Images 16/9/18


they ALWAYS lie..

nothing has changed..control pop culture and you control the new generations coming through..

bbc program which must feature one eye..

do as we say not as we do..


this is a guy called “kalaca skull” from colombia..hes hates himself..a lot..note the forehead..

a goat tattoo?

mainstream wasnt pushing this image a lot during the saga that was mccains funeral process..

so apparently the A’Ok is now a white supremacy sign..go figure..i thought it was 666!


google this if you dont know what it is or how its created..


~ by seeker401 on September 17, 2018.

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  2. im i missing something from mccains funeral pic?

    • its kissinger..aka killinger..


      • Kissinger is nearly always in the background of anything significant. The Richelieu of our time.

        • very true..still pushing buttons..when does this vampire actually die?

          • what if the “special ones” from the “other seed” don’t die (at least not in an observable for us time spam), but just decide to retire form publicly served activity (=die calmly in their sleep, i.e. D.Rock. at 102 & Zbiggie)?

            Kiss. could “serve the cause” some 10 mores years before deciding (being decided for him) to retire/die…

            Deuteronomy 32:50
            YHW…told…Moises…”There on the mountain that you have climbed you will die”

            Deut. 34:5 and next:
            5″And Moses the servant of the LORD died there in Moab, as the LORD had said.”
            6″He (YHW) buried him in Moab, in the valley opposite Beth Peor, but to this day no one knows where his grave is.”
            7″Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died, yet his eyes were not weak nor his strength gone.”

            quite some resemblances…

  3. off-topic: the origins of the legend of excalibur:

    • “With Li contes del graal, his last and unfinished work, the champagne novelist Chrétien de Troyes began, around 1180, one of the most famous and frequented traditions of European literature: that of the knights of the Round Table in pursuit of the mysteries of the Grail. From the story of the knightly formation of the young Perceval, raised in the Yerma Solitary Forest on the fringe of court life, to the adventures of Galvan, the noble nephew of King Arthur, Chrétien de Troyes weaves a fascinating web of chivalrous and mysterious events that powerfully captures the reader’s attention. Perceval’s silence before the parade of the strange cortege of the Grail constitutes the beginning of a series of events and adventures that the death of the author left unfinished and unexplained.

      Translated with

      “Chrétien de Troyes (Crestien or Chrestien or Chretien)
      Perceval, The Story of the Grail
      (Li Contes del Graal; Perceval, ou Le Conte du Graal)”

      (a synopsis:

      in 1169 finishes the 1º process of canonisation of a Saint of the RCC, the St. Galgano and so his story became famous in that era, some decade before Cretien de Troyes writes his poems (considered the fist western “novels”)

  4. we agree w Seek & GavinN
    tday double-take CANNIBALISM ?

  5. we don’t watched all the way yet

  6. Any thoughts on alternative theories of McCain’s death?

    • he was so old and still useful for “them”..may have been legit..when people are dying they can be persuaded to do things they normally wouldn’t..he lurched from the right to the left real quick..not that technically there is a right or left when it gets to the top but you know what i mean!

      • I can’t imagine the swamp being ok with him being killed in some way, although perhaps if there was something occultic afoot? Somehow they transfer their sins to him and then off him?

        • hmmm interesting thought Cui Bono

          they love to mock and use the bible for their own ‘scripts’
          not to mention McCain was called a ‘goat’ on a few occasions

          Leviticus 16:21

          The Scapegoat
          20 When Aaron has finished purifying the Most Holy Place, the Tent of Meeting, and the altar, he is to bring forward the live goat.

          21 Then he is to lay both hands on the head of the live goat and confess over it all the iniquities and rebellious acts of the Israelites in regard to all their sins. He is to put them on the goat’s head and send it away into the wilderness by the hand of a man appointed for the task.

          22 The goat will carry on itself all their iniquities into a solitary place, and the man will release it into the wilderness bearing upon him all the iniquities” of the people.
          This goat was a type of our Savior; that is, it represented what he
          afterwards did, when he came into the world and “bore our sins.”

          McCain was no savior to the people, but I bet he saved and bore the sins of those he was really working for.

          • Something along these lines I believe could be feasible.They used him and then discarded him while Kissinger et al continue to run the great game… or perhaps McCain is with Elvis.

            • I thought about that myself lol. I could believe today, that Elvis was just too washed up and addicted to drugs. He could no longer ‘perform’ and as an ex CIA tool, they allowed him to gracefully ‘die’ from the scenes. BUT, one day, someone saw him, recognized him, and thus began the Elvis Sightings as a mocking ‘cover up’. SO, is it absurd to think that McCain could have also been allowed to ‘die’ away before he was thoroughly disgraced – nope, not in my opinion. My brother died of brain cancer. I will go to my grave denying that John McCain had brain cancer, but he served his evil masters well, even though he was a treasonous traitor to the rest of the world.

        • i think he may have just died..

    • we hear so many rumors first is not in Arlington like his dad strange go to Q
      is many theories there

  7. 🙂

  8. we said this post for you Seek

    • Q!

      • who/what is Q?

        • Q, to the uninitiated, is a 4Chan poster who claims to be connected deep inside the US government. Q claims to have high level clearance and posts in furtherance of the conspiracy theory that the government has been running massive pedophile ring and that Trump and Robert Mueller are working like Scooby Doo and Shaggy to bring it down. Sites like are archives of Q’s cryptic and often ridiculous claims.

          Support for the conspiracy most recently surfaced at multiple Trump rallies and the sayings – including the faintly ominous “Where We Go One, We Go All”

          • If Mueller is a black or white hat has been debated but recently Q has been more clear by stating if Rosenstein is corrupt then so is Mueller, but people still debate what that exactly means. Partly because Q has stated disinfo is necessary to throw off the other side, for they are reading his posts too as Q mentions. Much is a show in public, but not behind the scenes, so Q says. Trump goes after Sessions in public to get the Democrats to support Sessions, but meanwhile Sessions has been working behind the scenes gathering evidence against Democrats. So Democrats are being fooled into supporting Sessions and then Sessions in public one day will come out against the Democrats – what will the Democrats do then? That is how Q has been putting it. Sessions has gotten the clearance from the Supreme Court to not be recused anymore from entering the FISA case, also a recent event, so it has been pointed out the plan for Sessions is coming more to fruition.

            • mueller is a deep state operative from way back..thanks for the info..i havent followed it that much besides seeing tweets come up on my timeline..i would love to think hes legit but i remember when we thought anonymous were the good guys as well..

              • Mueller is deep state. The only debate is whether he flipped or not. The debate is only due to Q posts. The thing about Q that is different from anonymous is Q is in the White House, which is why I stated if Q is disinfo, then he is disinfo supported by Trump. That is without saying what my own opinion is as to whether he is disinfo or truth teller.

          • thanks…I had no clue…when did this “Q”-person pop up?…

        • I posted how the subreddit about Q was banned maybe a week or two ago. Q is now on Voat and 8chan. Q might have once been in 4chan, but had to move from there too. Supposedly, 8chan will be the only place Q will be posting in the future as all Q related topics will be banned from the internet or certain websites.

          Q claims to be somebody in Trump’s office. He travels with Trump, etc. Somebody close to him. He has been posting messages about things Trump’s administration is doing. Right now the Q postings have been focused on FISA and Declas., and then Declas happened yesterday or whatever, so things seem to be moving forward with the plans Q is posting.

    • Last time I checked, there was hesitancy that this was really Q posting. There was some trouble with the server at 8ch during the same timeframe. Interpretations are up in the air not only about that post, but the post referring to the Pentagon on 9/11, too.

      • i remain skeptical of Q..its from inside the system im sure but for what side?

        hes either everything he says he is or hes purely a disinfo agent..possibly if legit, its flynn?

        • What sides are there inside the system?

          If disinfo, he is a disinfo with the support of Trump, imo, because he is supported by Trump. Trump would have called him out by now, if not with Trump. Q’s are showing up at Trump rallies and getting pictures taken with high ranking officials close to Trump.

          Lots of names thrown out there, Flynn is near the top right now as possibly Q. Sessions was once thought to be him. Trump even.

          • one side is the military controlled disinfo agents..the other side would be a legit truth teller/whistleblower type..

            • The Inspector General, who works closely with whistleblowers, is supposedly on Q’s side from a recent post of Q’s it seems to be what Q is communicating. The Clowns (CIA) are supposedly part of the swamp Trump is outing. NSA has been working more with Trump. The recent NSA leaks on surveillance on US citizens was a false flag by the CIA to get the public to hate the NSA. This is what Q’s think according to Q’s posts. Snowden was CIA who infiltrated the NSA. He was a sleeper cell for the CIA and was awakened at the time that whole thing came out some years ago. Some Q’s think Snowden has flipped and might have talked to Trump’s team which has deep staters scared, but there is more than Snowden. FISA and much more, but there is a whole web of events supposedly happening. So much so, Q has posted if foreign nations actually knew what was happening in the U.S. due to the deep state, then foreign nations would probably invade the U.S. Most people in the government are corrupt and they can not go after them all at once or else the government would not function anymore. Snowden is tied to China, Clinton emails (remember China bought Clinton emails), etc. There is a whole web of intrigue.

  9. *disclaimer: lots of swearing.

    The need for that app. Goes to say how bad it is.

  10. it’s 923 again…

    • I read somewhere recently, lol maybe even somewhere here, that 923 is the number of Plutonium as in North Korea Plutonium and the coming EMP
      but of course, it’s all conspiracy theories 🙂

    • Invictus Games promo paused at 9 seconds:

      The Nuclear Option

      The numbers on the two front runners—239 and 223—are associated with the radioactive elements, plutonium and radium. Plutonium 239 was used in the atom bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki:

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