same reptilian tribe are still at the helm.

      David Icke / The Biggest Secret
      After the ‘revolutionaries’ executed King Louis XVI (Ramses-Piso-Bush) and Queen Marie Antoinette (Ramses-Piso-Bush), her son, Crown Prince Louis, still a toddler, was placed under house arrest at the Paris Temple. Two years later he was smuggled out in a laundry basket by his doctor, Dr Naudin. The retarded nephew of the Marquis de Jarjayes was substituted and he died in 1795. The prince was secretly taken to the Vendee Palace and given sanctuary by Prince Conde. He was later moved to a fortress on the River Rhine where he lived under the name of Baron de Richemont.

      He arrived in England in February 1804 with the former royal paymaster of France, George Payseur, and was protected by King George III, the monarch at the time of the American War of Independence. The Prince changed his name again to Daniel Payseur while George Payseur became George Bayshore. King George III gave the prince, now Daniel Payseur, a ship and awarded George Bayshore 600 acres of land in North Carolina. When they arrived in America they were given help by the Boddie family, who were related to the British monarchy.

      Before leaving England, the prince bought shares in the Virginia Company and once in America he acquired gold mines, including the Gold Hill Mining Company, which he purchased secretly using a trustee, George Newman, as his frontman or proxy. With the invention of the steam engine, Payseur began to build railroads and leased them to operating companies. He also established the Lancaster Manufacturing Company to produce timber for railroad products and the Lincolnton Iron Company which later located in Chicago and formed two subsidiaries, Carnegie Steel and Pullman Standard Company.

      Full text of “FRAUD THEFT UNITED STATES PAYSEUR pandorabox_payseur.pdf (PDFy mirror)”

      • Global Monopoly

        interesting and important year ‘1993’

        Trusts vs. Anti-Trusts

        The bankers possess control through a giant Trust system that was set up in the 1870’s. It took the Payseur family from say 1830 to 1870 to get all the banks corporation etc. at that time set up and running they were organizing monopolies. Then came the rash of Anti-Trust laws which made it illegal for any one else to do what they were doing.

        This did away with competition and they had been in the business long enough that the Payseur companies and bank and railroad were grandfathered in and could not be touched. In the 1970’s there was anti-trust legislation passed that abolished all of their past anonymity supposedly if you could ever hope to find out the common ownership of all the banks, railroads and global corporations.

        At this time every one of these corporations are in violation of anti-trust because they all have interlocking common interest and a singular ownership. The one that controls the Federal Reserve controls the world, the people on it and your every aspect of life. This is done by the Springs family in North Carolina.

        The ones that you will never hear about publicly only the sacrificial lambs are known; the current front is President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

        The Anti-Trust Laws before the mid 1970’s is what allowed such banks as Chase Manhattan, Chemical, J.P. Morgan and other banks in New York to show all time record earnings, while around America literally hundreds of banks (many that are solvent) and farmers as well are going broke?

        The reason is that they know that there time table is running out and that the leases to all these banks, railroads and corporation is up on December 31, 1993 because of a merger between Southern Railway and Norfolk Western to form Norfolk Southern Railway.

        They are in a race for control.

        The banks that are merging now are only merging with themselves.

        It is truly a common ownership, one bank with many names, because the Payseurs had a government granted covenant, a monopoly on banks and railroads. The railroads and the banks are owned by one family which was set up on December 15, 1865 as the United States Military Railroad for transportation and communication to run forever.

        It was bought by the Payseur family and this included the monopolies that interlocks all these aspects. This family built the systems, corporations, railroad and banks and set up Trustees to operate them and then leased all these out to run on 99 years leases which are up on the above mentioned dates.

        The Trustees thought all the Payseurs heirs were dead and they could run away with the whole thing but then found out that if there was not a new tenant of lease set up. All would revert back to the government under the terms of the convenient, so they have now taken control of the government. These Trustees think they have put themselves in a win, win situation.

        They never though that we the people would find out what is really going on in the banking world nor who is really running things.

        They have been working very hard to get themselves in a position to control the world. For a long time, since about 1925. These catastrophic effects have been designed to throw the American stock market, the American public, corporations, American real estate and people in general, into a state of panic and confusion because you are suppose to lose everything to the New York bankers if you are in debt and do not totally own free and clear land and home. etc..

        The plan is that this state of confusion will be greeted with the salvation of the benevolent bankers on three fronts.

        According to all of the data that we have gathered and because of the set backs that the bankers have suffered because they just can’t get everything into place fast enough, we know it has been moved 18 months past the planned April 15, 1992, target date for the consolidation of the European Economic Community.

        The New York bankers tried again in the late fall of 1992 to seize control of the European Economic Community and failed, that is when our stock market went hay wire again. This is a battle between old European money control and new American money control.

        The Americas control is trying to take over the world. It is our belief that if they are not able to seize control of the world monetary system by the end of 1992 that it will possibly be either around December 31, 1993 or June of 1994 based on the Railroad leases that are due to be up at those times and based on the control they each hold.

        The bankers want to do away with currency altogether and force the world to go to the Debit Card.

      • yeah, Payseur’s. 1st time I heard of them is when I read that article.

        • Me too adirondack….but since we’re living the apocalypse or the unveiling of all truths, who knows right? Of course if it’s not the real thing and TPTB are just acting again, then I guess this is all just another Reformation. I’m running out of popcorn though, this is certainly the longest show on earth . 🙂

        • Payseur’s: a family name not “mentioned”. Admittedly, I am uncomfortable this name is hardly mentioned anywhere except from a very low number of sources. Uncomfortable because there is a lack of witnesses the Payseur family even exists. Does not mean they do not exist, but not much out there in history or anywhere providing a witness. There is this article below, which states there are families, or groups of people, who remain unmentioned but known by some (I only read the introduction to the article, so I do not know what else is in the article):

          “Yet as powerful as the Rothschilds are the secret leaders, the “Learned Elders,” are never mentioned in any Jewish writings, or elsewhere. Their names are not mentioned by even the Rothschilds, who undoubtedly know them; and by the Rockefellers who without doubt know who they are, but they dare not even mention their names…”

          • intrigued, the article I linked above seems to be the same content as what you linked, other than maybe the intro. The same content is floating the internet, nothing new, nothing else. Seems like only a single source, which makes me uncomfortable, too.

    • Klinger and the Marco Marco underwear fashion show; Gnostic androgynous dancing, the rejection of Christ and the acceptance of self-indulgence:

      “In this day & age, speaking of sexual-expression is easily mistaken as a sleazy & orgiastic statement; however, the meaning here implies a complete acceptance & expression of the divine male & female energy within us, as well as all around us. Supernal-indulgence (sacred sensuality) is the same expression found in dancing. Saturnalia enables us to move beyond the New Religion’s lie of sexual-repression, less we are to incarnate again until we have fully experienced the Being – in wholeness with nature – in that majickally intimate way as demonstrated at the sacred feast of Saturnalia & Beltane, etc. To deprive ourselves is to die knowing nothing. Our majick is of nature, and the Lord & Lady are in nature; therefore, nature is majick, and since we are of nature we are also majick.”


    • From the article above, intrigued quoted from, “He arrived in England in February 1804 with the former royal paymaster of France, George Payseur, and was protected by King George III, the monarch at the time of the American War of Independence. The Prince changed his name again to Daniel Payseur while George Payseur became George Bayshore. King George III gave the prince, now Daniel Payseur, a ship and awarded George Bayshore 600 acres of land in North Carolina.”

  6. From the article above, ritual sites:
    Presido cemetery (California):

    Rothchild’s Pyramid winery (California):

    Mother of Darkness Castle (Belgium):

    Even children are called and respond to the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus The Christ, but Satanists are lost in their own dark world of perversion and hate. What they think is wisdom is truly foolishness, and the gospel of Christ is foolishness to them; yet, they do not know God and His ways.


  8. South African author found dead (alleged suicide, BUT probably not):

  9. Little boys and girls at an idol of Satan in the context of the rampant pedophilia exposure – perversion:

    The one in Detroit (unveiled 2015):

    Gnostic Baphomet: androgynous false spirituality

    Also at the Detroit unveiling (yes there was a recent one in Arkansas, but there are other idols of Satan – and Mary and Jesus: all First and Second Commandment violations)

  10. “This is the article which had been scheduled to appear in the Washington Post. After having cleared the legal department for all possible questions of inaccurate statements, the article was scheduled for publication when just as the presses were set to roll, Washington Post Managing Editor Bob Kaiser (Like George Bush, a member of the infamous “Skull & Bones” Fraternity), killed the article without explanation.”

    The article did appear in “Penthouse”.

  11. “The Irish church eventually unveiled a policy requiring the mandatory reporting of all suspected sex crimes to police, but the policy was rejected by the Vatican in 1997.

    “The reports have detailed how tens of thousands of children suffered wide-ranging abuses in church-run workhouse-style institutions, how Irish bishops shuttled known pedophiles around the country and to unwitting parishes in the U.S. and Australia…

    “Catherine Corless, whose research into the deaths of some 800 children at the Tuam orphanage pointed to the mass grave… [this find was years ago]”

    Tuam orphanage:

    [near site]

  12. ..having a ball?

    • Liberal Theology is, plainly put, modern day Gnosticism (there are many varieties), because Liberal Theology of the 18th century German Historical School, like former schools of Gnosticism, mixes Christianity superficially and deceptively with pagan Enlightenment era formulations being its’ true form and meaning:

      “Specializing in the preparation of human meat [is] Cannibal Club…. Our exclusive clientele includes noted filmmakers, intellectuals, and celebrities who have embraced the Enlightenment ideals of free expression and rationalism.”

      • “Diamanda Galas… focusing on themes of suffering, injustice and despair, her works are characterized by visceral shrieks and wails reminiscent of glossolalia, or “tongues.” She has collaborated with Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, and her work has appeared in such mainstream films as Natural Born Killers and Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula.”
        From Cannibal Club’s website. Galas is performing there.
        It is so public and out there, as if it can’t be real, because who or what people would really pride themselves on such things and do them? Sin runs that deeply evil.

      • again from the website:
        “We take considerable care to ensure that all our meat is produced legally and ethically…”


      • Is this real? Or a spoof website?

      • bingo..

  13. is SerialBrain2 out there (unhinged), or maybe not? Is he on to something?

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