Pope quips “I am the devil” next to John Paul


Pope Francis has acknowledged that his reputation pales a bit compared to St. John Paul II — at least as far as Poles are concerned.

Greeting journalists Saturday en route to Lithuania, Francis was given a book about the former pope by Polish photographer Grzegorz Galazka. Receiving the large book with a beaming John Paul on the cover, Francis quipped: “(Pope John Paul II) was a saint, I am the devil.”

Laughing, Galazka immediately corrected him: “No, you are both saints! You are both saints!”

Francis’ quip appeared to acknowledge that he has his detractors, particularly among conservative Catholics who long for the more doctrinaire papacies of John Paul and Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.

The criticism of Francis by conservatives has grown more vocal recently amid the church’s sex abuse scandals and the distress over his opening to letting divorced and civilly remarried Catholics receive Communion.


a truth burp from franky.. 🙂


~ by seeker401 on September 26, 2018.

43 Responses to “Pope quips “I am the devil” next to John Paul”

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  2. Princess Alexandra’s conversion highlights a great injustice in British law
    Oct. 3, 2018

    ongratulations to Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Hanover, who has been received into the Catholic Church. May God shower His blessings upon her. The Princess is the daughter of Prince Georg of Hanover and Princess Caroline of Monaco, both of whom, in their day, provided the tabloid newspapers with ample fodder. On her mother’s side, Princess Alexandra is the granddaughter of the late Grace Kelly and on her father’s side she is a descendant of the Duke of Cumberland, Queen Victoria’s wicked uncle who inherited the Kingdom of Hanover on the accession of his niece. Given that German royalty have a habit of marrying each other, the Princess is not only a descendant of George III but also of the Kaiser, and thus of Queen Victoria herself, through her eldest child Princess Vicky.

    Given her descent from Queen Victoria, she has a place very low down in the line of succession, or had. Now that she is a Catholic, she loses her place in the line of succession. The same fate applies to all those who become Catholic.

  3. For those still playing the game……
    Rome Pilgrimage
    October 5–12, 2018.

    Men’s Legatus Enclave
    October 10-13, 2018

    This year, take part in the annual Legatus men’s retreat at the private Lodge at Cabin Bluff, located in Woodbine, Georgia.
    Follow in the footsteps of generations of U.S. Presidents and distinguished businessmen, hunting and fishing at this private lodge, while enjoying afternoons and evenings of inspiring conversation on matters of spirituality and business. This year, well-known apologist Karlo Broussard and innovative organizational consultant Kevin Twomey will join Legates on the Men’s Enclave retreat.

    Legatus withholds tithe to Holy See amid accountability questions
    Sept. 7, 2018
    Washington D.C.- A U.S.-based organization of Catholic business executives announced Thursday that it is placing its annual donation to the Holy See in escrow until it can receive clarification on questions of financial accountability.

    October Canonizations

    Pope Francis will canonize seven people on Oct. 14 during the Synod of Bishops on Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.

    The list includes one pope, a lay man, two women who founded religious orders and three priests. A common theme among them is a deep care for the poor and a strong faith in Jesus despite difficult times.

  4. posted on RJ from a sub faraway…

    Pope Francis Reportedly Coming to North Korea in the Coming Months
    Legislator suggests pontiff wants to visit the isolated nation soon – the first time a pope will travel to North Korea.

    14 Oct 2018


  5. Oscar Romero, Pope Paul VI Elevated To Sainthood
    October 14, 201810:39 AM

    Oscar Romero, the murdered archbishop of San Salvador who spoke up for the poor and oppressed, and Pope Paul VI, the former pontiff who declared birth control “intrinsically wrong,” were declared saints on Sunday morning in a ceremony at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

    The ceremony featured seven new saints all told, including, as the Vatican put it, “five other lesser-known blessed.”

    In the ceremony at the Vatican on Sunday, Francis said, Romero “left the security of the world, even his own safety, in order to give his life according to the gospel — close to the poor and to his people.”

    During the ceremony, Francis wore “the blood-stained rope belt that Romero wore when he was gunned down,” The Associated Press reports.

    Thousands of Salvadoran pilgrims traveled to Rome to watch Romero’s canonization, the AP notes.

  6. Pope Admits the rich are are getting richer and fewer, and then in the same speech, blames the ‘christians’ who cannot stand by and fold their arms in indifference. What a hypocrite – he and those like him live in splendor, hoard their gold and treasures, tell us we are ALL entitled to what belongs to all and the elitists are grabbing resources, ( I’m sure water is next, and that is what the California fires are about, but hey, I’m just a conspiracy nut) and then he expects the ‘peasants’ to help each other in their own countries as well as taking in another nation’s immigrants and provide for them as well, so the rich can keep doing what they’ve always done! This is getting old!!

    During his sermon on Sunday the Argentine Pope told his audience the rich are enjoying what “belongs to all.”

    The Huffington Post reported:

    Pope Francis warned Sunday in his weekly sermon that calls for help from the poor are growing stronger — yet they continue to be ignored as the wealthy grab more resources that belong to everyone.

    “The cry of the poor daily becomes stronger, but heard less, drowned out by the din of the rich few, who grow ever fewer and more rich,” he said, the Vatican reported.

    “It is the cry of all those forced to flee their homes and native land for an uncertain future. It is the cry of entire peoples, deprived even of the great natural resources at their disposal … while the wealthy few feast on what, in justice, belongs to all.”

    He said: “Christians cannot stand with arms folded in indifference or with arms outstretched in helplessness,” but must act to help. “Do we have eyes to see, ears to hear, hands outstretched to offer help?” he asked.


  7. In Uganda, Catholics Protest as Archbishop asks Government to Enforce Tithe
    Nov 7, 2018

    KAMPALA, UGANDA — Thousands of Catholics in one of the world’s poorest nations are objecting after the church asked the government to collect a 10 percent tithe from worshippers on its behalf.

    A similar “church tax” in Germany has generated record revenue for the Catholic Church there, according to the German Handelsblatt newspaper — but the policy is also blamed for driving millions of people to leave the faith.


    Meanwhile Legatus will withhold their ‘tithes’ to the church for now…..

    Legatus will not collect 2019 tithe to Holy See
    Washington D.C., Nov 19, 2018 / 11:28 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A U.S.-based organization of Catholic business executives has decided not to collect from its members the portion of their dues that would constitute its 2019 donation to the Holy See.

    Legatus, an organization of Catholic business leaders, had announced in September that it was placing its annual donation to the Holy See in escrow until it can receive clarification on questions of financial accountability.
    According to the Wall Street Journal, Legatus’ 2018 tithe to the Holy See would have been about $820,000.


    • not sure if tithing is biblical in the NT..i always saw it as a smart idea by the catholics to grab more money fronm the peasants..

      • “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cummin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.”
        Luke 11:42

        “There is only one time in your Bible where tithing was a REQUIREMENT and that was during the fifteen hundred years before Jesus came while Israel was under the LAW.

        It is indeed a blessing and something that can still be done today, but these people in the RCC are using other people’s money to pay for projects that were paid for by other people’s money and claiming the credit for it. I believe this Uganda article is going to turn out to be the same thing that happened with India, when we paid for them to get the internet and a power station, and they refused to pay! BUT….that is just my opinion 🙂 I just marvel at the Jesuit creativity of lying to the people!

        • so no biblical requirement to tithe..a man made construct again..

          • wrong…men-god made construct, really. a reminder of when the Adams were due to give a 1/10 of their possessions to their protectors to protect them:

            Genesis 14:18-20 Common English Bible (CEB)

            18 Now Melchizedek the king of Salem and the priest of El Elyon[a] had brought bread and wine, 19 and he blessed him,

            “Bless Abram by El Elyon,
            creator of heaven and earth;
            20 bless El Elyon,
            who gave you the victory over your enemies.”



            • https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2013/11/17/who-watches-the-watchers-now-val-morgan-rolls-out-facial-recognition/comment-page-1/#comment-174405

              the tithe was an integral part of the laws of Mose…mentioned in the NT as well, Luke 11:42:

              42Woe to you Pharisees! You pay tithes of mint and rue and every herb, but you disregard justice and the love of God. *****You should have practiced the latter***** without neglecting the former.…


            • biblically im only interested in NT teachings as OT teachings were usurped by the arrival of the biblical jesus..i dont think a creator capable of creating earth and the total universe is really interested in 1/10th of what we earn..


              • I gave NT commands why people are to tithe. How is the pastor to be paid? How is the church to do mercy ministry?

                A couple things the article does not address well, which I would be interesting in reading from the article’s writer more precisely, are the following:

                a. The article you quoted from stated 1 Cor. 16 only refers to a one time event, meanwhile the passage states “and every week” on the first day (NT Sabbath). The author of the article stated it was for Jerusalem and only for one time. Where in the Bible does it say no longer give to Jerusalem? The churches in Jerusalem did not go away, so why stop giving to them? Furthermore, in 2 Cor. 8 the collection for the poor is esteemed highly as an act the church is to be intimately involved, for 2 Cor. 8 reads the giving is a duty of generosity and love. Generosity and love are not abrogated in the NT. In 2 Cor. 8, the Macedonia churches are an example, even though they were poor in physical means, they were praised for their giving, because it reflected their richness in spirit. These are examples of the heart and love, which are not abrogated in the NT.

                b. Second, the article also stated the Mosaic covenant is abrogated, but Abraham, which people are quoting from concerning the 10%, is not the Mosaic covenant but is called the Abrahamic covenant.

                One last comment, the OT is part of the Bible. Just because Jesus came does not mean God’s Word in the OT disappears. This is why I am glad the writer of the article supposed the division of the law is Biblical, even though at first the writer wrote against the threefold division of the law. The writer was very inconsistent on this point. He first tried to use Paul’s writings to support all of the law is abrogated in the NT. Yet, the writer recognized the moral law continued, (so does Paul!) so what law did not continue? Well, that is why there is a threefold division of the law. The writer was against the threefold division, but then the same article writer stated there is a threefold division because the moral law continues, so what was the writer trying to say?

                • there is a difference between donations/offerings/collections and tithing..donations/offerings/collections pay the pastors..donations/offerings/collections supply the ministry with money..also bequeaths are very popular..tithing is a forced payment of 10% of everything you earn..it should not be a set figure..it should be up to the heart and generosity of the giver as to what they give..imo 🙂

                  • Oh, you are talking about a magistrate versus church ministry. I understand now. A forced tithe is enforced by the magistrate. A generous tithe is of persuasion by the church.

                    I am not knowledgeably equipped if the magistrate should be involved, but currently I am persuaded the magistrate should not be involved. I agree it should be of the heart which is only compelled by God. No man should force others to be compelled to do things only God can do to man.

                    Sorry, I was not identifying how everybody was using the terms in the discussion.

              • Then there is the old woman who gave little but it was a richer generosity than others:

                Mark 12:41-44, “41 And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much.
                42 And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing.
                43 And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury:
                44 For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.”

                Then the rich young ruler who said he followed all of the law (he loved greatly, etc.), but Jesus said for him to give his stuff away and the rich ruler did not follow Jesus at that time. Generosity in giving demonstrates an offering of the heart. Jesus said when people did not feed the poor, give them clothing, or serve those in prison, then those same people did not feed Christ. How is the church to feed, cloth, and give service that involves money? Sure people can go out and do this on their own, but the commands are given to the church. Just like churches are to have elders, provide preaching, and serve the Lord’s Supper. There are things the church does as a church, so giving out of ones household is generous, but the church is also to give and be generous, as the Macedonia churches and the poor woman.

                • “Jesus said when people did not feed the poor, give them clothing, or serve those in prison, then those same people did not feed Christ.”

                  technically speaking, from a historical point of view, Jesus and his disciples were among the poorest of the then Israelites in Jerusalem…they didn’t work, nor had any other means of living different from the offerings of their followers…(for ex, the “pious women” of the Gospels). much of those “donations to the poor” “landed” directly to the teacher&disciples, really.

                  (a common practice at the time, btw…in other religious believes, there are a.”the pure”/”the perfect” who dedicate to the prayer & b.their followers who provide for the food&the shelter of “the pure”…the same in Tibet, for instance, with the buddist monks, till present days)

                  It was the community of believers that was supposed to provide for the bread of their spiritual leaders. And the discipline, much of the time, was ferrous.
                  Act of the Apostles, ch. 5:

                  when Ananias and Sapphire sold their land, but secretly withheld a portion of the proceeds…they ***”instantly fell to the floor and died*”** when condemned by the head of the Jerusalem community of followers of Jesus, St. Peter…and “11Great fear gripped the entire church and everyone else who heard what had happened.”


                  I see.
                  I wonder what murdered Ananias&Sapphire?…God’s anger?…or St. Peter’s hands?

                  hmm…Wasn’t God/St.Peter supposed to forgive them? up to 77 times ?

                  “21Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, “Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother who sins against me? Up to seven times?” 22Jesus answered, “I tell you, not just seven times, but seventy-seven times ! (Mathew 18:22)

                  • Not technically. Some of the disciples had houses. Some were fishermen. One was a doctor. Paul made tents. Jesus was actively working and so should have been paid for his labor. Jesus fed them with miracles at times.

                    They were not forgiven, because they never asked for forgiveness.

                    All right there in the Bible.

                    • they all worked BEFORE they started to predicate, Jesus&his disciples.
                      “The miracles” with which Jesus fed his’ is one, as far as the Gospel tells us. …not too much for 3 years of preaching activity.

                      Ananias& Sapphire couldn’t even ask for forgiveness as they “instantly fell to the floor and died”.

                      Some incongruences in the NT as well…not patent only to the OT text, I’m afraid. But no problem, theology can fix it all, I know. 🙂

                    • No, they worked before and AFTER Christ’s ministry, even some before His ascension, and as I stated some had houses and families. It also states in Thessalonians, all are to work for their food. In the gospels, one can read how Christ sent out His disciples and they were to be given food and shelter for their labor, and if they were not, then the town was unbelieving for not paying them for their work.

                      Ananias and Sapphire had no contrite heart, so did not and would never ask for forgiveness.

                      No incongruences, only your dogma making incongruences were there are none.

                      Theology comes from Scripture and it is pure and perfect, for God is pure and perfect, thus so is His Word.

              • “i dont think a creator capable of creating earth and the total universe is really interested in 1/10th of what we earn..”
                exactly. unless the OT’s Elyon (vía his governor Melchizedek), who was interested in receiving 1/10th of Abraham’s possessions, was an entity much more concrete and physical than the Creator of the Universe…

                “OT teachings were usurped by the arrival of the biblical jesus”
                what do you mean?
                in Luke 11:42 Jesus affirms the rule of tithe…

                • All to the glory of God. All should be done, including giving, to the glory of God – to Him, for Him. Luke 11:42 says nothing about the magistrate (the sword) making people tithe. Jesus said in Luke that when they gave their tithe they gave without faith and love.

                  • Oh, I see, Jesus was giving instructions ONLY to the pharisees, not to the people…:/…duh…

                    “Jesus said in Luke that when they gave their tithe they gave without faith and love.”

                    ..correct. not abolishing so the tithe itself; on the contrary, reaffirming it with the additional sine qua non requirement of justice&love. the tithe stays, thus, as for Jesus:

                    42Woe to you Pharisees! You pay tithes of mint and rue and every herb, but you disregard justice and the love of God. *****YOU SHOULD HAVE PRACTICES THE LATTER (=the tithe)***** without neglecting the former.…”

                  • maria, your “duh” comment is hatefully condescending; I hope in Christ you are not going to repeat that mantra over and over again like you have done in the past.

                    Yes, they should have tithed with justice and love in their heart, but it does not read: ‘and so the sword is to make you have a generous heart’. People are not converted by the sword, only by the grace and love of God by God from God strictly and only. A direct immediate work of the Holy Spirit sent by the Father and Son who all three Persons are the one and only Yahweh.

                    Now if you could find something in Scripture that states tithing is to be done at the threat of the sword, then I will agree, but otherwise….

                  • nor believing in the figure of Jesus Christ, the Christian Messiah “is to be done at the threat of the sword”, according to the NT Scriptures…but for a congruence in once believe, if you believe that figure you should believe all the “pack” it takes within. the tithe included, apparently (Luke11:42). …a mere intellectual congruence…

                    I’m really sorry that my comments annoy you, adirondack :(…I try not to lack the respect to other peoples belief, while searching for truth…I thought we were here to freely discuss our ideas and endeavour to find what REALLY surrounds us, both historically, physically&metaphysically…

                • We don’t practice the rites, laws and rituals of the OT.

                  • the OT, though, is the basis of the NT…for if there were no OT, there could not exist the NT doctrine…since St. Paul’s doctrine stated that Jesus is OT’s god’s son & came to redeem the sins of Adam&Eve’s descendants coming from the “original sin”.

                    put under “quarantine” the OT, the very basis of the NT get shaken…

        • We are to give offerings, i.e. tithe. It is commanded in 1 Cor. 16, and the pastor is to get paid for his work (1 Timothy 5). There is also to be mercy ministry conducted by the church, which typically involves money, or the providing of clothing and food. So money is to be gathered for mercy ministries, too.

          What is not commanded is how. Some churches pass an offering plate during the service, while others have a box and people give sometime outside of service. I am persuaded the box is Biblical, because to be part of the service would mean it is an element of worship service.

    • 820,000..looks like a typo..should read 820,000,000.. 🙂

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