Freemasons Royal Ritual October 2017


300 year anniversary of influencing and manipulating and controlling and deceiving and collusion and corruption and stealth and murder and blackmail and infiltration..


~ by seeker401 on September 18, 2018.

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  1. next time you invite!

  2. And that is them, the way they see themselves, and they show it to the public, though not all of course, but it is there. Thanks for posting this video seeker.


    The Jews in Europe: John Dee and the Kabbalah, Part 1

    Our purpose here, before beginning a presentation of The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, or as we like to more appropriately title them, The Protocols of Satan, is to demonstrate that Kabbalistic thought had permeated Britain and was in a position where it could captivate the minds of many an unsuspecting Englishman right at a time when scientific thought and liberty of conscience were becoming popular ideas in the concurrent wars of religious reformation of Europe. This kabbalistic thought would lend to the formation of modern Freemasonry and the secret societies of Europe from which all of the subsequent revolutions were launched which overturned Christian society and resulted in world Jewish supremacy.

    A child was being born, and Satan could not kill it, so he persecuted and made war against its mother. In the Protocols, the objectives of the Jews and the agenda which to a large degree has been executed with the help of the lodges of Freemasonry come together as one, and are fully expressed.
    To introduce the Kabbalah as a godly authority to otherwise Christian scholars is tantamount to giving the Jewish rabbis religious authority over countless Christian minds. This is what was happening in the Freemasonic lodges of Europe through the 18th and 19th centuries, and it is still ongoing today, whether or not lower-level Freemasons and its initiates realize this objective. That is because it is done not in the name of religion, although religion plays a role in the Freemasonic mantras and rituals, nor in the name of politics, although the end result is political. Rather, it is done in the name of science and scientific inquiry….

    John Dee seems to have done for the Kabbalah in England what Johann Reuchlin had done for the Kabbalah in Germany just a few decades before him. He romanticized and popularized kabbalistic sorcery and captivated the minds of those who would seek the ancient knowledge that it allegedly possessed. But the rabbis of Judaism were of course its ultimate authorities, as they remained in the shadows…

    This all fits into our assertion that men such as Johann Reuchlin and John Dee paved the way for Jewish Freemasonry and Illuminism by popularizing the Kabbalah. When we return, we will discuss certain aspects of John Dee’s visits to Poland and Prague, and among other things, discuss his familiarity with the work of Kabbalists such as Reuchlin and his connections and references to the Kabbalah, which are explicitly found in his books.
    The ultimate point in all of this, is that Europe’s academics accepted the Kabbalah, then ultimately they had to accept the Jewish rabbis as its utmost authorities. Accepting the rabbis and the Kabbalah, we can understand how Freemasonry, founded on Jewish tradition, fable and ritual, could have attracted so many Christians in subsequent centuries.

  4. Freemasonry’s Greatest Secret – The Stone Recordings

  5. ‘Masonic Morality’ now isn’t that an oxymoron!

  6. Which Religions are Best Prepared to Accept Life in Space?

    Ashley Feinberg

    It’s actually a question that scientists and religious thinkers have been dealing with for hundreds of years; as David Weintraub writes in his recent book on the matter, Religions and Extraterrestrial Life, scientist David Rittenhouse insisted back in 1775 that “the doctrine of a plurality of worlds is inseparable form the principles of astronomy, but this doctrine is still thought, by some pious persons… to militate against the truths asserted by the Christian religion.”

    It’s not just an 18th century problem, though. According to a recent study looking at the relationship between religion and space policy, groups such as Evangelicals, who account for one-quarter of the US population, are hesitant to offer support for the space program. Because for some (but certainly not all) religious groups, the very idea of space travel—to say nothing of colonization or alien lifeforms—stands somewhat in opposition to their core beliefs, in the face of all applicable science.

    And the questions are innumerable: Is there an inherent tension between our space ambitions and the religious principles here on Earth? How would Islam cope with no longer having a central location to turn to in prayer? Would fundamentalists try to convert extraterrestrial beings?

    A combination of technological breakthroughs and, well, Elon Musk, has given these more immediacy than ever. As the study put it: “Religions must ensure their survival by embracing space.”

  7. I think one needs to be wearing boots to muddle through this story. Isn’t is amazing how all these little myths and fairy tales come out of nowhere in history, and always the same tribe is the hero, pffft

    Chanukah in the American Revolution

    General George Washington and the menorah of inspiration.

    I imagine this story is closer to the ‘truth’

    Notice on the right hand top
    “Tikkun Olam”
    “Our Job is to repair the world’
    “The Rest is Commentary”

    The real meaning of Tikkun Olam

    According to the translation in the ArtScroll publication, tikkun olam means “benefit of society.” In the Koren publication, it means “betterment of the world.” Either way, the meaning is very different from the popularized one often used today. As Adam Kirsch, head of the graduate program in Jewish studies at Columbia University, observed in his recent Tablet article, “We have interpreted ‘the betterment of the world’ to mean the improvement of society in the name of social justice … I don’t mean to disparage this idea … but there is no doubt that this is not what our ancestors meant when they used the words tikkun olam.”


    • 44:56 – calls capital building “temple”, then immediately after says Freemasons not only started the capital building, but Freemasons were involved in every step in D.C. being the city it is today. He goes on to say: Not only by doing ceremonies at all public buildings, memorials, and some churches [well, I say, these churches obviously had non-Christians oversight], but Freemasons were integral to the values and beliefs of the U.S.

      The ceremony was opened with prayer, and ended with a benediction. in a temple. It was a worship ceremony, of course a false worship.

      • all of DC was a masonic inspired design..

        • It should read “all public buildings, etc. in D.C.”. Though I should also add other cities, etc. in the U.S. were founded by Masons, though the video does not mention other cities, for the video was only focused on the particular ceremony in D.C. and the history surrounding the ceremony in D.C.

          Yeah, seeker DC was masonic founded and inspired.

    • all the truth is right there..

    • This man seems so sincere. You can see the pain and regret in his face. If he’s not telling the truth, he qualifies for the best actor award for all time.
      I’m under the impression he killed himself, or so the story goes…. I wonder now, was it just fake news? Did this man ‘die’ but was revived?

      • I believe he is severely traumatized from the abuse he has both witnessed and experienced and it is a testimony of God’s mercy that he has survived and is able to speak about it although at times incoherently as he relives it

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