Former drummer for Beyonce accuses star of witchcraft

A US musician has filed for a civil restraining order against Beyoncé Knowles, claiming that the pop star is a witch who killed her kitten and tapped her phone.

Kimberly Thompson, who toured as a drummer with Beyoncé for seven years, made the bizarre claims in court documents obtained by website The Blast.

According to the site, Thompson said that the singer harassed her with “dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation”, as well as spying on her by tapping her phone calls, and controlling her finances.

She also wrote that the 37-year-old “murdered my pet kitten”.

A judge at the Los Angeles Superior Court denied Thompson’s request for the restraining order on September 19, however there is a hearing scheduled for October 11.

When asked to comment on her allegations by The Blast, Thompson maintained that, “all accusations … I survived are real.”

As well as being part of the Lemonade star’s all-female band, Thompson played in the house band for the first season of Late Night With Seth Meyers, led by Seth Meyers‘ former Saturday Night Live co-star Fred Armisen.

Currently in the middle of a huge US tour with husband Jay-Z, Beyoncé has not made a comment on the bizarre court filing.

She took to Instagram over the weekend to give props to the crowd at Houston’s On The Run II tour.

“Thank you to my hometown for being the loudest crowd so far. 7 more shows,” she wrote.

In court documents obtained by The Blast, Thompson accuses Beyoncé of the following:

“Extreme exhaustion, magic spells of sexual molestation, loss of many jobs, theft of homes, large losses of money, theft of computer, extreme theft of intellectual properties, the murder of my pet kitten, magic spells on my lovers and numerous broken relationships.”


wow..what a shock!!??..not!

“Thompson said that the singer harassed her with “dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation”

well..we should believe her shouldnt we?..thats what we are told to do..

i guarantee this wont get air time on “the view”..


~ by seeker401 on September 27, 2018.

12 Responses to “Former drummer for Beyonce accuses star of witchcraft”

  1. […] Source: Former drummer for Beyonce accuses star of witchcraft […]

  2. I wonder what kind of case the accuser has. Evidence, etc. To bring to trail must mean something is there, even if Beyoncé pays no penalty.

  3. wonderful

  4. we ask Seek & All here to post this in twiterverse
    btw we watched only one commercial
    well let’s see twiterverse locked everybody that post it
    thx in advance All
    btw was funny episode

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    • I watched it, thanks Isabel. funny episode. Spot on concerning today’s politics and how it may take over a persons life. The conflict is real. The episode put together a complex political situation into a palpable comedic, but serious understanding of today’s politics and its’ effect on the family. Well done.

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