Hexagon on Saturn may be 180 miles tall


The weird hexagon swirling around Saturn’s north pole is much taller than scientists had thought, a new study suggests.

Researchers have generally regarded the 20,000-mile-wide (32,000 kilometers) hexagon — a jet stream composed of air moving at about 200 mph (320 km/h) — as a lower-atmosphere phenomenon, restricted to the clouds of Saturn’s troposphere.

But the bizarre structure actually extends about 180 miles (300 km) above those cloud tops, up into the stratosphere, at least during the northern spring and summer, a new study suggests.

The hexagon, which surrounds a smaller circular vortex situated at the north pole, has existed for at least 38 years; NASA’s Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft spotted the sharp-cornered feature when they flew by Saturn in 1980 and 1981, respectively.

Scientists started to get much more detailed looks at the hexagon in 2004, when NASA’s Cassini spacecraft began orbiting the ringed planet. But Cassini’s hexagon observations were pretty much confined to the troposphere for a decade after its arrival; springtime didn’t come to Saturn’s north until 2009, and low temperatures in the stratosphere continued to compromise measurements by the probe’s Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS) instrument for another five years.

“We were able to use the CIRS instrument to explore the northern stratosphere for the first time from 2014 onwards,” study co-author Sandrine Guerlet of the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique in France, said in a statement from the European Space Agency (ESA).

Those observations have now been newly analyzed. And they revealed a surprise: the presence of a familiar shape high above the clouds.

“As the polar vortex became more and more visible, we noticed it had hexagonal edges, and realized that we were seeing the pre-existing hexagon at much higher altitudes than previously thought,” Guerlet added.

The formation of a stratospheric hexagon appears to be tied to the warming brought on by the change of seasons, the research team wrote in the new study. Indeed, Cassini spied a vortex high above the south pole during its early years at Saturn, when that hemisphere was enjoying summer. (Saturn takes 30 Earth years to orbit the sun, so seasons on the ringed planet last about 7.5 years apiece.)

But the southern stratospheric vortex wasn’t hexagonal. And neither, for that matter, is the vortex that spins around the south pole lower down, in the tropospheric clouds, the researchers said.

“This could mean that there’s a fundamental asymmetry between Saturn’s poles that we’re yet to understand, or it could mean that the north polar vortex was still developing in our last observations and kept doing so after Cassini’s demise,” study lead author Leigh Fletcher, of the University of Leicester in England, said in the same statement.

That demise came on Sept. 15, 2017, when mission team members steered Cassini into a fiery death in Saturn’s atmosphere. The long-lived orbiter was low on fuel, and the team wanted to make sure Cassini never contaminated the Saturn moons Titan and Enceladus — both of which may be capable of supporting life as we know it — with microbes from Earth.

The asymmetry between north and south is just one vortex-related mystery that scientists are chewing on. Another is the northern feature’s striking shape: It’s unclear why the jet stream should form into a hexagon. Earth’s jet stream has done no such thing, for example.


saturn..satan..the planet with the rings..and a unique hexagon..

“But the bizarre structure actually extends about 180 miles (300 km) above those cloud tops, up into the stratosphere, at least during the northern spring and summer, a new study suggests.”



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  2. …:) there was a post by ScortchD. somewhere here on the blog explaining that exagonal figure comparing it with making an omelette…so sorry could not find it…:(…

    • https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/mysterious-hexagon-on-saturns-north-pole-changes-colour/

      • that was it! great! thanks, seek 🙂

        “Want to see how that hexagram is created?
        Ever make scrambled eggs?
        Crack a couple eggs into a bowl, add some cream, garlic, salt, & maybe some cayenne pepper, then start shushying it with a fork…”shushying” is the technical term for using a fork as a whisk…make sure you’re mixing in a circular manner, vertically.
        Then, rotate the bowl just as Saturn rotates on it’s axis…you will see a hexagram appear in your eggs, just as a hexagram appears in Saturn’s clouds.
        Clearly the clouds above the pole of Saturn are rising and falling in a circular pattern, probably due to rising & falling thermal differences created by heating & cooling at varying altitudes, and the rotation of the planet does the rest.
        And you might want to add a dollop of ricotta cheese to your eggs before you cook them, for the best scrambled eggs you’ve ever tasted.
        Some egghead will probably be handed a Nobel prize for figuring this out & writing a paper on it…about the hexagram, not the recipe…

        Scortch Dearth said this on October 28, 2016 at 8:35 PM | Reply”

    • All I could find.

  3. Planned obsolescence??


    “Telomeres are protective caps at the ends of each strand of DNA. Some scientists have compared them to the plastic tips of shoelaces that keep them from fraying.

    Some research suggests that every time cells divide, the tips of the chromosome become shorter. When the telomeres are lost, chromosomes become unstable and all kinds of problems arise. The most notable is that chromosomes can’t replicate correctly, and end up fragmented or with extra parts that aren’t supposed to be there. These abnormalities usually kill cells or make them dangerous.

    Scientists have figured out how to increase levels of telomerase – an enzyme that can extend the length of telomeres – in mice, and a study suggested that can extend mice’s lifespan. When they lowered levels of telomerase in mice, the mice lived shorter lives.”


    “Scott’s telomeres — or the ends of chromosomes that shorten as people get older — got a lot longer in space. This finding was known in 2017, but investigators confirmed it and also discovered that most of the telomeres got shorter again within two days of Scott’s landing.”



    “According to work done so far, Scott Kelly’s time in space resulted in a lengthening in the portion of chromosomes known as telomeres. ****That’s an interesting change given that as a person ages, their telomeres — which help protect the chromosomes — get shorter.****

    It’s important to note that you don’t have to go to space to experience this effect, though — past studies have found that fasting, for example, can have a positive effect telomeres. NASA agrees that the calorie restriction and exercise experienced during the mission may play a role in the change, but that doesn’t appear to be the entire story. According to researchers, Kelly’s telomeres began shortening again once he returned to Earth.”


    “Chromosomal Bungee Cords
    All of that being said, one of the actually surprising findings from the NASA study is that Kelly’s chromosomes grew longer while he was in space, at least in his white blood cells. The changes occurred in what’s known as the telomere, a cap of genetic material that sits at the end of each chromosome.

    Normally, telomeres shrink with age, the idea being that each time a chromosome is copied during cell division, the process chips away at that cap. Shortened or frayed telomeres are largely thought to be responsible for age-related cellular breakdown.

    But Kelly’s telomeres elongated in space … and then quickly shrank to their original lengths after he returned to Earth. That these structures exhibit such flexibility is intriguing and potentially quite consequential, says Bailey, whose lab studied Kelly’s telomeres.”

  4. “The Odescalchi family are managers of CERN and the Church of Scientology. The Pallavicini family are managers of HAARP. All these systems are technological weapons being used on society. These families run the Cult of Saturn. They are the real heads of Zionism. The hexagram is a symbol for Saturn and Zionism. The hexagon is the most efficient geometric shape for processing thermal energy. There is a hexagram on the dollar. Both the Pallavicinis and Odescalchis are Genovese bankers. They are the hidden owners of Banca Carige.”

    • incredible information there..is it all real?

      • Some of it is, but that is due to my prior knowledge in coming across some of this stuff before. There are links and pictures of these people at places, and links to articles from msm, etc for some of the stuff he writes. Some of the information I do not know though. I would like to see evidence, and the writer of the articles does not always provide resources on some of his statements. For example, he asserted Trump is Jesuit educated, but provided no resource to that claim; yet he has some articles on Trump, which I have not read yet, which might provide evidence. I can tell the writer knows a lot so he “connects the dots” at times without always providing resources. He seems to have knowledge about certain things and assumes the writer can find out some things on their own, or would have prior knowledge. Also, he will tell you he has a “hunch” or “believes” at times, so he openly qualified some statements. Those hunches are based on other facts and therefore seem to point to a possible conclusion.

        He claimed once in one of the articles to have encountered a “gang stalker” of one of these families. The writer might be from Croatia, but I would have to check on that. Honestly there is so much on his blog, I am trying to read through everything to see if other articles of his help provide more reliability to what he is saying.

        btw, my posts are delayed for some reason (taking hours sometimes to post) today. Also your “Tweets” section is not showing up today either. I may have posted some comments of mine twice or more earlier in the day due to this, but stopped doing that, especially when I noticed some comments of mine were posting, but hours later.

        • i like to see sources as well..

          for some reason your posts are being spammed into trash today..so i am unspamming as needed..

          • Now the picture of Prince Medici was something I found in his Instagram, and I looked at his own blog to see the Alice and Wonderland event he attended. The White Rabbit is a known pedophile/MKultra term indicating a “handler”. Podestas artwork is a little more telling due to the violent nature of the art.

            Yet, of course, Medici standing by a white rabbit of a known pedophile writer does not mean Medici is associated with its’ evil connotation. I know some people who go to Disney World and think nothing of it.

            Yes, I would like resources and more evidence too.

        • fixed twitter..

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